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Mifram Ltd. develops, plans and constructs a wide range of defensive products, anti-terror protection, threat protection, fortifications, natural disasters and project management solutions. Mifram’s products combine protective, mechanical and civil engineering with an emphasis placed on portability, modularity and simple erection and operation. Mifram specializes in smart designs, adapted to the client’s needs, field and local conditions, unique demands and requirements and cost effective construction that allows for minimum maintenance costs.

Mifram is a metalwork and civil engineering company that is registered as an unlimited contractor in the “Contractors Registry” in addition to other engineering classifications. The company is registered as an unlimited supplier and contractor with the Israeli Ministry of Defense and all government  bodies (Approved Contractor), the United States Army, Air Force and Navy, the Marines, the United Nations and many others.

Security Division
Mifram’s Security Division is a leading developer and provider of physical defense systems.  The vast majority of the division’s products are original products, designed and manufactured by Mifram using unique technologies adapted to the client’s specific needs and expected threats. (Mifram’s products are patent protected).

The company’s products provide unique solutions that meet all required threat assessments (light weapons, steep trajectory weapons – including protection from direct and near hits and blast, shrapnel etc. – and, if necessary, Atomic, Biological and Chemical threats).
Mifram provides protection solutions for a wide range of military and police forces and “first response units” as well as civilian bodies, international integrators, and law enforcement agencies and critical infrastructures

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Vehicle/Crowd Barriers

One of the key challenges faced by security forces around the world is a crowd control crowded events. Success means routing the audience to places where it is easier to control.

Mifram company has developed unique crowd barriers which are based on the principle of exploitation of the masses to increase the blocking capability. Barrier consists of two identical pieces to make it easy heo assembling, placing and operation.

Product Features
Quick assembly
: The mobile vehicle barriers consists of elements which are light to carry. Any adult can assemble this physical mobile vehicle barriers in minutes without using assembly tools, to create a block against immediate threats of ramming vehicles in unknown locations.

High impact: The mobile vehicle barriers special and unique design has high impact capabilities that transfer the vehicle's horizontal momentum vertically to the extent of fully stopping the vehicle within a relatively short range.

Flexible length: Independent separate units of the mobile vehicle barriers can be composed into any length desired, blocking any size of vehicle route.

Wheel protection: The unique process (patented) of momentum transfer is efficient for vehicles regardless of their wheel protection. This allows efficient mobile vehicle barriers solution even against protected vehicles.

Easy storage: Foldable units that can be easily stored, saving space and enabling easy access for future use.

Low maintenance costs: Once folded and stored, no special maintenance is required for the mobile vehicle barriers allowing an economic long-term solution.

Features: Ability to bring a light standard vehicle at a medium speed to a complete stop with minimal penetration. The Mobile Vehicle Barriers can be compactly packed and transported by any private vehicle, station wagon, small pick-up truck or jeep. All parts are identical and can be renewed, added or switched between several locations. Basic yellow color that can be altered according to client's requested. The Mobile Vehicle Barriers can be upgraded to reduce vehicle penetration distance by acquiring ground anchors for the units using pyrotechnics, cable or any other physical anchoring.

Technical specifications: Dimensions (single unit) - length - 100 cm (40), width - 8 cm (3), height - 70 cm (27). Weight (single unit) - 20Kg (44lb). Provides a solution against farm tractors due to the geometric locking mechanism. Safety lighting and signs. Assembly/disassembly instructions manual.

Add-ons: Anchoring devices. Specially suited carry-on bags.

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Ballistic/Fire Protection

Assassination of a senior personality or shot at a crowd is a scenario which is a challenge to security forces around the world.

To deal effectively with these threats the company has developed various products that provide ballistic protection for various fire threats.

Protection against fire has become very complex in recent years due to weapons development.

The ballistics protection produced by the company is characterized by a high level of protection, mobility and capacity building is very simple and modular.

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Guard/Observation Towers

Long border protection is a significant challenge to countries and organizations that control over large areas.

