Oil and Gas Workers Send a Bold Warning to Other States About Newsom’s Costly Energy Policies

With Governor Newsom unwilling to listen to Californians about the increased costs and burdens created by his energy bans and mandates, the 150,000 women and men of California’s oil and gas industry are sending a warning sign to other states. Through advertisements mirroring the markets Newsom placed his own campaign ads in, industry workers want to caution others about the impacts his policies have had on California communities and their careers.

“Usually dictated by affluent communities in the state, Governor Newsom’s climate policies have become more aggressive and economically threatening to the regions struggling the most in the third most expensive state to live,” said Catherine Reheis-Boyd, President and CEO, Western States Petroleum Association.

The print and TV ads that began running today focused on the directives Newsom has given to the California Air Resources Board to ban gas-powered cars and trucks, shutdown oil and gas production and limit how Californians travel. These regulations have the potential to increase cost of living – including food, utilities, and housing costs – and drive more businesses out of the state.

Newsom will start banning gasoline, diesel and even hybrid cars and trucks in 2026, well before California has an electrical grid that can handle the increased energy demand while keeping our lights on, or before there are more affordable electric vehicle options for families.

He has implemented a de-facto oil production ban in the state by holding back permits and he is set to phase out all production in the state over the next few years, making our state and nation more dependent on foreign oil.

“His policies have contributed to the higher costs consumers pay for fuel and energy. In fact, the first $1.30 Californians pay at the pump already goes to taxes and regulatory fees, and the programs he is mandating on our residents will only drive those costs higher,” Reheis-Boyd said.

What Newsom is doing in California may also be imposed on about 40% of the drivers in the nation. Fourteen states have adopted policies on fuels and vehicles to match California’s regulations without relying on the public to vote. Newsom’s bans, executive orders and mandates will impact drivers and families throughout the nation and they will have no say or chance to vote on these policies.

“Climate solutions should work for all Californians, not just those that can afford electric vehicles, new appliances and rooftop solar power,” Reheis-Boyd said. “There is a better way to address the impacts of climate change than the path we are on. To lessen the impacts on those that can least afford it, climate policies must be cost-effective, technology-neutral and protect the state’s skilled and trained workforce.”

Western States Petroleum Association (WSPA) is a non-profit trade association representing the companies that safely and reliably explore for, produce, refine, transport and market the petroleum and energy products that fuel the five western states of Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. We represent 150,000 women and men who have proudly been powering the western states since 1907.

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