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Etteplan specialises in simplifying information processes that relate to the entire product life-cycle. This specialisation has resulted in a broad range of products and services. Since 1974, Etteplan has played a leading role in its industry, working for more than 500 companies in various industries worldwide. Etteplan has over 150 employees and has offices in the Netherlands, the USA, the UK, Singapore, Japan and Germany.

Etteplan provides clients with high quality and cost effective services. Besides our thorough knowledge of technical writing and editing, we apply techniques such as content management, Simplified English, terminology management and translation management to ensure effective, clear and consistent technical documentation.

ASD S1000D, S2000M and ASD-STE100

Etteplan is a leading supplier of AeroSpace Defence (ASD)compliant technical documentation. This means that Etteplan works in accordance with the S1000D and 2000M Specifications. These specifications are global standards, that have been developed by the ASD, formerly the European Association of Aerospace manufacturers (AECMA). Also is Etteplan a leading supplier of the Simplified Technical Englisch checker according the ASD-STE100 standard.

One of the basic principles of the AECMA specifications is the storage of information in a modular format. This makes the information manageable and allows re-use of information as well. A Class 4 IETM, as Etteplan makes it, is a good example of a manual that is compiled from information modules, and that is fully compatible with the CALS principle.

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Etteplan is one of the leading engineering companies specialized in mechanical design and structural analysis of both civil and military aircrafts. Etteplan’s expertise includes balancing and performance calculations as well as R & D and procurement of aerospace systems. The company's expertise in high-performance fiber reinforced composites can be seen in several commercial aerospace applications.

Etteplan’s experts are well versed in industry specifications such as S1000D, Simplified Technical English (ASD-STE100) and regulatory requirements placed on technical documentation in the aerospace industry.

Etteplan provides services for aerospace industry for example in the following engineering design areas:
• Mechanical design and stress calculations with special expertise in composite structures 
• Software and hardware development for on board systems and avionics
• Flight Mechanics
• Technical feasibility studies
• System Engineering, with a focus towards system safety and requirement management
• Model based system design and development of control systems
• System verification and testing 
• Certification of aerospace systems
• Airline support, (performance calculations, and balance charts)
• R&D 
• UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles )
• Accident analyses

Etteplan’s expertise and services in the area of technical documentation include:
• Implementation of Simplified Technical English (ASD-STE100) including conversion, implementation and software tools to comply with the S1000D or ATA industry specification
• Creation of multilingual Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM)
• Spare parts catalog creation 
• Computer/web based training
• Technical illustrations, animations and simulations

Etteplan’s customers in the aerospace industry include Rolls-Royce, Boeing, SAAB, Embraer, Selex, American Airlines, Lockheed Martin, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and EADS to name a few.


Etteplan has been serving organizations specialized in defense and security products and services as well as agencies and authorities providing materials and systems to civil and military organizations for almost 50 years.

Etteplan has defense industry related industry domain knowledge in the following engineering areas:
• Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)
• System verification and testing
• Mechanical engineering and stress calculations with special expertise in composite design
• Software and hardware development 
• Electrochemical Energy Storage systems
• Flight Mechanics
• Technical feasibility studies 
• System Engineering with focus on system safety and requirement management
• Model based system design and development of control systems
• Performance calculations and balance charts for commercial airlines
• R&D 
• Accident analyses

Etteplan has in-depth competence in meeting the requirements for high-quality technical documentation of the defense industry. Etteplan’s services help the customer execute operational and maintenance tasks while complying with the highest quality and safety standards.

The company's services to the defense industry in the area of technical documentation include:
• Implementation of Simplified Technical English (ASD-STE100) including conversion, implementation and software tools to comply with the S1000D or ATA industry specification
• Creation of multilingual Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM)
• Spare parts catalog creation 
• Computer/web based training
• Technical illustrations, animations and simulations

Etteplan’s customers in the defense industry include for example: the Dutch Ministry of Defense, Patria, SAAB, Selex System Integration and Swedish Defense Material Administration to name a few.

