Anue Water Technologies Adds Four New Channel Partners to Serve Wastewater Treatment Customers in California, Nevada, Illinois, Michigan, Iowa, Nebraska, Ontario and the Maritime Provinces

Anue Water Technologies, a leading manufacturer of cost-saving Oxygen and Ozone infusion systems and other sustainable water treatment solutions for municipal and industrial odor and corrosion control throughout North America , announces the addition of four new channel partners to better serve municipal and industrial wastewater treatment customers in California, Nevada, Illinois, Michigan, Iowa, Nebraska, Ontario and the Maritime Provinces of Canada. These channel partners are well-established regional experts in municipal and industrial wastewater, odor, corrosion and FOG control in the following States and Provinces:

R.C. Beach for California and Nevada
Peterson & Matz for Illinois and Michigan
D.J. Gongol for Iowa and Nebraska
ENV Treatment Systems for Ontario and the Canadian Maritime Provinces

There are now channel partner companies representing Anue’s products in all 50 of the United States and all the Canadian Provinces.

According to Anue COO Greg Bock, “We are proud to be working with these four excellent companies who are longtime experts in wastewater treatment and now represent Anue’s sustainable and onsite H2S odor, corrosion and FOG solutions , saving municipalities and industrial customers money and labor versus unreliable and costly chemical deliveries.”

For more information, contact Anue Water Technologies, Inc. at or (760) 727-2683 or visit our web site at

About Anue Water Technologies: Founded in 2006, Anue Water Technologies Inc. is headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia. The company manufactures high efficiency, patented systems to ensure optimal gas to liquid transfer for its FORSe 5 oxygen/ozone, FORSe 2 oxygen, and Phantom ozone infusion systems for H2S odor and corrosion control at municipal force mains and lift stations, as well as the EnviroPrep well-washer for the rapid dissipation of FOG (fats, oil, grease) and the highly customizable Anue Geomembrane Covers with carbon-embedded filters for odor control over any wastewater or sludge tank, as well as debris protection for ponds and lagoons.