OnMed Announces its Expansion of Services to Include Milam County Prison System

The industry’s leading tech-enabled health equity solution, OnMed today announced continued expansion as it begins supporting the country’s underserved and- over-burdened prison system. Effective immediately, Milam County, Texas will be the first county in the state to serve prison inmates through its OnMed CareStation, at no cost to taxpayers.

Building on the relationship with Milam County, the County Sheriff’s Department will leverage the OnMed CareStation to serve the preventative and ongoing needs of the county’s prison inmates as well as the broader community.

Mike Clore, Milam County Sheriff said “It’s been clear for decades that there is a lack of adequate, ongoing healthcare offered to our country’s incarcerated population. The OnMed CareStation will help our county provide the quality resources we all deserve.”

“This partnership is a clear example of how improving health equity in the most needed corners of America is crucial and possible,” said OnMed CEO, Karthik Ganesh. “We commend Milam County’s foresight in finding innovative ways to address healthcare disparities in its community and are proud to support them.”

About OnMed

OnMed is a leading tech-enabled health equity solution with a mission to improve the quality of life and sense of well-being in communities by increasing access to healthcare, anywhere. The OnMed CareStation is a unique hybrid-care delivery system blending virtual care’s real-time convenience with the benefits of traditional care and the latest in health technology. OnMed is actively building commercial partnerships across multiple markets including Government and Public entities, Payers, Provider Systems, Large Employers, Colleges and Universities, and high-traffic venues to improve health equity, access, and affordability.