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  • Electrical, Electronics & Electro-optics
  • Engines, Propulsion, Power Generation
  • IT, Computing and Software
  • Mechanical, Electro-mechanical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic components
  • Metal Processing, Parts & Components
  • Radar, Sonar, Navigation, Targeting, Surveillance
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Vyzkumny a zkusebni letecky ustav, a.s. (VZLU) is a national centre for research, development and testing in aeronautics and space. The main mission of VZLU is to generate new knowledge, transfer it into industrial practice and to provide its partners with the maximum support in the development of new products. As a multi-discipline research organisation, VZLU exploits synergic effects and also contributes to progress of automotive, railway, defence, security and power industry and civil engineering.

Disciplines and scop:

  • Aerodynamics
  • Strength of structure
  • Accredited testing
  • Aircraft engines
  • Air propeller and industrial fans
  • Jobbing and small batch manufacture

VZLU is a joint stock company in which the State is the majority shareholder (41.55% Ministry of Finance, 44.61% PAL, 7.84% CSOB).

VZLU provides its services to domestic and foreign customers coming from a variety of industrial branches such as aviation, aerospace, automotive, rail, electrical, construction and engineering industries. In addition to industry-oriented research activities VZLU offers its customers testing services and assistance in developing new products.

As a supplier of R&D and testing services, VZLU cooperates closely with the Czech aviation industry, today represented mainly by the Association of Aviation Manufacturers of the Czech Republic (ALV).

The Association was founded in 1994 to support the Czech aviation industry as a strategic economic branch influencing other industrial sectors. Nowadays ALV comprises more than 40 companies and is a member of european association of aviation manufacturers ASD (AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe).

Offset Programmes
VZLU is a key player in the preparation of offset programmes related to the purchase of military and civil aviation technology from foreign suppliers.

Space Programmes
VZLU participates in projects for the European Space Agency - ESA and other research and industrial projects concerning the development of space technology.

Cooperation with NATO
VZLU as a member of national delegations attends scientific workshops of NATO organizations such as RTO (Research and Technology Organisation) and NIAG (NATO Industrial Advisory Group).

Cooperation with Universities
VZLU collaborates with European technical universities on national and international programmes aimed at education of “young” engineers. As an organization integrating research knowledge and industrial know-how, the Institute provides young scientists with a useful background for graduate studies focused on obtaining a PhD degree.


Contact info #1

Karel Paiger
+420 225 115 332
Commerce & Marketing Director
+420 286 920 518
Beranovych 130, 199 05 Praha - Letnany, Czech Republic


Flow computations, including CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) are employed in many industrial branches.

• Computer Fluid Dynamics For CFD computations there are used both in-house codes and commercial software.

• Flight Mechanics Complete computations of aircraft performance and properties based upon geometric data set by the customer.

• Optimization Multi-criterion optimization of aircraft aerodynamic shapes and other industrial applications.

• Aicraft Design Complete aerodynamic design and optimization of aircraft of various categories.


Despite the massive use of CFD codes wind tunnel measurements remain the essential part of development procedures.

• Low Speed Wind Tunnels LSWT are situated in Prague-Letňany. Here measurements are taken of aircraft, cars, trains, aerials, traffic signs, athletes, simply everything that moves and causes air drag to play a major role.

• High Speed Wind Tunnels Subsonic, transonic, supersonic tunnels located in Prague Palmovka neighbourhood. They are designed for ultrasonic measurements particularly for customers from aviation industry.

• A wind tunnel for turbo machinery purposes Located in Prague – Palmovka neighbourhood, this tunnel is used by customers from power engineering, aeronautics, and other engineering fields up to a flow velocity of Mach 3.5.

• Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel BLWT BLWT in Prague is designed to test wind load of buildings and bridges, pedestrians´ weather comfort simulation, propagation of dust emissions and hazardous stuff in urban agglomerations.


The VZLU´s strength testing shop ranks among largest test facilities in the Czech Republic.

• Strength tests We perform static and fatigue tests of complete structures in whole or in part.

• Landing gear and their parts tests We perform a wide spectrum of tests on landing gears, dampers, wheels, brakes and tyres.

• Modal tests We conduct modal tests on complete assemblies, dynamically similar models, structural parts, including establishing modal parameters.

• Non Destructive Evaluation We provide our customers with services in the field of non-destructive material testing.

• Material Testing and Experimental Stress Analysis Trials are conducted on the loading machines MTS, Instron Schenck, Tira, Inova, Instron, Amsler up to 500 kN.


We offer complex assistance covering design, calculation, and testing of the whole assemblies and their parts.

• Structure analyses and computing FEM calculations and analyses, limit values calculations taking into consideration plasticity, fatigue damage calculation and other analytical methods.

