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  • Radar, Sonar, Navigation, Targeting, Surveillance

Astronautics C.A. Ltd. Israel, established in 1971, is a Hi-Tech defense systems supplier, with an impressive record of innovative, high quality and battlefield proven products. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Astronautics Corporation of America.

The Company's major business are in the area of Airborne, Naval and Land defense systems and solutions.
The Company expertise, highly skilled manpower and the state-of-the-art technological infrastructure have placed the Company in a position to meet the complex demands of its customers, both in Israel and worldwide.

As a Multi-Disciplinary Hi-Tech company, Astronautics C.A. Ltd. has acquired unique expertise in a broad range of military technologies, such as: Navigation, Air Data sensors & processing, Advanced displays, military computers and more.
The Company is closely interacting with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and other Defense organizations worldwide.

Among Astronautics C.A. Ltd.'s customers are some of the world leading Defense contractors and organizations, such as:

• Boeing
• Lockheed Martin
• Airbus Military
• Nexter
• Rafael
• IAI - Israel Aerospace Industries
• Elisra
• Israel Ministry Of Defense
• HAL - India
• NAL - India


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Airborne Systems

Astronautics C.A. Ltd. (Israel) supplies state-of-the-art airborne computers & displays, mission systems and modern IT solutions specially tailored to operate in military/civil airborne environment. Astronautics' main product lines include Tactical Mission Systems, Airborne Computers, Video/Data Multiplexers, Airborne Displays, Air Data Computers & Engine Data Concentrators.

Astronautics' products are in operational use onboard fixed and rotary wing platforms - tactical aircraft, fighters, transporters, trainers and helicopters. Astronautics' is offering modern avionics solutions, as well as information, video and paperless cockpit applications.

Airborne product lines:

  • Glass cockpit based avionics solutions
  • Tactical mission systems
  • Avionics Computers
  • Avionics Display Solutions
  • Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)
  • Digital Map
  • Air Data Computer
  • EICAS (Engine Instrument & Crew Alert System)
  • Cockpit Instruments
  • Airborne Mission Console

Land Systems

Based on years of accumulated experience in the design and supply of battlefield proven military applications, the Company presents high quality and cost effective solutions for land forces.

  • State of the art Navigation and Pointing Systems (NAPOS) for Mortars, Multi Launch Rocket System (MLRS), Self-Propelled guns and Towed guns.
  • Modern Digital Fire Control Systems for Artillery.
  • Accurate Navigation Systems for all kinds of Transport and Armored vehicles.
  • Navigation and Target Acquisition Systems for Artillery observation crews.
  • Cost-effective Fire Control System upgrade solutions for a large variety of Battle Tanks.

Naval Systems

Astronautics is an established defense equipment developer and manufacturer, with over 40 years of proven experience. It manufactures a wide variety of military systems provided to, and field proven by the Israeli Armed Forces, as well as many other customers throughout the globe.

Astronautics masters the knowledge and know-how of designing, manufacturing and support of advanced naval products. Our expertise in the field of Naval Navigation, and Naval Computers/Displays, is field proven by various systems supplied to the Israeli Navy, which are in operational use - to the total satisfaction of the Israeli Navy.

Experience in development and integration of Naval Navigation Systems and standard Control & Command Consoles, makes Astronautics an ideal major partner for the development of maritime applications.

Military & Aviation Electronics

The methodology and the practices of designing and implementing electronic hardware and software embedded-solutions that meets military EMI/RFI conditions, severe environmental conditions (altitude, vibration, shock, temperature etc.) and real-time operation. Designing military electronics also includes configuration control, engineering changes monitoring and obsolescence handling to assure the long-term support required for such products.

Airborne Computers

Computers and processor for avionics applications. This includes real-time processing, handling of multiple processors in a single unit, driving of multiple displays, overlaying video/graphics, driving stroke signals etc.).

Military & Aviation Displays

Displays that operate in military and aviation environment, with special emphasis on meeting high-brightness levels for full sun-light operation and very low brightness level for night operation, including Night Vision Goggles (NVG) support. Astronautics' display technology meets the requirements of high performance over an extreme range of operating environments. The technology includes optical enhancement filter, protective glass lamination, design & implementation of LED backlight (both edge and rear lighting) and meeting demanding optical requirements of luminance, reflectance etc. Astronautics is holding a patent (United States Patent 20070171623) that allows combining day/night/NVG backlighting mechanism in a single layer, further improving efficiency & reliability of the display, without any degradation in the optical characteristics of the display.

Video & Graphics

Video and graphics manipulation is a corner stone of military computers and military displays - both product lines of Astronautics. Video processing includes video digitizing, converting various formats of analog & digital video (RGB, S-VIDEO, PAL, NTSC, DVI, LVDS etc.), generation of real time graphics (motion, anti-aliasing, rotation, rendering) and overlaying graphics over video in real-time.

Air Data Technology

Astronautics specializes in Air-Data transducers handling and processing as building blocks for various Air-Data solutions. Astronautics' Air-Data Computers implement a high-accuracy transducers measurement and long term stability. Factory calibration of the transducers meets the highest accuracy requirements, while maintaining this accuracy over time, without the need to re-calibrate. Astronautics is also specializing in pressure transducers digitizing and real-time processing of raw pressure data, generating physical values, such as mach, air-speed, barometric altitude etc. In addition to that, Astronautics has the capability of tailoring Air Data suctions to various airborne platforms, adjusting the required parameters to a specific platform.

Digital Moving Map Technology

Astronautics' Moving Map Technology is based on a real-time 2D/3D map engine, running 2D maps & 3D maps with map overlays in a high update rate, to fully meet demanding military aircraft maneuvering performance. The 3D map generates a 3D perspective view of the terrain, based on satellite photos or aerial photography (Orthophoto) that is "bent" in accordance with the terrain elevation information. Both terrain elevation database and the images are stored in a map database. The map engine technology allows combining different resolution images, "patched" in a database in accordance with geographic positioning. Same area may incorporate more than one resolution data image. The proprietary map database compresses the map data in a format that optimizes between size and performance, assuring no degradation in real-time map performance.

Civil Aviation Certification

Astronautics specializes in developing and certifying aviation products to the demanding requirements of the civil aviation authorities. Astronautics is experienced in development of products according to DO-187B standard for software and DO-254 standard for hardware, as well as managing and performing FAA/EASA certification, including obtaining TSO (Technical Standard Order) & STC (Supplemental Tests Certificate) certificates.

Navigation Systems

Based on Kearfott Guidance & Navigation (part of Astronautics Corp.) INS/GPS sensor, Astronautics is providing complete navigation solutions for Naval and Artillery systems. Naval Navigation systems provide a highly accurate navigation data computation, based on INS/GPS sensor, with the vessel's EM log velocity input to update the Kalman filters and allow maintaining inertial navigation accuracy over long period of time, even without GPS reception (especially required in submarine applications). In addition to that, the Naval Navigation systems incorporate advanced real-time data distribution solutions, with prediction algorithms that further improve the overall system accuracy. In Artillery - Astronautics' system integrates the INS/GPS as an accurate sensor for fire control ballistics computations.

Astronautics C.A. Ltd.

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