Calgary International Airport upgrades Radar system with TERMA Scanter 5502 Surface Movement Radars

Atlanta, GA - September 20, 2023. Terma, a leading global provider of radar solutions is proud to announce the installation of a state-of-the-art SCANTER 5502 radar system by NAV CANADA at YYC Calgary International Airport.

This significant upgrade enhances the airport's surveillance capabilities, improves overall safety and ability to manage runway and taxiway operation by bolstering surveillance infrastructure, enabling air traffic controllers to monitor and manage aircraft movements with greater precision and accuracy, using the advanced features of the Terma SMR such as high-resolution target tracking and reliable all-weather performance.

The SCANTER 5502 radar system has previously been successfully deployed at other major Canadian locations, including Toronto Pearson Airport (YYZ) and in support of NAV CANADA’s training activities in Cornwall, Ontario. This deployment is a testament to the proven reliability and performance of Terma's SMR in enhancing situational awareness and maintaining the highest standards of aviation safety across Canada.

"NAV CANADA has a long history of working with Terma and looks forward to the next chapter in our ongoing relationship," says Warren Gosselin, AVP CNS Solutions, NAV CANADA. "The previous generation of Terma Surface Movement Radars have been a stable backbone of our operation, and we expect the latest generation to continue that robust service."

Terma has a proven track record of supporting its partners and has provided comprehensive technical training to NAV CANADA on the operation and maintenance of the SCANTER 5502 SMR, ensuring NAV CANADA’s ability to independently operate and maintain their radar systems.

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