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Damen Naval is the dedicated naval shipbuilding division of the Damen Shipyards Group, which brings together all the naval activities of the group, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

With roots stretching back almost 150 years – to the Royal Schelde yard in Vlissingen – Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding, the only naval original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in the Netherlands, is a core part of the Damen Naval division. Having delivered more than 400 vessels to customers all around the world, we are a trusted partner in the international marketplace, known for our role as full-service provider, or integrator, throughout the lifecycle of our products. While taking pride in our heritage, we are looking towards the future.


Ship Repair

Damen Ship Repair & Conversion yards are conveniently located in easily accessible ports with excellent maritime infrastructure. They offer the full range of services required for regular dry docking and maintenance, ship repairs and conversions of all types of vessels. Damen range of ship repair yards offer everything from full size dry docks and covered facilities to smaller shiprepair yards more practical for inland vessels. Damen has a suitable ship repair yard for every vessel type in several geographical locations around the world.

Harbour & Terminal

Damen has developed into one of the world’s market leaders in the design and construction of a range of standard harbour tugs with a bollard pull up to 100 tonnes. Damen has listened closely to its customers over the decades and their feedback has been included in the development of all of their tugs, leading to high quality vessels that are entirely fit for purpose. Their standard of excellence makes Damen one of the world’s leading tug builders, the largest in fact when it comes to ASD Tugs. Damen tugs are immediately available from stock to commence successful operations. 

Damen can supply all workboats needed for the wide variety of tasks in ports and harbours. The Company’s ‘Harbour services’ range includes work barges, skimmers and dredgers to keep harbours in good condition, as well as all kinds of high speed craft. Dedicated pilot boats, fire-fighting vessels, Multi Cats, survey vessels, buoy tenders and port security vessels are all included in the Damen harbour portfolio.


Damen offers a complete range of offshore support vessels. Damen is able to deliver vessels from straightforward suppliers with the best price-quality ratio, to ultra-silent, fishery research vessels and fast crew suppliers of the revolutionary Damen Sea Axe design. With many years of experience Damen has the know-how to build complex vessels to perform specialist tasks, particularly important in the offshore sector where many dedicated one-off vessels are often built. With increasing pressure to cut emissions, the demand for offshore wind energy is set to grow substantially over the next few years.

Damen is able to assist the offshore wind industry and has developed a number of innovative, cost-reducing, safe and efficient solutions. The Company has introduced a range of dedicated wind farm support vessels, accessibility and transfer systems, as well as a complete concept whereby they offer a fully-integrated infrastructure support vessel for a wind farm: the Damen “Sea Base”. With the trend for offshore wind farms to be positioned further offshore, Damen has developed vessels that can safely and efficiently transfer crews in significant wave heights of up to 3 m.

Defence & Security

Uniquely in the shipbuilding world, Damen specialises in building naval and patrol vessels ranging from 7 m to more than 200 m. As well as the well-known SIGMA and Enforcer series, Damen offers the Interceptor range, stan patrol, offshore patrol and surface combatants, amphibious support ships, naval auxiliaries and many inshore and coastal vessels. With the Damen range of security and patrol vessels, crews can rest assured that the vessels are entirely fit for purpose, offering unrivalled seakeeping behaviour, speed and reliability.

Damen has a rich tradition of naval shipbuilding with our original navy roots stemming back 135 years. Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding (DSNS) is known for its quality shipbuilding, both in the naval and the commercial sector. DSNS has been the dedicated shipbuilder of the Royal Netherlands Navy for five decades, having worked on the design, engineering and construction of eight generations of combatants, as well as auxiliaries, Landing Platform Docks and Hydrographic Survey Vessels.


Within Damen, superyacht construction is carried out by Amels, which is recognised as one of the top brands in the world. Amels has become the established leader in premium, semi custom-built superyachts.  Amels introduced its successful Limited Editions concept in 2005. The Limited Editions philosophy results in faster deliveries, superior quality, higher value and better re-sale value. Within the Limited Editions range, which now comprises four models, each yacht can be entirely personalised using striking designs from world class interior designers.


Damen designs and builds a complete range of cargo vessels including multi-purpose vessels, product tankers, container and heavy lift vessels. Customers benefit knowing that their vessels are based on proven Damen designs which have been thoroughly tested over several decades. All Damen cargo vessels and tankers are in standard lay-out but can be adapted to suit individual customer demands.

  • Multi-purpose vessels: 1,500 to 15,000 dwt
  • Ice Class 1A and geared: above 5,000 dwt
  • Tankers: 2,000 to 10,000 dwt

Public Transport

Damen ferries can be seen in operation all over the world. The Company offers standard designs for (fast) ferries, water taxis, water buses, RoPax and double ended ferries, as well as many other types of vessels that have been developed for specific circumstances. Ferries are an essential link in a public transport system and Damen builds perfectly tailored, fuel-efficient ferries to suit urban transport networks. Most Damen fast ferries are built at the ultra-modern Damen Singapore yard, one of the most experienced ferry builders in the world with a world-class reputation for aluminium fast ferries, patrol vessels, crew suppliers and workboats.


With much of the Netherlands below sea level the Dutch have become experts in water management and land reclamation. This intense focus on water management has meant that a considerable knowledge cluster has developed and the world’s leading dredger shipyards and dredging companies are now established in the Netherlands.

Damen has been active in the manufacture of dredgers for decades and is specialised in several types of dredgers such as cutter suction dredgers and trailing suction hopper dredgers in the small to medium-sized range. Damen’s strategy of standardisation and having dredgers in stock means that we can offer the best possible price-quality ratio. And Damen can also deliver all the marine equipment to support dredger operations, such as Shoalbusters, Multi Cats and tugs.


Damen is specialised in building a variety of maritime components for the shipbuilding industry. Components are delivered to Damen yards or any other yard, based on the required technical specifications and according to the highest quality standards. Components that can be delivered include nozzles, rudders, stern tubes, tunnels, anchors, chains, winches and gears. On request these may be accompanied by an approval certificate from the Classification Society. All products are fabricated at Damen-owned production facilities

Damen Naval

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