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Imagem, is a company that understands the role of geographic variables in the management of your business. For this we support the analysts and decision-makers of your organization through complete technology and geospatial information solutions. The largest geographic data infrastructure in Latin America, the major brands in geo-technology, and twenty years market experience, are the pillars that differentiate Imagem and guarantee a view of the area of your business, integrated with the corporate management system of your organization.
We are present in all of Brazil to help our clients to maximize their business operations by guaranteeing the organized movement of information for everyday decision-making, the key to successful organizations.



Imagem Solucoes de Inteligencia Geografica (Intelligent Geographic Solutions) - Pictures

Contact info #1

Marcos Kazmierczak
+55 12 3946 8973
Marketing Leader
+55 12 3946 8945
R. Itororo, 555 - Vila Bandeirantes, Sao Jose dos Campos - SP, Cep: 12.216-440, Brazil

Contact info #2

Carlos Martins
+55 12 3946 8933
Defence Marketing Manager
+55 12 3946 8945
R. Itororo, 555 - Vila Bandeirantes, Sao Jose dos Campos - SP, Cep: 12.216-440, Brazil

Contact info #3

Erico Pagotto
+55 12 3946 8940
Commercial Leader
+55 12 3946 8945
R. Itororo, 555 - Vila Bandeirantes, Sao Jose dos Campos - SP, Cep: 12.216-440, Brazil


IMAGE, which specializes in Geographic Intelligence Solutions integrated business processes of enterprises of Energy, Sanitation, Gas, Mining & O&G, provides complete geographic intelligence to optimize the process of management and operation of these organizations.


In day-to-day operations, business leaders in the Brazilian market support their strategic planning and operations with Imagem's services and products:

  • Geo-technology market leader
  • Territory maps in multiple scales and themes
  •  High resolution satellite images
  •  Complete support for solutions

Our technological products are based on the best market practices and allow the construction of scalable systems, from the department level to the corporate-wide. Some of the benefits that our clients highlight in Imagem’s corporate technology are:

  • Integration with multiple platforms
  • Open developing environment
  • Large code portability
  • Architecture in systematic layers that is mobile and Internet compatible
  • Ease of customization to meet the needs of business processes
  • Spatial information and mapping services through the Intranet/Internet
  • Support for all the SGBDs enterprises

Our certified development and business analysis teams assure a detailed understanding of your needs and customized solutions with the highest quality of engineering software, based on CMMi and ISO standards.

Technology, Geospatial Information and Understanding that increase the competitiveness, the innovative power and the value of your business.

Know, Foresee, Inform, Monitor, Evaluate, Manage, Direct…

These activities, among others, are facilitated and integrated by way of market image solutions, with the aim of effective information management. See how some of our clients have utilized our skills:

  • Registration and control in the field of business activities, synchronized with the rest of the business systems
  • Sharing of corporate spatial data and integrations with ERP, CRM and BI systems
  • Precision mapping for network infrastructure planning and resource exploration.
  • Optimization of call center based on mapping solutions through the Web
  • AVL control vehicle fleets and integration to the systems of the business
  • Modeling of business rules that take into consideration the geography and position of the client.
  • Development of Portals for Web Mapping

Security Flexibility Mobility Availability Agility Communication Increase of Worth Integration

Imagem Solucoes de Inteligencia Geografica (Intelligent Geographic Solutions)

  • R. Itororo, 555 Vila Bandeirantes, Cep: 12.216 440, Sao Jose dos Campos SP, Brazil
  • +55 12 3946 8933
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