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TECHNI A.S., is a complete supplier of innovations through outstanding concept knowledge, engineering and completion. Over the last 10 years the company has been providing the consumer market with innovative solutions and an extensive development service.

Techni takes pride in delivering services to both large international companies and to smaller businesses. The idea behind Techni’s business concept total product development is to offer the complete range in product development from an idea to a finished product.

This is made possible by having a mix of expert engineers and industrial designers with different fields of expertise in direct relation to product development projects under one roof. The result is a safe relationship between a customer and one single development company which utilizes its experts in one interlocking chain of project management and seamless transitions between milestone phases.


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Michael Nihei
+47 4 720 0420
Defence Area Manager
Ynglingeveien 42A NO-3184, Borre, Norway


Analysis & strategy: Establishing a solid foundation for the product.

An important part in a successful development project is to understand the intention of the product. Techni offers tailor made analysis and strategy plans in compliance with the specification of any given project and utilize methods which ranges from user and market analysis to product lifecycle studies and technology surveys.


Concept: Generating ideas in a creative process

The main challenge in concept generation is to combine awareness of product specifications, feasibility of production and still obtain an open creative state of mind. In order to achieve an open minded creative process Techni’s company policy demands the use of combined project work groups. Experience with, and awareness of material properties and production processes ensures that all decisions are founded on a realistic view on possibilities, challenges and limits.


Visualization: communication of ideas and concepts

The Visualisation stage allows the designers to discuss and assess basic geometry and aesthetics in the design at an early stage in the development process. Techni uses high end CAD programmes when transforming concept drawings into virtual 3D models. 3D models is a confirmed aid when communicating with the customer and when gathering feedback from target market research. It is also actively used by customers when communicating with their investors or board members.


Mechanics: Construction, modelling, analysis and industrialization

The mechanics department has a broad range of expertise and experience with production methods and the use of different materials. A combination of creativity and expertise allows the mechanics department to deliver functional and quality checked solutions. Techni’s strength lies in combining different fields of knowledge and technologies while involving every department in the development process. Techni conducts testing of environmental stress like; load bearing, thermal/dynamic conditions and electrical fields. In addition Techni also conducts product lifetime calculations of both mechanics and electronics.


Electronics: hardware and software

Techni's electronics engineers are specialists in developing electronics which combines analogue and digital technology. The engineers take every precaution to the properties of the product and necessary shielding against problems like electrical noise and other environmental issues which might have a negative impact on the functionality if the product. The company delivers hardware and software to the most demanding areas of the market and has conducted many quality checks on products on behalf of its customers. Techni's in house designed software is mainly a basis for the operation of the product, which customers can apply their own software package on top.


Prototyping: mock-ups, display models and functional prototypes

All areas in the development process require testing and verification before moving on, and one important element is to develop prototypes.

Techni is an expert in developing everything from visual models to fully functional prototypes within both electronics and mechanics. Having an in house workshop with over 360m2 of floor space and a good network of local production partners assures a safe and quick delivery.

The company has its own moulding tools and is able to produce small plastic parts in low numbers. For larger orders a cooperation with Alphaform ensures high quality prototypes.


Industrialization: verification and production preparation

The transition from a development project to industrialization can often be a demanding process. Techni are proactive in this area having a consistent focus on production friendliness and optimizing every phase if the development process. Techni have produced products to be used in some of the world’s most demanding environments. With experience from advanced sub sea systems, defense and medical technology Techni is able to take on almost any type of industrialization project.


Process and system design: optimizing the development process and products

Kværner Eureka

Techni played an important part of Kvaerners re-design of their well-reputed turret with mobile and de-mountable missile launcher system (TOW). When Kværner developed their new generation of missile launcher turrets Techni was engaged to do design and prototyping. Given the rough demands for such a precise unit, the product needed thorough care on everything ranging from thermal/vibrational stress on electronic components to shock resistance on castings from internal/external explosions.


When the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment (FFI) wanted to investigate and test a complete equipment modernization system for the artic ground soldier, Techni received a development contract with Thales.

Cooperating with Norkrets, NFM Caseb and several subcontractors, Techni developed and produced working prototypes for extensive field testing under severe conditions.


The Vinghøg Vingsight is the ultimate cybernetic system with a sophisticated solution utilizing super elevation allowing direct view with automatic ballistic compensation. Vinghøg is based in Tønsberg, Norway and in this project Techni provided Industrial Design support.

Siemens Defence MFT

The Multi Functional Terminal was developed in 2004 to match the changing needs of the ground soldier in battle. It holds digital maps, GPS-module and a communication interface between soldier and commander. All hardware and parts of the software was designed and processed in a stunning 3 months. Several of the founders of Techni are behind this demonstrator unit which was back then a revolutionizing product.

Techni A.S.

  • Ynglingeveien 42A, NO 3184, Borre, Norway
  • + 47 47 200 400
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