Energy and power transmission

Etteplan’s professionals have extensive expertise in renewable energy and in designing engineering design solutions to reduce the customer’s energy footprint and the total costs of energy. The company has world-class expertise in energy storage solutions as well as in developing emission technologies.

Etteplan’s customers in the energy industry include power stations using nuclear, wind, wave, hydro, peat, coal, oil, natural gas and solar energy as well as power transmission customers using High Voltage AC and DC transmission.

Thanks to its long customer relationships the company has gathered a wealth of knowledge in the engineering design requirements for instance for:
• Industrial gears
• Steel structures
• Power generators
• Wind turbine components
• Distribution systems
• Supply transformers
• Substation automation
• Frequency converters

Etteplan has substantial expertise to help customers continuously improve the equipment design process, product data management system and component information to gain quality improvements as well as process and product cost efficiency.

Etteplan's know-how in energy and power transmission covers the following engineering design areas:
• Feasibility and concept studies
• Mechanical engineering 
• Electrical engineering 
• Electronics 
• Energy storage development 
• Software development  
• Testing and validation 
• Automation 
• Control systems 
• Stress calculations and engineering analysis  
• Production engineering
• Machine and functional safety 
• Layout/Plant engineering 
• Project management

Forest and paper

Etteplan has almost 30 years of experience in designing equipment and machinery for the forest and paper industry and has therefore a solid understanding of the business. The company's professionals are well versed in customers’ equipment and machinery and have a profound understanding of the underlying engineering design process of equipment along the entire refining process including:

• Forest machines
• Wood handling
• Stock preparation
• Air systems
• Tissue machines
• Pulp machines
• Coating machines
• Drying machines
• Paper and board machines
• Winding and roll handling
• Wrapping machines

Industrial machinery and components

Etteplan’s professionals have extensive experience in designing industrial machinery and components such as:

• Control systems 
• Measurement devices and instruments
• Electrical devices and components
• Frequency converters
• Electrical motors
• Industrial gears
• Hydraulic cylinders and components
• Steel structures
• Industrial robots
• Conveyors and sorting devices
• Production machines and equipment
• Building technologies and components

Etteplan has substantial expertise to help customers continuously improve the equipment design process, product data management system and component information to gain quality improvements as well as process and product cost efficiency.

Etteplan's know-how in industrial machinery and components covers the following engineering areas:

• Feasibility and concept studies
• Mechanical engineering 
• Electrical engineering 
• Automation 
• Control systems 
• Software and embedded systems 
• Electronics 
• Stress calculations and engineering analysis 
• Production engineering
• Machine safety 
• Project management

Lifting and hoisting

Etteplan has a wealth of knowledge in designing lifting and hoisting equipment such as elevators, escalators, forklift trucks, auto walks, overhead and industrial cranes, harbor cranes, RTGs, hoisting units, and other lifting devices.

Thanks to Etteplan’s in-depth understanding of the customers’ products and their engineering requirements combined with superior knowledge in engineering methods, the company's solutions are cost-efficient and innovative.

Etteplan's expertise and services in hosting and lifting equipment design include:

• Mechanical engineering 
• Electrical engineering 
• Automation and control systems
• Stress calculations and other engineering analyses 
• Modeling and simulation
• Risk analyses

Medical technology

Etteplan has extensive experience in the engineering design of medical devices and regulatory issues. The services offered cover the entire development process from concept creation of new products to production of competitive products. The company's experts have in-depth product and engineering design expertise, for example, in the following areas:

• Point-of-care monitoring devices
• Diagnostics
• Rehabilitation aids
• Dental equipment
• Electromedical & imaging equipment
• Transplantation equipment
• Sterilization equipment
• Orthopedics
• Disposables
• Anaesthesia
• Respiratory devices
• Surgical instruments
• Active & non-active implantable devices
• Packaging
• Care furniture
• Laboratory equipment

Thanks to Etteplan’s comprehensive engineering design expertise, its experts can take full responsibility of the customer’s product development project including usability, mechanical, electronics and software design as well as industrial design and project management.

