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SME Ordnance (SMEO), a member of NADI Group of Companies, formerly known as Syarikat Malaysia Explosive Sdn Bhd. (MALEX), was first established in 1969 as a manufacturer of small calibre ammunition for its national defense needs.

With its fervent commitment towards maintaining standards of the highest quality, coupled with its positive track record and enhanced technical skills garnered over its more than 30 years of experience, SMEO has today become a leading home grown manufacturer of defense related products for the Malaysian and global defense industry.

SMEO's production scope now includes the manufacturing of a broad range of small and large calibre ammunition products, pyrotechnics, wood and lead based accessories and products as well as providing selected specialized services such as refurbishment of old ammunition.

As testament to its reputation as a reliable and quality driven defense manufacturer, SMEO was awarded several internationally recognised accolades including the preferred supplier of the guns and ammunition business of Royal Ordnance by British Aerospace (United Kingdom). SMEO was also awarded the MS ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Systems Requirements by SIRIM.

Member of:

  • Malaysian Plastics Manufacturers Association
  • Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers

The full product list includes:

Pyrotechnic & Grenades                     

  • Grenade Hand Col. Smoke1V
  • Grenade Hand Col. Smoke 1V(Blue)
  • Grenade Hand Col. Smoke 1V(Yellow)
  • Grenade Hand Col. Smoke 1V (White)
  • Grenade Hand Col. Smoke 1V (Green)
  • Mini Flares (set of six)
  • Wire Tripflares
  • Day&Night SignalDistress
  • Flare Ground IndicatingYellow
  • Aviation Smoke Generator
  • "Signal Cartridge1""/26.5mm"
  • "Signal Cartridge 11/2mm""/28mm"
  • Cart C.S Anti Riot 38mm
  • Grenade Hand C.S Anti Riot
  • Grenade Hand HighExplosives
  • Detonating Cord
  • Electric Detonator
  • Non Electric Detonator
  • Safety Fuze' (per meter)
  • Handflare Red Para
  • Thunderflash

 Large Calibre Ammunition

  • Scare Charge Demolition TNT 1lb
  • Scare Charge Demolition 10lbs
  • Charge Demolition 25 lbs
  • Rounds 40mm L70 HEI-T
  • Rounds 40mm L70 TP-T
  • Rounds 57mm L70 TP
  • Rounds 76mm L62 TP-T
  • Mortar Bomb 60mm MAPAM
  • Mortar Bomb 81mm HE (7 lb)
  • Rounds 84mm HEAT
  • Rounds 90mm HE-T
  • Rounds 90mm HESH-T
  • Rounds 90mm HESH-T
  • Rounds 90mm HEAT-TP-T
  • Rounds 105mm HE MI PH(Fuzed)
  • Rounds 105mm HE MI PH(Plugged))
  • Cartridge 105mm Blank
  • Rounds 155mm HE M107
  • Cast Booster 250g TK 1
  • Cast Booster 500g TK 2

Small Arm Ammunition

  • 5.56mm Ball M193(Loose/Link)
  • 5.56mm Tracer M196
  • 5.56mm Ball M855/SS109
  • 5.56mm Blanks (Long Nose)
  • 5.56mm Blanks M200
  • 7.62mm Ball
  • 7.62mm Link Belt (4B1T)
  • 9mm Ball (Luger/Parabellum)
  • .38 Special (Lead RoundNose)
  • 12 Gauge Shotgun Cartridge
  • Rimba (32g)
  • Rimba Field Load (30g)
  • Arena 7.5&9 (24g)
  • Rimba BB (34g)
  • Mega 1 Buck (34g)
  • Mega OOB (34g)
  • Mega High Velocity OOB (34g)
  • Brenneke Slug (36g)
  • Pemburu (36g)

Medium Calibre Ammunition

  • 12.7mm APHIC/IT
  • 20mm HEI-T
  • 25mm TP-T
  • 25mm MPT-SD
  • 25mm APFSDS-T
  • 30mm ADEN TP
  • 30MM MP
  • 35mm TP-T
  • 35mm HEI-T

SME Ordnance Sdn. Bhd. (SMEO)

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