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Nemesysco Ltd., is the leading provider of voice analysis technologies and solutions powered by the “Layered Voice Analysis” (LVA™) patented technology. Nemesysco's solutions address different needs of the security, corporate and financial markets, enabling organizations to enhance crime detection and prevention; expedite investigations; identify and fight fraud more effectively; improve veracity assessment during recruitment processes and provide better services to the public at need.

Nemesysco is a privately held company based in Israel, dedicated to the advancement of voice analysis technologies, serving its customers through a network of partners located in more than 50 centers around the world.


The LVA™ technology is a proprietary set of vocal measurements, parameters and functions found through on-going research and field studies of real life vocal data to correlate with key human emotions, and is the core of all Nemesysco’s activities.

The SENSE™ technology is the commercial level subset of the LVA technology, used in Nemesysco’s personal use products.

Fields of Operation

Nemesysco’s solutions are used by governmental bodies and enterprises from a variety of fields ranging from security applications for intelligence, army, police forces and financial governmental bodies, to corporate vetting companies, investment houses, contact centers and insurance/banking providers.

Nemesysco’s defense and homeland security solutions are targeted mainly towards investigating bodies (police, intelligence and counter intelligence), prison facilities, border/customs control and airport security.

The company's enterprise solutions include CRM technologies, fraud prevention, automated risk assessment and pre-employment evaluation systems. These products are offered as packaged software or technology components ready for integration into exiting centralized phone systems. Nemesysco solutions enable organizations to improve any investigative procedure, recruitment processes, enhance customers’ retention and work force optimization, and provide better service to their legitimate customers when they need it the most.

Nemesysco’s Entertainment activities include tools for television production, cellular services and entertainment/personal use applications.

Nemesysco further allows 3rd party developers to license their technologies, developing medical applications as well as entertainment products, all made to enhance the use of emotion detection through voice around the world.

LVA 6.50 Investigation Focus Tool - for the professional investigator

The LVA 6.50 is the investigator’s best friend. Using its 3 analysis modes of operation, it provides the professional user easy access to truth verification in real time or from recorded data, during face to face and over the phone, during a free or structured investigation session.

The LVA 6.50 software system is a professional/security level voice analysis set of three different investigation focus tools:

  • Online Mode - real-time analysis of open conversations/investigations.
    Using the Online Mode, you can conduct investigations (face to face or over the phone) where analysis is required in real-time. This allows you to focus on suspected portions and areas of interest in the subject’s narrative and deepen your investigation where needed.
  • Offline Mode - in-depth analysis of pre-recorded material
    The Offline Mode is used to analyze pre-recorded material from a variety of sources and produce in-depth emotional, risk and veracity assessments, as well as deep psychological profile analyses.
  • Investigation Mode - a pin-point closed-ended questionnaire analysis.
    The Investigation Mode is designed to be similar to the traditional polygraph system, and provides automated computerized summaries and reports using the familiar questioning techniques commonly used by polygraph experts.
    LVA 6.50 includes additional 2 voice recording utilities used for digital recording at a time of need. Using these modes, you can easily store & retrieve recorded materials from the LVA 6.50 recordings database. The recorded sessions can be analyzed using the Offline Mode.

LVA 6.50 was designed to be as friendly as possible while still offering maximum reliability. To fully enjoy the LVA 6.50 power, a training session of 5 days is needed. Training is available in many parts of the world. Please contact us to learn more.

LVA 6.50 is currently available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Chinese, Russian and Hebrew.

Crystal Sky™ and GK1™ - Border Control / Access Control

Rapid Assessment & Screening / Secured Access Control

  • Airport check-in, boarding desks
  • Customs checkpoints, border controls
  • Prison's contraband detection
  • Government buildings entery and exit
  • Public transportation facilities

Nemesysco’s Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) technology now provides the means to examine not only what passangers are carrying on their body, but to highlight and determine their real intentions in advance.

Recent terror attacks have shown that the rules of game have changed, and that terrorists willingness to lose their own lives has made deterrence and prevention significantly more complicated. The search for concealed weapons, explosives and sharp objects is no longer sufficient. We are now compelled to examine not only what our passangers and visitors are carrying, but to discover their motivations in advance.

Nemesysco’s Layered Voice Analysis (LVA) technology now allows us to do just that.

GK1™ - The "Gate Keeper"
GK1 is a security access control system, providing an automated voice analysis solution to determine if the purpose of the access is legitimate and no criminal intent exists.