In addition Etteplan has world leading expertise in helping customers solve energy storage related challenges in medical devices of MDD Classes I-III. Etteplan’s experts have in-depth know-how in planning and execution of regulatory strategies. Thanks to its special competence in the regulatory environment the company ensures a fast and cost-efficient market entry to customer’s medical devices.

Etteplan has competence in carrying out product development projects in all MDD and FDA classes. The company's operations in the area of medical devices are ISO 13485 certified. Etteplan also provides services to create technical product information such as user manuals, installation procedures, and service manuals.

Etteplan’s customers in the area of medical technology are large international corporations as well as small start-ups. The customers list include: NeoDynamics, Redsense Medical AB, CefarCompex, Medtentia AB, Getinge AB, and Invacare Inc.

Mining and materials handling

Etteplan’s expertise and services to manufacturers of mining and materials handling equipment cover the entire chain from exploration and drilling to minerals processing. The company's specialists have in depth know-how in designing mining and materials handling equipment for:

• Exploration drilling
• Drilling equipment
• Blasting
• Bolting and spraying
• Load & Haul
• Materials handling including conveyor systems
• Crushing and screening
• Minerals processing
• By-products handling
• Recycling

Thanks to Etteplan’s long-standing customer relationships, its experts have comprehensive insight into the engineering requirements of state-of-the-art mining equipment.


Etteplan has over 30 years’ experience in engineering design of steel plants, processes and manufacturing of equipment for steel handling. The company has have been involved in designing new steel plants as well as executed numerous modernization projects of steel plants in Finland, Sweden, Russia, Germany, Denmark and China. Etteplan operates in Russia by an extensive Self Regulating Organizations (SRO) license.

Etteplan's engineering competence and experience covers various process plants and equipment in the area of steel like:

• Iron making
• Steel making
• Continuous casting
• Hot and cold rolling
• Auxiliary plants
• Steel service centres
• Tube and profile production

Transportation and vehicle

Etteplan provides a wide range of engineering design and testing services for companies in the transportation and vehicle industries. The company's in-house laboratory and test center in Gothenburg, Sweden, offers a unique combination of engineering services and testing opportunities to meet the most demanding customer needs.

Etteplan’s services to the transportation and vehicle industry include:

• Design and verification of vehicle climate comfort 
• Simulation, calculation and performance testing of climate and cooling systems 
• Climate lab 
• Test equipment for HVAC systems 
• Engine optimization 
• Test, analysis and verification 
• Battery technology solutions 
• Training in automotive A/C technique

Technical documentation

Etteplan is a leading provider of technical product information services and solutions in Europe; the company excels in advanced documentation methods which bring tangible benefits to customers. Technical documentation created by Etteplan’s methods ensures maximum reusability of the material across multiple applications bringing considerable cost saving as well as reduced time to market.

Due to Etteplan’s in-depth understanding of different engineering disciplines, the company's experts know how to translate product specifications into top class technical documentation. High quality technical documentation is especially important for service businesses and can even provide a competitive differentiation.

Etteplan has in-depth understanding of the requirements for technical product information in markets such as industrial machinery, health care and medical technology, consumer products, defense and aerospace, offshore and energy, telecommunications, power tools, electronics and household appliances to name just a few.

Etteplan’s technical product information services can cover the production and maintenance of all documentation over the entire product life-cycle. These services are often provided as a Managed Service, where the company takes the responsibility of an entire process or any part of it. Etteplan’s services include:

Technical writing
• Authoring and editing
• Operation and maintenance manuals
• Installation manuals
• Workshop manuals
• Training materials
• Regulatory documents
• Patent quality checks 
• Etteplan STE – The smart way to cost-efficient and high-quality technical writing

Technical illustrations
• 2D, 2.5D and 3D illustrations
• Exploded views
• Quick guides, assembly instructions and instruction cards
• Patent drawing services
• Etteplan STI – The smart way to high-quality technical illustrations

Animations and simulations
• Interactive product presentations
• 3D rendering and visualizations
• Augmented reality

Spare parts documentation
• Production and maintenance of spare part catalogues
• Technical illustrations and exploded views from CAD data
• Data conversions and data cleanup of Bill of Material (BOM) data 
• Etteplan PARTS- The smart way to grow your spare parts and service business

