L-39NG serial production is in full swing. The Czech aircraft from Aero received full certification and can enter global markets

Prague, August 1, 2022 – The latest aircraft developed by Czech manufacturer Aero Vodochody (Aero) can now be operated worldwide. The newly obtained unrestricted type certification for the Aero L-39NG trainer jet, which took more than 5 years, is the main requirement for aircraft registration by customers. The first production L-39NG is expected to fly by the end of 2022. Negotiations with more potential customers began at the recent Farnborough Airshow.

The Aero L-39NG is a modern, efficient, and effective jet trainer for full-scale training of pilots of modern air forces. The aircraft is the successor to the L-39C, which has been used to train thousands of professional pilots worldwide. "The newly obtained unrestricted type certification for the L-39NG confirms that this state-of-the-art aircraft outperforms its predecessor. All of us at Aero are confident that the L-39NG will be very successful in the future. This is positive news not only for Aero, but for the entire Czech aerospace industry, which is heavily involved in the development and production of the L-39NG," says Viktor Sotona, President and CEO of Aero Vodochody.

The Czech L-39NG jet trainer uses the latest production technologies and modern equipment. The aircraft's avionics is well suited for the training of pilots of fourth and fifth generation jets. The aircraft comes with a wide range of modern simulation technologies, including complete integration into a highly advanced tactical simulation center, increasing overall training effectiveness.

"L-39NG serial production is running at full speed. With the contracts we have already signed and the continued high interest in our trainer aircraft, our production capacity will be fully utilized at least until 2025. As of now, Aero is in advanced negotiations to deliver the L-39NG to several customers in Europe, Africa, and Asia. In addition, new dialogues with potential customers and partners commenced at the recently concluded Farnborough Air Show in the UK," says Filip Kulštrunk, Vice President Sales & Marketing at Aero Vodochody, adding: "Compared to competitors from Italy, South Korea or the USA, the L-39NG is a very affordable and, above all, long-term reliable multi-role solution for modern air forces. Completely new design elements allow the L-39NG to be continuously upgraded in accordance with customer requirements, especially at the level of communication and avionics systems. This is today critical for a successful long-term cooperation with national air forces."

Pilots appreciate the excellent view from the cockpit and the high level of protection in the event of an emergency landing or crash. This is due to the traditional robustness of the aircraft's design, which is based on the L-39. "The main advantages of the L-39NG are a completely new aircraft design in line with modern technologies (e.g., use of composite parts, wet wing, improved cabin view, central point refueling, etc.) and the highly reliable FJ44-4M engine. As a result, our aircraft achieves best in class operating costs, range and endurance," adds Jaromír Lang, Chief Designer of the L-39NG.

The certification of the Aero L-39NG is the result of more than five years of development and testing in several stages. The type certificate validates that the aircraft has been developed in accordance with all applicable aviation regulations and standards and is hence safe for standard flight operations. Any newly manufactured aircraft of this type can automatically be issued with a valid Certificate of Airworthiness, assigned a registration mark and be listed in the Air Registry.

The certification for the L-39NG was issued by the Military Aviation Authority (MAA-CZE) and is therefore fully compatible with all requirements and systems within the European Union and NATO. The certification has no time restriction and is valid for the entire production life of the L-39NG.

Lukáš Hora, PR Manager
mailto: lukas.hora@aero.cz 

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