Razom for Ukraine and the KLYCH Community Invite Everyone to Participate in a Unique Campaign Inspired by Ukrainian Mythology: #UkrainianHalloween

To honor Ukrainian culture, Razom and KLYCH are partnering together this Halloween on a creative and unique campaign inspired by the creativity of Ukrainian mythology.

For the campaign, a short list of characters was compiled, from which creators are encouraged to choose the one they resonate with the most. With the chosen character, participants can create an image, drawing, make-up look or anything else that will tell the world more about Ukrainian culture and publish the result of their creativity in social networks with the hashtag #UkrainianHalloween. Characters include:

  • Mavka: a spirit that lives in forests and fields and protects them
  • Mara: the goddess of the afterlife, death and night
  • Rusalka-Loskitnitsa: a spirit girl who lives in a river or lake
  • Povitrulya: daughter of mountain winds, “air mermaid”
  • Dolya: the goddess of human destiny
  • Molfar: a Carpathian wizard and healer
  • Forest spirit Chugaister: a forest grandfather who monitors order in the forest
  • Vovkun or Vovkulaka: a werewolf
  • Vodyanik / Bolotyanik: spirit owner of swamps, lakes and rivers
  • Perun: the oldest among the gods of Kievan Rus, lord of the sky, thunder and lightning

The campaign aims to raise $100,000 to facilitate the purchase of generators to keep Ukrainian civilians warm this winter. Due to constant rocket fire and shelling from Russia, there are problems with the supply of electricity in Ukraine, and millions of people are left without electricity and heating.

“Understanding and respecting different cultures is a necessity for peace and tolerance in our world,” said Aleksandr Krapivkin, #UkrainianHalloween Campaign Lead. “October 24 will mark exactly eight months since Ukraine started defending itself in a terrible full-scale war. What has led Ukrainians to victory again and again is the pride we share in our culture, a culture we want to share with the world.”

Celebrity participants creating for this campaign include: renowned makeup artist, contestant on Glow Up Season 4, Sophie Gouk, esteemed Italian drag singer, contestant on Drag Race Italia Season 2, Narciso, distinguished Ukrainian makeup artist known for lip art, Vlada Heggarty, Chicago-based drag artist acclaimed for their highly conceptual creations, Hinkypunk, and famed actor of Freaky, The Girl In The Woods, and NOS4A2, Misha Osherovich. Photos with captions and brief descriptions of the characters can be found: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1y_mkQOrgRWE86e1vuz_NbTOFbpABpZYC

Hundreds of people around the world have already joined the campaign, creating their creative works, and are calling for donations to Razom for Ukraine. Donations can be made via the following link: https://evergreen.humanitru.com/web/campaigns/razom~support-for-ukraine?tab_2014=id%3A4373

About Razom for Ukraine
Razom means “together” in Ukrainian. The organization believes deeply in the enormous potential of dedicated volunteers around the world united by a single mission: to building and maintaining a democratic and prosperous Ukraine. Established in the United States, the non-profit organization works towards that mission by creating spaces where people meet, partner and do. In this time of need, they have created the Razom Emergency Response which is focused on purchasing medical supplies for critical situations like blood loss and other tactical medicine items, hospital supplies, and tech enabled emergency response supplies that facilitate the delivery of this aid. Razom’s procurement and logistics teams are made up of a trusted volunteer network they’ve nurtured since 2014 and partner organizations worldwide. Razom is also working with governments and embassies on helping to establish humanitarian corridors.

KLYCH is a worldwide community of creators of events, meetings, and projects focused on supporting and sharing Ukrainian culture. Through activism, KLYCH works together on informing the world about the current state of the country and continuously emphasizes the history of Ukraine. They engage and support communities of Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine across the world.