Technical translations
• Multilingual documentation
• Translation services
• Localization services
• Terminology management
• Patent translations


Publishing and printing
• Electronic documentation 
• Printed documentation
• On-demand ordering 
• Logistics and shipping

Software solutions and tools
• HyperSTE – quality assurance software for high-quality technical writing to comply with the rules of Simplified Technical English and corporate terminology
• HyperSTI - a solution for the efficient creation and reuse of technical illustrations
• HyperSIS – service information system to provide interactive access to all service information including: user/service information, training materials, animations and parts lists
• HyperTERM – software to manage and share company terminology in multiple languages
• HyperDoc (CMS/XML) – software to manage and publish content across different documents and media
• HyperParts – software for managing and distributing high-quality spare part information

Training and marketing materials
• Interactive product presentations
• E-learning
• Multimedia production
• 3D visualizations
• Sales support materials
• Trade show materials
• Desktop publishing service
• Automated product catalogue publishing

Augmented reality

Etteplan is a pioneer in utilizing augmented reality as a means to distribute technical product information to users, such as service personnel, of complex industrial machinery and equipment. Augmented reality is the most advanced technology available today for transferring complex, technical knowledge in a very user-friendly way.

Etteplan’s unique know-how in computer vision, object recognition and other augmented reality technologies, combined with expertise in technical product information, changes the way users access technical product information when performing maintenance and service. Augmented reality combines the physical world with virtual, computer-generated images in a 3D user interface that is fully interactive in real-time.

Etteplan’s augmented reality solutions can be used for training, troubleshooting, installation or maintenance purposes. Every solution is customized to the particular needs of each customer and internal stakeholder. Etteplan uses an open platform application that is compatible with today’s most popular ‘smart’ devices – iOS (Apple), Android & Windows. By pointing the camera of a mobile device at a specific location, the user can see the desired 3D illustration, text or animation; receiving the desired technical information. In the future, it will be possible to use a head mounted display to access the data.


Etteplan’s competencies in the field of automation include:

Machine automation
Etteplan provides a full range of services for industrial equipment and machinery manufacturers to develop and manufacture machines in the most efficient way. The company's solutions meet the highest safety requirements and are developed using the latest tools and technologies. Thanks to Etteplan’s modular software and hardware engineering design, the components can be easily reused making it a cost-efficient solution for the customer.

Process automation
Etteplan’s process automation services help customers maintain high performance and productivity of their industrial processes. The company is a one-stop-shop for its customers providing comprehensive turn-key projects involving electrical and automation system design, electrical engineering, software development commissioning and project management services.

Factory automation
Etteplan has high-level competence in the field of industrial robotics used in automated production cells and production lines. The company is also experts in designing other automation solutions for the production lines of the manufacturing industry.

Automation for vehicle and transportation industries
Etteplan has in-depth expertise in designing and programming automation systems in traffic controls and transportation industries to meet the highest requirements for safety, productivity, eco and cost-efficiency.

Traffic control and tunnel automation systems
Etteplan designs systems for traffic control and road tunnels including solutions for variable speed limits, indicator boards, traffic lights, road barriers as well as control room solutions. The comany has also extensive expertise in designing advanced control systems for lights, ventilation and heat as well as smoke vending in tunnels.

Battery and fuel cell technologies

Etteplan’s experts solve the most demanding battery-related challenges with strong industrial and academic backgrounds. The company's solutions include all types of electrochemical power sources and energy storage solutions: batteries, fuel cells and ultra-capacitors. Etteplan combines in-depth knowledge in material science, applied electrochemistry and corrosion with extensive application and engineering know-how. The company also has acute regulatory expertise, ensuring market access and meeting regional requirements such as HAZMAT transportation and recycling.

Etteplan has extensive expertise to evaluate and design energy storage systems for:

• automotive and transportation industries 
• military
• industrial applications
• telecommunications
• consumer electronics and
• medical technology applications

Climate technologies

Etteplan has unique expertise in the development, testing, simulation and verification of climate control systems and components. The company has over 20 years of experience in testing environmental conditions and in developing the test equipment itself. This equipment has been used in vehicle, hoisting, lifting equipment and crane manufacturing as well as the transportation industry.

