Thales Sovereign developed simulators enhance land-based vehicle training for defence

May 14, 2024 - Since 2007, Thales has delivered sovereign designed and developed training and simulation capabilities to the Australian Defence Force for land-based military vehicles; mitigating risks and hazards whilst enabling the preparedness of military personnel.

Prior to operating a military vehicle, personnel must receive the required training to ensure safe utilisation of the platform, as well as mastery of controls, communications and tactical systems. The provision of a realistic simulated training environment facilitates all of the above, with the added advantage of enhanced training flexibility, tailored tactical scenarios, reduction of capability wear and tear, and cost-effectiveness.  

Thales Australia has developed and supported simulators across a variety of platforms such as the Australian Light Armoured Vehicles (ASLAV) Crew Procedural Trainer, ASLAV Desktop Collective Tactical Trainer and the Bushmaster Crew Procedural Simulators, delivered to the New Zealand Defence Force.

“With over 30 years of experience delivering and sustaining training and simulation capabilities across the Australian Defence Force, our people are our most important asset. We have a substantial team of over 45 highly experienced engineers and technicians located across the country, ready to respond to the training and needs of Defence, wherever the need arises.” Philip Swadling, Technical Director, Training and Simulation

Over the last decade, Thales has made significant investments into the research and development of simulation technologies, allowing for the ground-up development of these simulators to be completed in-house and in-country. This includes investments in open standards-based architectures to facilitate interoperability and reuse, which align with the Army’s Generic Training & Simulation Architecture and Land Sim Core initiatives.

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