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INTRAKAT’s, steel and electromechanical constructions plant, former INTRAMET, is one of the major steel and electromechanical constructions industries in Greece and ranks among the most modern European industries in the sector. The plant is headquartered in Giannouli, Larissa on a total plot of 125,000 m² (25,000 m² sheltered areas) and occupies more than 300 employees. Established in 1987 as a small company, it was bought out by INTRACOM Group in 1994 and it was named INTRAMET. In 2005 INTRAMET was absorbed by INTRAKAT and currently operates as an autonomous steel constructions business unit.

Thanks to its verticalized structure, the company provides a full range of services to the clients which include: Design, study, development, industrialization, installation (construction) of complex steel and electromechanical constructions. It is also very active in the field of defense applications with increased exporting activities. Through the plant, the company aims at providing the Greek and international market with competitive products and high quality services through constant modernization and adoption of innovative methods.

Infrastucture of Factory

All production lines are based on CAD/CAM systems and robotics, while the independent galvanizing and paint units complete the entire range of services provided to the clients. In the field of steel and electromechanical constructions, the plant has been established and recognised for the high quality standards of its products and services. Moreover, environmental consciousness constitutes an integral part of INTRAKAT’s strategic development. The company’s production unit has obtained the following certifications:

  • Quality Management for the entire range of its activities (EN ISO 9001 certification).
  • Environment (EN ISO 14001).
  • Health and Safety (OHSAS 18001).

Moreover thanks to the quality assurance system which provides full traceability in all procedures and to the fully-equipped quality control lab, the company can successfully respond to the strictest specifications. Thanks to its infrastructure and the excellent training of its staff, the Plant has obtained special certifications and accreditations, such as:

  • BOEING approved subcontractor (No.695489).
  • NATO approved manufacturer.
  • NADCAP certification for global Aerospace Industry Subcontractor.
  • Certified constructor for the Ministry of National Defense.
  • Authorization by the Ministry of National Defense for handling classified material.

Very few companies in the international arena have obtained the abovementioned certifications and accreditations. The company’s study department is charged with the study, design & modeling of steel and electromechanical constructions, as well as the development of INTRAKAT’s new products. Also provided:

  • Static and dynamic study of constructions through the use of Finite Elements Analysis.
  • Simulation of electronic systems freezing with ananlysing heat transfer (Computational Fluid Dynamic).
  • Industrialisation and construction of prototypes in one of the most modern standardization centres in Europe, located in the INTRACOM Group facilities in Peania, Attica.

The production unit of INTRAKAT consists of the following units:

  • Steel constructions(steel products & constructions),
  • Electromechanical constructions (integrated constructions from steel plates and defense applications),
  • Hot-dip galvanizing (galvanizing unit),
  • Painting (plenty of painting technologies).
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  • 19th km Peania – Markopoulo Ave., Peania, Attica, 190 02, Peania, Greece
  • +30 210 667 4700
  • +30 210 664 6354
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