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  • Aircraft, Helicopter, UAV, Spacecraft & related equipment
  • C4I, Communication Systems
  • Electrical, Electronics & Electro-optics
  • Metal Processing, Parts & Components
  • Military, Tactical, Logistic Support Vehicles & related equipment
  • Radar, Sonar, Navigation, Targeting, Surveillance
  • Services (R&D, training, engineering, consultancy, …)
  • Ships, Vessels, Submarines & related equipment

Kitron is an Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) company with operations in Norway, Sweden, Lithuania, Germany, China and USA.

With about 1350 highly skilled employees, Kitron manufactures and delivers anything from fully assembled electronic circuit boards to complete end products for customers globally.

Related technical services like prototyping, industrialisation, material analysing and test development are also key competencies offered by Kitron. Outsourcing to Kitron, means greater flexibility, cost efficiency, accuracy and innovation power along the entire value chain.


Contact info #1

Stein-Roger Fiskum
+47 3 707 1526
Business Development Manager
+47 6 710 6461
Olav Brunborgs vei 4 Billingstad, Norway


  • Product Development -  Kitron has the expertise to take care of every step in the development process, from early concept design to volume manufacturing.
  • Product Management -  Kitron performs complete Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) for customers and for its own set of proprietary platforms.
  • Re-engineering -  The close integration of Kitron’s development and manufacturing divisions means they are well placed to perform successful product re-designs.


  • Protype manufacturing - The company can offer its customers the best possible service, it has dedicated staff and a dedicated manufacturing line for the production of prototypes.
  • Evaluation of new products - The company's experts are available to prepare product reviews. These reviews are based on standards, best practice and national/international requirements.
  • Component engineering - To make a good decision the right information is needed. This is why the company has developed its component information system (CIS).
  • Environmental Durability Testing - The market’s expectations regarding the quality of all products are constantly increasing.
  • Design and build of High Level Assembly lines - Efficient manufacfuring lines are the key to success. The company's trained staff design, build and optimize manufacturing lines for most products.
  • Test development - Kitron develops state-of-the art test systems for automated testing in production.


Kitron’s sourcing experts are located in Norway, Sweden, Lithuania and China, enabling the company to manage its global network of suppliers and ensure an optimal flow of components and materials to its manufacturing centres.


  • Core areas of expertise - Electronics, microelectronics, testing, assembly and system testing, RF, system integration, thick film, hybrids and substrates, repairs and upgrades.
  • Core technologies - Surface-mounted technologies (SMT), through-hole assembly, automated optical inspection (AOI), 3DX-ray, clean rooms, wave and selective soldering, cleaning and coating process for PCBs, together with vibration and environmental testing. Dedicated laboratory for analysis and testing.
  • Improvement methods - To ensure repeatability the company follows U.S. FDA 21 CFR, §820 Quality System Regulation, Guidelines on General Principles of Process Validation. Kitron also complies with: 5S, Lean, Six Sigma, PFMEA and Kaizen.

Maintenance & Repairs

Kitron offers maintenance, repair and refurbishment programs. All such programs involve the establishment of customer-specific teams, drawn from its purchasing, technical and production departments.

The team will work with the client and its product. The team members will get to know the product very well – enabling them to help make this product even better. Repair programs can include the compilation of fault statistics, leading to recommendations for design changes. Kitron is commited and has the expertise to make the product even more successful. If a fault needs technical investigation, it has a well equipped technical laboratory specializing in fault analysis. Its technical engineers are able to supply a fault analysis report.

When a product starts to show its age, a refurbishment program may extend the product’s lifecycle. Such a program might include both SW and HW upgrades. The company has in-house SW and HW design expertise if a re-design is required. Kitron’s Component Information System (CIS) will assist the client in identifying replacements for obsolete components.


Kitron’s defence sector consists of three main product divisions:

  • military avionics
  • military communications
  • weapon control systems

Kitron has been involved with defence electronics since 1976. Dedicated to its customers' needs, they have specialized in complex military projects. Offset programs with both US and European companies have made Kitron an experienced partner in co-production, where its areas of special expertise include cutting-edge technology transfer and adaptation of new production methods.


Kitron’s industry sector operates and delivers a complete range of services within industrial applications such as automation, environmental, material warehousing and security. Its industry sector consists of three main product divisions:

  • control systems
  • electronic control units (ECU)
  • automated systems

They focus on their customer’s needs and products. They deliver a complete range of services throughout the value chain from development, industrialization, sourcing, logistics, manufacturing, maintenance and repair and redesign. Their comprehensive and high-level expertise ensures optimal processes and results throughout our operations.


Kitron’s offshore sector comprises three main areas:

•    subsea production systems
•    oil and gas exploration equipment
•    navigation, positioning, automation and control systems for the offshore sector

Quality requirements are extremely high for electronic assemblies in this segment and special coating processes and traceability are often required. Manufacturing series  and quantities are often small and complex, but Kitron has the organization, flexibility and technical expertise to manage such projects through all phases of the value chain. Projects in this sector often need particular support in the development and industrialization phases, leading Kitron to focus especially on these areas.



Electronics is an important enabler for achieving the potential that exists in this field. The high quality and wide range of Kitron's expertise and services, as well as its local and regional presence, make it a well qualified partner to help you succeed in the development and diffusion of new technology.

Kitron has been working with energy-related businesses for many decades. Currently they are stepping up their activities in this field, which is experiencing significant growth.

Kitron’s telecoms sector offers decades of experience in the development and realization of products such as:

•    transmission systems
•    high frequency (HF) microwave modules
•    radio frequency (RF) systems
•    equipment for data/video projection and storage

Its Telecoms task force will always do everything it takes to bring about new success stories.

Medical Devices

Kitron’s medical devices sector consists of three main product groups:

•    ultrasound and cardiology systems
•    respiratory/medical devices
•    lab/in-vitro diagnostics (IVD)

Their innovative and quality-assured processes combine their technology and know-how with their customers' knowledge of the particular application and market demands.

Kitron ASA

  • Olav Brunborgs vei 4, NO 1375, Billingstad, Norway
  • +47 6 610 00 00
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