Brightmark Launches Medical Waste Recycling Program with Jamar Health Products

Brightmark, a global waste solutions provider, and Jamar Health Products, a Wisconsin-based health care product manufacturer, today announced a strategic partnership to recycle plastic medical waste. Brightmark provides a sustainable and circular solution for recycling and converting Jamar’s proprietary plastic PATRAN slide sheets into low-carbon fuels and the building blocks for circular plastics.

Jamar created PATRAN® slide sheets for lateral transfer 40 years ago. Starting with the original disposable slide sheet, the company sells a variety of sizes and styles of single-patient, multiple-use slide sheets for safe patient-handling and mobility (SPHM) tasks including boosting up patients in bed when they start to slump down. As health care facilities nationwide started using PATRAN slide sheets, caregivers, including nurses, physical and occupational therapists, and SPHM coordinators, started getting creative. Jamar credits their ingenuity for coming up with many of the more than 25 ways to use PATRAN slide sheets for SPHM tasks by hospitals, surgery centers, long-term care facilities, EMS and other health care operations.

"This exciting partnership illustrates one of the many ways in which Brightmark’s solutions are helping to ‘Reimagine Waste’ across a number of industries," said Bob Powell, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Brightmark. "Jamar’s PATRAN slide sheets created a solution that revolutionized SPHM, and we believe this partnership will serve as a prime example of the essential relationship between patient wellness and sustainability.”

“Collaborating with Brightmark to find new uses for our PATRAN slide sheets beyond their lifespan for medical use allows us to achieve sustainability goals and offer a solution our customers have been seeking,” said Stefanie Scott, President and Owner of Jamar Health Products. “Jamar is proud to be a family-founded, certified women-owned small business and the opportunity to work with Brightmark to create an innovative waste management solution and do our part to combat pollution provides us with yet another point of extreme pride.”

For more information about how to recycle your PATRAN slide sheets along with other pre- and post-patient plastics from your facility, please email


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Jamar Health Products produces, sells and distributes PATRAN® slide sheets, a safe patient-handling and mobility solution for health care and related organizations. Forty years after developing the original disposable slide sheet, Jamar continues to innovate and improve performance of its products – often referred to as friction-reducing devices – all made in the USA. A certified women-owned, small business with headquarters near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Jamar sells direct to some of the largest and best-performing health care systems. Product affordability also attracts smaller hospitals, hospices, emergency medical services, long-term care facilities and other professional care providers. For information, visit