Global Phosphoric Acid Market Outlook to 2026 - Featuring Nutrien, IFFCO and Ural Chem Among Others -

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Phosphoric acid is a transparent, colorless, odorless, and viscous liquid with a chemical formula H3PO4 and it is also known as orthophosphoric acid and is strongly acidic even at high dilution. According to the publisher, the global Phosphoric Acid market is expected to witness a significant growth rate during the forecast period. Factors such as growing demand in the pharmaceuticals, agriculture, food and beverages, and personal care sector from emerging countries like China, India, and Russia, drive the current Phosphoric Acid market. In the Agriculture Industry, Phosphoric acid is a key ingredient to manufacture fertilizers and is also used to provide nutrition to the crops. Furthermore, the increase of Phosphoric Acid consumption in the healthcare and medical sectors is expected to increase over the coming years.

Food-grade phosphoric acid is used in the food and beverages industry to preserve and acidify certain foods and beverages like jams and colas to provide a sour and tangy taste. Most soft drinks contain phosphoric acid, such as Coca-Cola; therefore, they are sometimes called phosphate sodas. In the Pharmaceutical industry, Phosphoric Acid is commonly used to prepare anti-nausea medicines; other than that, it is generally used as an intermediate in pharmaceuticals. The primary use of phosphoric acid in the industry lies in dentistry as it used an etching solution and used to clean teeth. Phosphoric acid is also used for whitening teeth and is one of the ingredients in mouth washing liquids. The increasing popularity of quick-growing chemicals, which are substitutes for phosphate fertilizers, can restrain the Global Phosphoric Market.

The main uses of Phosphoric acid are to produce various phosphates and phosphate-based fertilizers, Soaps and detergents, to acidify and preserve food, Soft-drinks, water treatment, toothpaste. Some other specific applications of phosphoric acid include anti-rust treatment by phosphate conversion coating, phosphoric acid fuel cells, activated carbon production, compound semiconductor, microfabrication to etch silicon nitride, pH adjuster in skincare products, sanitizing agent in dairy industries. Phosphoric acid also has other metallurgical functions, such as cleaning some precious rare earth elements.

The most dominating industry in terms of the use of Phosphoric acid is the Agriculture Industry. Sodium carbonate, calcium oxide, sodium hydroxide, calcium carbonate, potassium hydroxide generally are bases to get a phosphate of interest. Phosphoric acid is also a principal raw material to produce various phosphates, which are used to manufacture phosphate fertilizers such as Mono-ammonium phosphate (MAP) and diammonium phosphate (DAP). These phosphate fertilizers are made by adding acid to the ground or by pulverizing the phosphate rock. Phosphoric Acid works as a multi-tasker in the Agriculture Industry; other than fertilizers, it has various functions like pH adjustment, cleansing dripper lines (irrigation equipment) from lime precipitation, and plant nutrition. Since It is a rich source of phosphorous, it is used for greenhouse crops, open field crops, and fruit trees. The Agriculture Industry, mainly fertilizers, consumes approximately 90% of the total production of Phosphoric Acid.

Companies Mentioned

  • The Mosaic Company
  • PJSC PhosAgro
  • Nutrien
  • EuroChem Group AG
  • Prayon Group
  • Israel Chemical Ltd.
  • Yara International
  • OCP S.A.
  • Aditya Birla Group
  • Ural Chem
  • PotashCorp
  • ICL

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