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Vimac Consultancy was founded in 1985 to assist foreign aerospace and defense industries with their marketing and sales activities in The Netherlands and in some North-West European countries. The company's services cover the whole spectrum of selling to government agencies and major aerospace companies and/or OEM-defense contractors in the area.

Vimac promotes its clients' interests at the technical/acquisition level as well as towards the decision making groups in top-government and armed forces positions, industry boards and towards policy groups in the political arena.

Assistance is rendered in the set-up of new companies, joint-venture agreements, set-up of production facilities, offset/industrial benefit, etc., when market circumstances so require. The relation with clients is mostly as representatives/agents, sometimes as consultants for specific tasks.


Vimac Consultancy B.V.

  • , Hague, The Netherlands
  • +31 703 458 200
  • +31 703 658 738
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