Streamline Innovations Launches Into Middle East Market, Enters Strategic Partnership with EMDAD in United Arab Emirates

Streamline Innovations, Inc. (Streamline) and EMDAD LLC, an Abu Dhabi-based integrated solution provider for the energy sector (EMDAD), are pleased to announce a collaborative initiative to market and deploy Streamline’s environmentally forward treatment solutions for H2S and CO2 to EMDAD’s clients in the United Arab Emirates. Under the terms of the Agency Agreement, EMDAD will represent Streamline in the U.A.E. with prospective clients.

The sales and marketing initiative comes at a time when the global energy industry is moving towards the goal of achieving net-zero emissions and eliminating the routine flaring of natural gas. In response to growing momentum to improve Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance, U.A.E. and other oil producing nations in the Middle East are transitioning to more sustainable and environmentally friendly operational practices.

Instead of flaring H2S-contaminated natural gas that is produced in association with crude oil, producers in the region are seeking innovative cost-effective methods to treat contaminated gas and employ it for beneficial uses. Streamline technology destroys H2S and converts it into Simple Elemental Sulfur™, which is listed with the Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI) for use in Organic Production.

“We are excited to partner with EMDAD to bring our innovative, environmentally forward solutions to the clients and citizens of the U.A.E., accelerating our growth into one of the world’s most important oil and gas producing countries,” said David Sisk, CEO of Streamline Innovations. “Our solutions can help oil and gas producers achieve their ESG mandates, eliminate routine flaring of contaminated gas and reduce emissions, typically while generating additional revenue. EMDAD is an ideal partner to help us enter the U.A.E. market with their established presence, well trained staff, and knowledge of the unique challenges faced by operators in the region.”

“The establishment of this relationship with Streamline Innovations comes at an opportune time for both our clients and our company,” said Mohammed Juma Al Bawardi, Chairman of EMDAD. “Our clients are seeking new, innovative approaches that not only help them achieve their environmental performance goals, but also generate more revenue. Streamline’s solutions are aligned with these objectives, and we anticipate their technologies will be a key factor in strengthening relationships with existing clients and attracting new business.”

Streamline brings its technology based Valkryie™ H2S treatment solution and technical expertise to the partnership, while EMDAD brings local connections, existing client relationships and local knowledge of the U.A.E. market, including ADNOC. This combination provides oil and gas producers in the region with proven solutions for treating H2S and achieving ESG mandates, supported by a reliable and professional local team.


EMDAD is an Integrated Service Provider to the Energy, Utilities and Industrial sector in the UAE and the region. Since its inception in 1979, EMDAD has kept pace with steady global development of technologies and the fast growth of the United Arab Emirates nation in the Energy and Industrial sectors. Today EMDAD has a balanced portfolio of services in both the Upstream and Downstream value chain of its customers that cover Well Construction, Well Intervention, Drilling Waste Management, Asset Integrity and complete range of Maintenance and Turnaround Services. Its focus for the next decade is organic growth and expansion into the Digital Solutions and ESG initiatives. Visit for more information.

About Streamline Innovations

Streamline Innovation’s vision is Eliminating Pollution Through Technology. We help heavy industry around the world achieve environmental performance objectives, improve sustainability, and transition to a sustainable, low-carbon economy.

Streamline’s environmentally forward H2S treating solutions help achieve the “E” in ESG. H2S is present in many industrial processes throughout the world. Our technology can be applied across industries, delivering a sustainable solution that eliminates H2S, a leading cause of human inhalation accidents and SO2 emissions when burned, a primary cause of acid rain. Talon treats effectively in both gas and water phases.

We also believe that achieving ESG directives requires data. Creating intelligent systems that operate effectively and efficiently without human intervention is critical to measuring and reducing emissions that harm the environment. We integrate advanced process control, data collection and analytics in our technologies to provide a total solution for customers.

We serve organizations in multiple sectors, including Energy/Oil & Gas, Biogas, Landfill Gas & Renewable Fuels, Municipal Wastewater and Industrial Air & Water. Visit for more information.