TERMA to acquire part of ATO’s Space business

September 23, 2022, Lystrup, Denmark: The acquisition will add key competencies to Terma’s space portfolio and increase business opportunities. The agreement also represents a unique opportunity for the Atos EGSE business to reach its full potential thanks to the synergies that will be developed with Terma, while Atos will focus on its other space activities, in line with the Group’s transformation strategy.

“This is an important, strategical acquisition for Terma. Space activities play a vital role in the understanding of our climate and environment and in defense and security matters. We already have a leading niche within select space technologies – including electronics, software solutions and space engineering services – and thanks to this acquisition, we are adding new, important competencies and offerings to foster the EGSE business,” says Jes Munk Hansen, CEO at Terma.

The future acquisition covers three main applications: Payload Testing, Radio Frequency (RF) Subsystem and Power Testing. Combined with Terma’s Central Check-out System, CCS5, it provides a comprehensive EGSE system used for functional and performance testing of a space system, ensuring the spacecraft is working perfectly.

“The Atos EGSE activities are fully complementary with our own EGSE activities. As an example, today, both Terma and Atos are providing EGSE solutions to European Space Agency (ESA) missions.,” Jes Munk Hansen explains.

Highly skilled space experts from Atos located in Austria, Romania, and in the Czech Republic will join Terma’s teams. Terma will use this opportunity to set up companies in these three countries, hereby enhancing its European footprint. All business activities will continue under the Terma brand.

“Our space business is complementary to Terma's, making them the right partner to acquire our EGSE business and accelerate its development as Atos has decided to strategically refocus its portfolio. In the broader context of its own transformation, Atos will retain its successful satellite monitoring and space data analysis activities, as part of its mission critical systems portfolio,” says Diane Galbe, Senior Executive Vice President of Atos.

The transaction is subject to regulatory approvals and work council consultation, with closing expected before March 2023.

Financial details of the transaction will not be disclosed.

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