GK1 provides instant security verification and threat assessment before allowing access to high-risk facilities and secured/sterile zones.

Designed for rapid intention verification, by using input from just 3 to 5 questions, GK1 will identify the emotional state of the passanger, allowing its operators to single out passangers with higher potential of harmful intentions.

Different locations may require different means and methods for security checks, and GK1 is primed to meet these challenges. The diversity and flexibility ranges from a single language manually operated system to multilingual automated posts. The system can operate from a noisy and public high traffic area to a closed intimate checkpoint. GK1 is specifically designed to meet your needs at any level of security.

CS1™ - "Crystal Sky™"
CS1 is a high-end security level voice analysis software utilizing a special version of Nemesysco’s LVA technology in a manner suitable for very rapid and successive open ended “mini-investigations” (e.g. passengers at airport immigration, eyewitnesses at a crime scene, etc.).

CS1 interface is designed to provide coded information to the operator in a manner that will not distract his attention and intervene with his standard procedures. The user interfaces are easily customizable.

SCA1 –Security Level Call Analyzer

The SCA1 SDK uses the full power and capabilities of Nemesysco’s LVA7 Technology, the most advanced voice analysis technology available today, to detect and measure different emotional states and evaluate veracity of statements made by conversation parties. This information may be relevant for various intelligence uses, prioritization tasks, risk analysis and more.

SCA1 is designed as a set of COM objects that can be easily integrated into existing lawful monitoring/interception solution and silently analyze voice interactions between several parties. SCA1 can be used to scan ongoing calls or archived recordings, from almost any source.

Product Highlights

  • Scans audio interactions in real-time to detect problematic or interesting scenarios as they develop. Enables automatic alerts to the relevant personnel.
  • Performs efficient offline emotional data mining on archived calls, based on criteria defined by the managers, seamlessly, during normal work procedures.
  • Monitors emotional development of assets over any period of time.

LVA™ Technology

Layered Voice Analysis (LVA™) is Nemesysco's core technology adapted to meet the needs of various security-related activities, ranging from formal police investigations to security clearances, from secured area access control to intelligence gathering and lawful interception multi-channel analysis.

In its essence, LVA technology enables better understanding of your suspect’s mental state and emotional makeup at a given moment by detecting the emotional cues in his or her speech. The technology identifies various types of stress levels, cognitive processes, and emotional reactions that are reflected in different properties of the voice. This information provides insights into the way the subject thinks, what troubles him, what excites him, what portions of his speech he is uncertain about, what questions require more of his attention, and what areas appear to be sensitive issues for the speaker.

LVA uses a unique mathematical process to detect different types of patterns and abnormalities in the speech flow and classify them in terms of stress, excitement, confusion and other relevant emotional states, found through our research to be highly correlated with these emotions.

LVA technology further enables the user to explore several levels of emotional intensity, and by doing so, expose additional layers of information that would otherwise be unavailable. This information can save crucial time during any investigation processes.

Nemesysco’s Layered Voice Analysis is a new and proprietary technology and has no relations to the old "Voice Stress Analysis” (or VSA) technologies, nor does it use any previously known method for detecting "voice stress". As such, LVA does not perform "micro-tremors" (8-14 Hz) analysis in the voice, and can be used over telephone lines and with standard commercially available microphones.

SENSE™ Technology

Nemesysco's SENSE technology is the commercial level subset of the Layered Voice Analysis technology used mostly for secuirty related tasks.

Unlike other voice-analysis technologies, SENSE can analyze different layers of the human voice, using multiple parameters to analyze each speech segment. SENSE can detect various emotional and cognitive states, such as whether your subject is excited, confused, stressed, concentrating, anticipating your responses, or unwillingly sharing information. SENSE also provides in-depth view on the subject's range of emotions, including those relating to "love" and attraction.

LioNet™ Technology

Nemesysco's LioNet Technology is a powerful learning algorithm, designed to operate without specific definitions and under unknown scenarios. It is this feature that makes some of our products extremely flexible and useful also as research tools.

LioNet algorithms learn by starting with the initial phase in which basic principles of operation are observed until proper classifications are automatically configured to differentiate between the cases.

LioNet builds "Prime Clusters" for all possible answers, "Basic Clusters" for any new unrecognized case, and "Rule Base" connecting between the Basic Clusters and the Prime Clusters.

LioNet will automatically try to find similarities and differences between the prime clusters using many different mathematical operations.

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