• Aeroelasticity Analyses Aeroelasticity optimization, modal calculation (modes of shape and eigenfrequency), dynamic models tuning into the results of modal experiments and other services.

• Analyses of fractures and materials Fractographical analysis of fracture surfaces and materials´ micro structures.


Mechanical resistance and vibration tests, climatic and corrosion tests, tests on hydraulics and LPG/CNG systems, electric systems tests.

• Mechanical resistance tests Resistance tests of products exposed to linear acceleration, vibrations, shocks, including combined environmental trials.

• Environmental and corrosion tests of products and surface treatment Weather-corrosion tests on products´ design, construction and surface protection.

• Certification tests on LPG and CNG Certification tests on LPG and CNG alternative fuel systems conforming to EHK regulations.

• Tests on electrical systems Certification tests on instruments and equipment for LPG / NCG automobile fuel systems to EHK international regulations.

• Pollution measurement of hydraulic oil, fuel and other working liquids Determination of working liquid´s contamination level including microscopic analysis.

• Chemical analyses We perform spectral analyses and atomic absorption spectrometry to determine chemical composition of materials.


Industrial fans, air propellers for UAVs, development of turbine engines and combustion chambers.

• UAV Propellers VZLU has been working on the design and manufacture of propellers for unmanned air vehicles for years.

• Aicraft propellers VZLU provides comprehensible services in the field of air propellers.

• Industrial fans We provide complex services in the field of developing axial fans and other rotor types from preliminary studies via design and development to testing and ensuring series production.

• Engines – control systems Providing assistance in developing turbines and compressors.

• Combustion Design, development and optimization of combustion chambers, turbine engines and other plants.


Advanced manufacturing technologies for composite parts, development of micro accelerometers to be used in space and friction stir welding (FSW) technology.

• Composite technology VZLU has worked for years on employing advanced composite materials in primary structures.

• Development of accelerometers to be used in space Development of high precision micro accelerometers to measure micro gravitation in space.

• Friction Stir Welding Precision machining, manufacture of composite parts, 3D measurement and other production services.


Highly efficient technologies for joining hard-to-weld materials.

• Prototype and Small Batch Manufacture Precision CNC machining and other production services for prototype and small batch production.

• Composites Many years of experience in using composites in primary structures.

• 3D Measurement On request coming from external users we ensure 3D measurement of prototypes and models on ACCURA measuring equipment.


Providing services in gauge calibration for external users.

• Metrological laboratory Calibration of strain gauge dynamometers in range from 0.1 kN to 500 kN.

• Other calibration activities Calibration of physical and chemical variables with our own standards conforming to ČMI (Czech Metrological Institute).


VZLU is actively taking part in European projects of research and development, especially in EU framework programmes (EU FP). The general aim of these programmes is deepening international cooperation and integrating research and development potential for the overall streamlining of research activities.


Projects with participation of VZLU (acronym/title/coordinator)

  • EWA / European Wind Tunnel Association (Network of Excellence) / DLR
  • FRIENDCOPTER / Environmentally Friendly Helicopter / VERTAIR
  • AERO-NEWS / Health Nonlinear Elastic Wave Spectroscopy / KUL
  • ALCAS / Advanced and Low Cost Airframe Structures / AIRBUS+DASSAULT
  • NACRE / New Aircraft Concepts Research / AIRBUS
  • ADELINE / Advanced air Data Equipments for airLINErs / THALES AVIONICS
  • TELFONA / TEsting for Laminar Flow On New Aircraft / AIRBUS UK
  • CESAR / Cost Effective Small AiRcraft / VZLU, a.s.
  • AVERT / Aerodynamic Validation of Emission Reducing, AIRBUS UK SimSAC / Simulating Aircraft Stability And Control Characteristics / KTH
  • MOJO / Modular Joints for Aircraft Composite Structures / EADS AirTN / Air Transport Net / DLR
  • KATNET II / Key Aerodynamic Technologies to Meet the Vision 2020 Challenges / Airbus D
  • SPOTSTIR / The Development of a Hand Held Friction Stir Spot Welding Gun for Automotive Vehicle Body Repair /TWI
  • TRIPS / Transport Infrastructures Protection System / ANSALDO TRANSPORTI  SISTEMI FERROVIARI SPA
  • AUTOW / Automated Preform Fabrication by Dry Tow Placement / NLR


VZLU is taking part in an ESA (European Space Agency) project.

Network of Excellence - EWA

VZLÚ is part of Network of Excellence - EWA (European Windtunnel Association) focused on aeronautical applications and advanced measuring technologies.

Vyzkumny a zkusebni letecky ustav a.s. (VZLU)

  • Beranovych 130, 199 05, Letnany, Prague, Czechia
  • +420 225 115 222, +420 225 115 239
  • +420 225 115 335
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