Etteplan has industry leading expertise in the development of climate systems for electric and hybrid vehicles. The company's expertise in the new standards, refrigerants and climate control in battery compartments, ensures that the customer gets an energy-efficient climate solution without compromising the technical, functional or financial requirements.

Etteplan’s test center in Gothenburg, Sweden, offers a unique testing environment and in-house facilities and methods to test comprehensive air condition systems and components. The company also designs and builds customized test environments for its customers.

Control systems

Etteplan helps its customers design, develop and commercialize machinery, equipment and systems in the areas listed below. With its extensive automation knowledge, Etteplan is able to serve its customers in all required areas of control system engineering.

Electrical design for control systems
Etteplan offers electrical design services for the control systems of machinery and equipment. The electrical design covers all sub-areas of the equipment, from main electrical circuits to the control circuits in subsystems and modules, including safety-related parts. The company designs comply with the special demands of the market area in question and with product-specific safety standards. For products in series production Etteplan design goals also include modularity, high reliability and serviceability.

Hardware design for control systems
Hardware design for control systems focusses on the layout design of modules, control units and enclosures and on the cost-effective implementation of the cabling and harnesses they contain. Other areas of hardware design include, for example, reliability engineering, thermal and EMC engineering, serviceability, and guidance in production assembly and testing.

Electro-mechanical design
Etteplan has in-depth knowledge of the electro-mechanical design of electronic equipment, control units and equipment enclosures. Some examples of design sub-areas are product-specific encasing solutions, the mechanics of equipment enclosures and control units, cooling profiles, EMC protection and ventilation solutions.

Testing automation
Etteplan offers design and implementation services for testing automation. Testing automation applications can relate to, for example, reliability and lifetime testing of products, components or materials. Other examples include testing systems and simulators to support product development.

Data acquisition systems
Etteplan plans and implements customer-specific data acquisition systems. Etteplan’s certified LabVIEW developers can assist customers in the specification, design and implementation of challenging data acquisition and test applications. Etteplan is an Alliance Partner of National Instruments.

Electrical engineering and power systems

Etteplan delivers comprehensive electrical engineering projects for power plants (nuclear, water and wind), power distribution, building and process electrification, energy storage and explosive atmospheres according to ATEX. Etteplan has special expertise in requirements for electrification for instance in the pulp and paper, energy, chemical, metal and building industries. The company provides engineering design to low, medium and high voltage electrical systems.

The company's services include the design of electrical substations both for industry applications and utility systems that enable high utilization level of customer’s machines and processes. The company is specialists in designing uninterruptible power supply (UPS) solutions for most demanding industrial applications including power plants. Etteplan has industry leading knowledge in battery technologies to ensure uninterruptible power supply (UPS) functionality.

Etteplan’s value as engineering design partner is based on its capability to provide comprehensive project deliveries involving high quality technical documentation. The company also provides installation, supervision, testing and commissioning services. Thanks to its dense geographical coverage in Finland and Sweden the company is able to carry out most challenging projects from multiple locations. Etteplan also provides cost-efficient and high-quality electrical engineering services from Etteplan’s engineering units in China.


Etteplan has a long track record in helping customers meet high product safety requirements for electrical devices and other embedded systems. The company's experts are specialized in electronics for power supplies, motor drives, and inverters. Etteplan's competence in design of electronics for medical devices is world class.
The company's strength is based on its capability to provide multidisciplinary know how to electronics projects including mechanical engineering, usability and design, and climate and battery technology expertise to name a few.

Etteplan’s experts have in-depth understanding of the requirements for electronics that have limited space available in the device as well as of the mechanical demands on the electronics in a product. Etteplan’s team of electronics experts is specialized in the design of devices with stringent safety requirements to avoid electrostatic discharge (ESD) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) issues. The company provides solutions for both analog and digital as well as for wireless applications.

