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GUMARNY ZUBRI Inc., is an important supplier of rubber mixtures and rubber products for the car industry, as well as the engineering, consumer and building industries. Apart from this the company manufactures goods for military purposes.

Gumarny Zubri Inc. uses its own research facilities, development of rubber compounds, laboratories, testing, design of tools and jigs.

The Company has processing facilities available for the formulation of rubber compounds, state-of-the-art rubber injection moulding machines and thermoplastic elastomer injection moulding machines, as well as traditional hydraulic presses and equipment for the extrusion of sections and hoses.

Gumarny Zubri Inc. efforts are focused on the following sectors:

  • Automotive industry
  • Machinery
  • Electrical and power sector
  • Agricultural machine manufacturers
  • Construction industry
  • White goods manufacturers
  • Consumer goods retail companies
  • Protective equipment manufacturers and retail companies

The company's independence when launching new products is made possible by activities of the departments involved in technical preparatory work for manufacture, i.e. development of new compounds, product process documentation, design of compression moulds and extrusion nozzles.


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Contact info #1

Jana Havranova
+420 571 662 463
Sales & Marketing Head - NBC
+420 571 662 299
Hamerska 9, 756 54 Zubri, Czech Republic


Gumárny Zubří Inc. is an established manufacturer of rubber floor mats. The company's wide product range includes floor mats for passenger and utility cars for the Czech as well as European market.

The product range includes:

  • Special rubber floor mats
  • Universal rubber floor mats
  • Splash guards
  • Elbow rests

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Gumárny Zubří Inc. supplies its own products, particularly window and gate sealing strips, elastic elements (rail underlays) and products made to customers' specifications.

The product range includes:

  • Rubber products manufactured by injection moulding, classical moulding and extrusion
  • Plastic and TPE products manufactured by injection moulding
  • Products made of combined materials – rubber/plastics, rubber/metal, plastics/metal


Gumárny Zubří Inc. is engaged in the development, manufacture and marketing of protective full-face masks for military as well as civil uses. In addition, the Company's products range includes OPCH-05 special ventilation chemical insulating suit, developed to meet the needs of the chemical troops of the Czech Army.

Our product range includes:

  • Military protective masks model OM-90
  • Civilian protective masks model CM-6
  • Protective filters
  • Bags
  • Police intervention helmets
  • Plastic bottles
  • Single-use protective suit model JP-90

Military protective masks model OM-90

OM-90 protective mask is a military protective mask. The mask perfectly protects the face, eyes and breathing airways from toxic substances, radioactivity and chemical and biological warfare agents used in the form of gases, airborne particulates or vapours.

The OM-90 protective mask with a suitable protective filter is designed to produce minimal resistance to breathing and, at the same time, provide the user with a high degree of protection. It is very well compatible with weapon systems while maintaining high observational capabilities.

Civilian protective masks model CM-6

The CM-6 protective mask is a new type of full-face mask. The CM-6 mask fully complies with the requirements of EN 136, Class 3. Combined with a suitable filter or breathing apparatus, the mask provides protection of the face, eyes and respiratory organs against toxic gases, vapours and airborne particulate matter, harmful biological substances, radioactive dust, etc. The mask is intended for use in the industry in general and in the chemical and nuclear sectors in particular, in agriculture and in mining, and for use by civil defence units, fire brigades and police squads.

The CM-6 mask will perform reliably within the temperature region of -30 ˚C to +70 ˚C. The facepiece is made of chemically resistant and well tolerated BIIR-based rubber. The large-area panoramatic eyepiece, made of polycarbonate, provides perfect undistorted orientation in the field during normal activities.

Protective filters

The filters are designed to trap harmful substances from the air passing through them. They can be used as components of breathing systems in environments containing a minimum of 17 vol.% oxygen. The filter classification system and parameters are as laid down by EN 141, 143.

The filters are attached to full face masks through standardized threaded connections. A filter against gases or against particulate matter must be chosen in dependence on the particular situation; combined filters are also available.

JP-90 single-use protective suit

The JP-90 single-use hood protects the user's body surface and outfit from coarse dispersed aerosols and droplets of chemical and biological warfare agents and other toxic substances and radioactive dust.

The JP-90 hood is intended for the user's necessary protection during the time required to leave the contaminated area following attack with weapons of mass destruction. The suit is completed with simple gloves and shoe covers with reinforced soles.

OPCH-05 special protective clothing system
Special ventilation insulating chemical protective clothing 

The OPCH-05 ventilation chemical insulating suit was developed in cooperation with the companies ECOPROTECT, s.r.o. and MALINA SAFETY, s.r.o. based on requirements of the Czech Army to replace the existing OPCH-90. The suit is designed for use in conjunction with a mask (OM-90).

OPCH-05 is a special protective device of the insulating type intended for multiple use serving to provide skin protection from toxic liquids or vapours, biological warfare agents and radioactive dust.

In conjunction with special filters, a self-contained breathing apparatus or an external air source, the OPCH-05 can also be used during industrial accidents involving release of toxic substances.

The outfit consists of 2 main parts, viz. the clothing and a filtering-venting unit. The OPCH-05 can also be used without the filtering-venting unit (unventilation variant).

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Gumárny Zubří Inc. has been developing and manufacturing rubber compounds for its own uses and for sale since 1935, when the company was founded.

Rubber compounds from Gumárny Zubří Inc. exhibit standard properties, quality and constant conformity.

The rubber compounds are based on the following rubber types:
EPM/EPDM   (ethylene-propylene rubber)
SBR   (butadiene-styrene rubber)
CR   (chloroprene rubber)
VMQ   (silicone rubber)
IR   (poly-isoprene rubber)
NR   (natural rubber)
NBR   (nitrile-butadiene rubber)
BR   (butadiene rubber)
IIR   (butyl rubber)
BIIR   (bromobutyl rubber)


Military protective masks

  • Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic. Apart from military training, the masks were used by chemical troops during their missions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Kuwait
  • Ministry of Defence of Latvia
  • Ministry of Defence of Libya
  • Ministry of Defence of Saudi Arabia


Civilian protective masks

  • Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic – fire brigades, police
  • Parliament of the Czech Republic
  • Ministry of the Interior of Argentina
  • Ministry of Defence of Brazil
  • Ministry of the Interior of Estonia
  • Ministry of the Interior of Georgia
  • Ministry of Defence of Chile
  • Ministry of the Interior of Indonesia
  • Ministry of the Interior of Lebanon
  • Ministry of the Interior of Latvia
  • Ministry of the Interior of Portugal
  • Ministry of the Interior of Saudi Arabia
  • Industrial companies in Kuwait, Romania, Slovakia



  • Škoda- Auto
  • VW
  • Seat
  • Audi
  • BMW
  • TPCA
  • Opel
  • Bentley
  • Saab
  • AEG
  • Czech Army

Gumarny Zubri JSC

  • Hamerska 9, 756 54, Zubri, Czechia
  • +420 571 662 212
  • +420 571 662 299
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