SCD Unveils Mini Blackbird 1280 HFM, Redefining Infrared Detection with Extended Operational Duration

June 4,, 2024– SCD ‒ a global leader in the development and manufacture of a wide range of cooled and uncooled infrared detectors and high-power laser diodes, announces the launch of its latest off-the-shelf product, the Mini Blackbird 1280 HFM. This cutting-edge detector represents a significant advancement in electro-optic capabilities.

The Mini Blackbird 1280 HFM integrates the advantages of both SCD’s cooled and uncooled detectors, resulting in the creation of a new Mid-Wave Infrared detector. Due to its quality, reliability, and extended operational durability, the Mini Blackbird 1280 HFM sets a new standard in infrared detection technology, providing longer endurance for continuous surveillance operations and situational awareness.
The accompanying proximity electronic board supports video engine capabilities while ensuring low power consumption. This results in a high-resolution detector with exceptional image quality, sensitivity, and uniformity, all within a compact size.

The Mini Blackbird 1280 HFM provides exceptional capabilities in radiometric operations, crucial for precise measurement and analysis of infrared radiation. This allows for accurate data collection essential for various critical applications such as thermal imaging, target detection, environmental monitoring, persistent surveillance, and 24/7 threat detection. SCD's cutting-edge technologies and variety of sensing materials further enhance its performance, giving the Mini Blackbird 1280 HFM a competitive edge in defense operations.

The lightweight compact Mini Blackbird 1280 HFM, featuring a new linear cooler, ensures optimal performance in the most demanding aerial environments. This makes it an ideal solution for payloads on tactical UAVs and other aerial platforms, providing unmatched performance.
"SCD's innovation thrives in seamlessly integrating field-proven technologies with new advancements," says Shai Fishbein, VP of Business Development & Marketing at SCD. "We're committed to developing top-notch solutions adopted by global industry leaders for their electro-optical systems, maximizing the potential of infrared detection technology in this dynamic battlefield landscape."

About Semi Conductor Devices (SCD)
Semi Conductor Devices (SCD) develops and manufactures a full spectrum of cooled and uncooled infrared detectors and laser diodes. The company's advanced concepts and cutting-edge technologies have positioned it as one of the world's leading sources of IR detectors. The close relationship between SCD and well-established systems houses around the world ensures that SCD's detectors are produced in accordance with the latest requirements. SCD offers a complete range of off-the-shelf and custom- designed detectors and laser diodes in various configurations. These are typically applied in IR seekers, thermal imagers, smart munitions, night vision systems, machine vision systems, medical applications, laser rangefinders and laser designators. SCD's detectors are designed for the entire IR spectrum – NIR, SWIR, MWIR, and LWIR.

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