Despite the significant technological advances in recent years there is still a need for physical placement of guard and observation towers along the area that has to be protected.

The company manufactures and supplies a very wide range of bulletproof guard and observation towers that are customised according to clients' needs. In the last few years the company has sold hundreds of guard towers to security forces in various countries of the world.

The towers are manufactured according to high standards to provide maximum protection.

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Rapid Fortification

Security agencies all over the world are dealing with a very large range of threats. The company has developed a product that allows rapid fortification for various uses.

The product allows the fortification in various places such as combat zones as well as in public buildings, schools and so on.

The product consists of simple parts thet can be assembled and disassembled easily. Components can change the level of protection depending on the threat level without exerting much effort. The ability to quickly fortify allows flexibility in operating forces.

Simplicity in packaging enables the possibility of flying and parachuting the product into enemy territory to allow fast and efficient fortification.

Special Projects

Dry Storage
Various agencies around the world are required to operate and maintain equipment which may be used during an emergency. This requires special storage conditions. The company specializes in building facilities that allow to maintain the equipment in a state of readiness for immediate action by keeping in constant climate of dry storage. The method is suitable for military and civilian uses.

Check Post
In the recent years, the threat of suicide bombers has become a reality in various places around the world. To deal with this threat the company has developed a unique facility that allows people checking in complete separation between the examiner and examinee. The facility operates a number of zones to successfully pass a number of incidents of suicide bombers exploding inside. In all cases no one was hurt except the terrorist. The system is portable and can be run anywhere with relative ease. Check Post is a product that saved lives in the past and will do so in the future.

Decompression Chamber
The company has developed a chamber that fits under pressure protection system on passenger planes and cargo planes. Using this chamber customers can check the cargo inserted in the hold and simulate high-altitude flight conditions. This facility will neutralize bombs that operate on the principle of operating conditions Brumtriim of high-altitude flight.

Modular Fencing System
Fencing and quick and efficient isolation of large areas is a major challenge facing the world's security forces. In order to meet these needs Mifram introduced its modular fencing system, which enables a small number of people to block and isolate large areas.
The system is easily moved from place to place and can be easily deployed and folded by two people.

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Portable Shelters

In recent years it has significantly increased the threat of missiles and rockets hitting population centers. To deal with this threat the company has developed mobile shelters based on steel.

Armored wagons are actually designed as centers of control that allow decision makers to act effectively and quiet from a protected area.

The main advantage of armored wagons and mobile shelters is their versatility. They can be used as offices or emergency control centers that can be easily moved from one place to another.

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Building Protection

Hardly a day goes by when there isn't some mention in the media about another rocket or mortar attack on Israel from Gaza or Lebanon. This is Israel's reality, and one the country has known since 1949.

Over this time, Israel has developed some of the most advanced and effective building fortification technologies to protect its infrastructure and citizens. Technologies which are used for buildings under construction and existing buildings and technologies which can be implemented to retrofit an ordinary room into a rocket and light weapons safe haven.

Mifram Security has been, for over 50 years, in the forefront of developing, producing and installing the most advanced and effective and cost effective (even before cost became such an important factor) building fortification systems in the world. Systems such as the Indoor Modular Protection System (IMPS), the Building Protection Coat System (BPC), Sky Guard, modular rapid fortification systems (Beaver), portable steel and concrete shelters, specialized structures (portable and permanent) and solutions to meet the specific needs dictated by terrain, architecture and the clients requirements.

Mifram Security has built a huge knowledge, expertise and experience in this field. The company's engineers, designers and highly skilled employees are constantly being faced with new challenges which require new, innovative solutions to rapidly developing situations and new threats. These are challenges which the company has been successfully taking on for over 50 years!

The same solutions that save lives and protect property in Israel, can also be used abroad to protect vital governmental buildings, infrastructures, hospitals, schools, public buildings and private homes and apartments. Mifram's experience has shown that properly built and installed building fortification can, and does, save lives! Mifram solutions allow operation to continue to function, provide business continuity and protect vital manpower and assets in uncertain situations.