The company's extensive regulatory expertise in the medical devices including the IEC 60601-1 standard helps customers bring new medical devices to market quickly and efficiently. Etteplan’s operations in the area of medical technology are ISO 13485 certified. Etteplan has a long track record in designing medical devices according to MDD 1-3 (Medical device directive 93/42/EEC) classification.

Engineering analysis

Technical calculations, simulations and analysis form the core of Etteplan’s engineering analysis. The company's competence areas include failure investigations, analysis and simulations, static and dynamic properties of systems and structural integrity.

Etteplan’s more than 60 highly educated experts in Finland, Sweden and China ensure world class quality solutions. Etteplan has in-depth understanding the industry-specific challenges including the aviation and defense, process industry, elevators and escalators, cranes and lifting equipment, automotive and transportation, robotics, mining, off-shore technology, energy and power, and consumer electronics industries. The precision and quality of Etteplan’s analyses are further enabled by the employment of the most advanced analysis software.

Whenever there is a need for checking the strength of a single part or a complete machine assembly, or for optimizing the life-time of equipment in serial production, Etteplan has the tools and competence to do it.

Engineering management

Etteplan has extensive expertise in multiple engineering areas, methods and domain industries. Etteplan’s value as partner for engineering management services is based on its experts´ ability to apply this interdisciplinary knowledge. As a forerunner in the development of engineering methods Etteplan’s almost 2 000 experts work in knowledge networks to actively develop best practices and methods to add value to customers’ products and processes.

Etteplan serves industrial customers who seek cost-efficiency and quality improvements by means of process and method development. The company helps customers develop and ramp-up new processes and implement new engineering methods and tools. The company also provides high-level project management experts to customers’ projects either in-house or at customer premises.

Etteplan’s engineering management services are based on the notion of top-down methodology, which can be easily applied to any type of process and organization.

Industrial design and usability

Etteplan’s experienced industrial designers and usability engineers help customers design and manufacture user-friendly products and user interfaces with advanced functionality, ensuring an optimal user experience.

Etteplan’s experts have the skills to take responsibility for entire product development projects, from ideation to production. When designing products for customers, the company typically provides a complete design folder including sketches with a proposal for product design, functionality including usability, colors, material choices and user interface.

The design folder and prototypes help the customer with early marketing activities as well as speeding up the development process. Based on the customer and user feedback, Etteplan continues with CAD modeling and prototype production for manufacturing.

Mechanical engineering

Etteplan’s value as mechanical engineering partner is based on its 30-year-long experience in demanding design and development of machinery and equipment. The company's highly skilled and committed mechanical engineers in Finland, Sweden and China have profound understanding of industry specific requirements for industrial equipment and machinery.

Etteplan provides high-quality mechanical engineering solutions and services e.g. for:

• Steel structures
• Welded structures
• Sheet metal applications
• Plastic molding
• Machine elements and layouts
• Composite structures
• Hydraulics
• Pneumatics
• Pressure equipments
• Stress calculations
• FEM (finite element method) and CFD (computational fluid dynamics) calculations
• Precision mechanics
• Surface treatment
• Manufacturing technologies

Medical technologies

Large multinational corporations as well as small start-up companies rely on Etteplan’s 20+ years of experience in designing and developing competitive and compelling medical products and devices. Etteplan’s ISO 13485 certified operations gives access to about 50 dedicated medical technology experts and in-house facilities.

Etteplan has the know-how to help customers in all phases of the product life cycle, from idea generation to product development and modernization. Examples of Etteplan’s work include:

• Point-of-care devices
• Diagnostics equipment
• Rehabilitation aids
• Dental equipment
• Electro medical & imaging equipment
• Transplant equipment
• Sterilization equipment
• Orthopedics
• Disposable instruments
• Anesthesia equipment
• Respiratory equipment
• Surgical instruments
• Active & passive implantable devices
• Care furniture
• Laboratory equipment

Plant engineering

Etteplan offers comprehensive plant engineering services including process, layout, piping, steel structure, electrical, automation, HVAC and fire protection engineering as well as project management services. The company's services range from prefeasibility studies to engineering services for complex new investment projects and rebuilds of existing plants. The company also provides maintenance and trouble-shooting services, energy and material analyses.

