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  • C4I, Communication Systems
  • IT, Computing and Software

Netcom S.A., is a manufacturer of electronic components with primary emphasis on frequency sensitive networks and power supplies, and communications equipment serving aerospace, telecommunications, medical and military fields.

Company's  product line includes:

  • Crystal filters
  • Miniaturized RF and IF filters
  • Monolithic crystal filters
  • Equalizer networks
  • Quartz crystals
  • Power supplies

Other products offered by the company are:

Frequency Control Devices:

  • Clock oscillators
  • TC voltage controlled oscillators


  • Multiple clock output PLL
  • Dual PLL

Some of its capabilities include

  • Power supply engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales and customer support
  • Administrative

It specializes in developing technologies like forward fly-back converters, zero primary switching loss, delta modulation, single PCB designs, heat dissipating enclosures, etc.

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Netcom S.A.

  • Thesi Alonistra, Attika, Koropi, Greece
  • +30 210 6628000
  • +30 210 6627900
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