Indoor Modular Protection System (IMPS)

This unique system, developed at Mifram, allows an ordinary room to be strengthened and fortified so that it provides a safe refuge in the event of rocket attack or light weapons fire. The IMPS is a modular & upgradable system that can be installed in any room of any structure. Special, blast proof, steel panels that can withstand the impact of a 120 mm mortar or up to 120 Katyusha rocket, are installed inside the space and attached to support columns erected at the load bearing corners of the room. Once installed, the panels form a single, unbroken surface which provides protection to the room's occupants.
IMPS systems have been installed in Israel's major banks, government offices across the country, classrooms, private homes and commercial buildings.

Building Protection Coat System (BPC)

Similar to the IMPS, the patented BPC provides external protection to an existing structure. These structures are custom built to the specific dimension of the building and potential threats. The BPC system is designed for buildings which require protection of the entire structure and can withstand a direct hit from light missiles and rockets (Quassam II, Katyusha 122mm, 120mm mortars) and direct small arms hits. BPC systems have been installed on the Israeli Parliament building (Knesset), goverment offices and companies, branches and offices of Israel's major banks, PepsiCo, Strauss and Nestle factories in Sderot, Amdocs Israel, homes schools, malls, and other public building across Israel.

Sky Guard

This innovative system provides protection from high trajectory weapons and can be used to provide external protection for wooden, metal structures, outdoor storage facilities, gas and oil tanks, and even tents. Sky Guard provides a cost effective, modular & upgradable, portable and easily erected protection system that is widely used across Israel and has been adopted by the United States Army. Similar to IMPS and BPC systems, the erection of a Sky Guard system allows regular use of the building to continue so that continuity is maintained and related costs reduced to a minimum.

Modular Rapid Fortification Systems (Beaver and Beaver 2)

Strictly speaking, the "BEAVER" isn't a building fortification system but rather a mobile, modular system that can be erected to provide rapid fortifications for specific locations, force size and potential threat management. Having said that, because of its flexibility and ease of erection, the "BEAVER" system can be used in a variety of situations and installed in any size or configuration needed; even indoors to provide security personnel and building occupants with protection from attack and incursion. BEAVER systems can also be "piggybacked, one behind the other to provide multi-layered protection.

The system is designed to allow fast, simple erection by unskilled people without the use of specialized tools and equipment. The original BEAVER system uses nuts and bolts to hold the various sections together whilst the BEAVER 2 system uses a system of pins, specially designed by Mifram's engineers, to securely hold the segments together. When not needed, the units can be dismantled and stored for future use with "BEAVER" units being used as the crate. Both BEAVER systems have been extensively tested in the field by the IDF and BEAVER 2 has also been placed on the approved purchasing list by the IDF and Ministry of Defense.

Portable Steel And Concrete Shelters

Security forces around the world today face a new reality with threats no longer confined to direct military confrontation, but also rapidly developing terror threats that target urban populations, using a wide range of sophisticated techniques and weaponry. For organizations dealing with Homeland Security, the challenges are immense and the need to find simple, easily deployable and yet effective protection solutions for rapidly developing situations at changing locations is growing day by day. Based on over 50 years of experience, Mifram produces mobile steel and concrete shelters that can be used to provide protection for civilians and security forces in many different environments.

Mifram's solutions are easily transported and placed on the affected area, providing immediate protection even from biological and chemical weapon threats! Mifram can provide readymade and custom built structures of almost any size and finish. Mifram shelters have been deployed across Israel and fill the need for immediate protection when and where it's needed the most!

Specialized Structures and Solutions

Mifram also provides unique solutions specially designed and constructed to address specific problems and situations faced by the client. These solutions utilize Mifram's advanced technologies and immense skill and knowledge, to provide building fortification systems that meet the exact needs and requirements of each client.

Mifram Ltd.

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