Due to long and close cooperation with customers Etteplan’s experts have accumulated expertise in multiple industries including pulp & paper, mining, energy, metals, and building technologies. Etteplan’s almost 200 plant engineering experts in Finland, Sweden and China carry out demanding plant engineering projects all over the world including Russia, where the company has the permit by SRO (Self-Regulated Organization) for engineering and supervision. Etteplan has executed several projects in Russia for customers setting up production facilities, logistics centers and buildings.

Product safety

Etteplan has extensive knowledge in functional safety aspects related to machine control systems and process industry, as well as in planning the safety of working methods, assembly and installation. The company helps customers with safety issues in all phases of the machine or system lifecycle: specification, design, manufacturing, installation, operation, maintenance, modernization and disposal. Etteplan’s safety engineers have years of experience in applying standards such as ISO12100, ISO13849-1, IEC 62061 and IEC 61508.

The safety aspects are an integral part of Etteplan’s engineering design process. Etteplan has in-depth experience in the following application areas to name a few:

• lifting and hoisting 
• material handling 
• process and mining industry machines
• production lines
• wind power
• mobile equipment and transportation
• plants and factories for process industry

To identify and interpret the requirements of directives and standards can be a complex task. Layers of references between standards can appear daunting to an inexperienced reader. Etteplan’s safety engineers help customers interpret the relevant directives and standards and assess the best practices in applying these standards on the customer’s machinery.

Software development and embedded systems

Etteplan is specialized in the development of embedded systems including software and electronics. The company understands the engineering design requirements for safety critical products, systems for power electronics, medical equipment, intelligent mobile equipment and machinery, controls systems and user interfaces to name a few.
Etteplan's strength is based on its experts’ in-depth expertise in many areas typical for embedded systems such as: electronics design, power electronics, safety, reliability, signal analyzing, sensors, and multicore.

Systems engineering

Etteplan has a long track record in designing and managing complex engineering projects over their entire life cycle.

Etteplan’s experts have extensive experience in systems engineering requirements in several industries including aerospace and defense, transportation and vehicle, mining and medical technology. The company's services meet the highest requirements for cost-efficiency, quality and manufacturability.

Etteplan’s systems engineering competencies include:

• System design and requirements management
• Model Based systems engineering (MBSE)
• System safety
• Information security
• Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)
• System/product development projects
• System integration
• Project & Quality Assurance management
• Verification and validation
• Procurement assistance

Verification and validation

Etteplan has advanced verification and validation expertise and provides comprehensive services for customers in multiple industries including vehicle and transportation, telecommunication and electronics industries to name a few.

Etteplan has industry- leading expertise in:

• R & D testing and product validation 
• Hardware and software testing 
• Climate control and mechanical testing
• Test system development 
• DFT(design for testing) & Test specification
• Test software and hardware design 
• Factory acceptance test, site acceptance test (FAT&SAT) on delivery, maintenance and support

Etteplan has over 10 years’ experience in developing testing software and hardware. The company's test design engineers are certified, which guarantees that it retains and continuously develops a high level of competence. Etteplan has the capacity to deal with both large and small projects either at the customer’s or at their own premises. All the company's engineering work is developed by using the most common commercial tools such as National Instrument’s LAbView, TestStand, PADS, ProEngineering, and SolidWorks.


Among the companies who trust Etteplan as their documentation partner are:

  • DeWalt
  • John Deere
  • Siemens
  • Philips
  • HAMM
  • Black&Decker
  • Rolls Royce
  • Federal Aviation Administration
  • Saab
  • Selex – Sensors and Airborne Systems
  • Beta Air
  • MEGGIT – Aerospace Systems Division
  • Eurocopter
  • L3 Communications WESCAM
  • GMF AeroAsia
  • Teldix
  • RadiSys
  • Credit Union Central
  • BAE Systems
  • HACH
  • Watchguard
  • Tellabs
  • Elekta

Etteplan B.V.

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