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Dekati develops, manufactures and markets instrumentation needed in fine particle measurement and sampling. In 1995, Dekati introduced the world’s first real-time fine particle concentration and size distribution measurement instrument. Since then, we’ve continually expanded our product line which now consists of various products for different particle measurement needs. Along with high quality instruments Dekati also provides services including calibration and installation services, after-sales support, measurement consultation and user workshops.

Dekati® Measurement Solutions

Dekati’s high quality measurement solutions for aerosol measurements include both fine particle measurement and sample conditioning instruments. New products and product improvements are continually being developed in the Dekati R&D team that works in close co-operation with the world’s leading universities and companies. All our instruments are designed and manufactured in Finland according to strict quality requirements and provided with a standard two year warranty.

Dekati key areas of expertise within aerosol measurements include:

  • Fine particle size, concentration and distribution detection
  • Mass, number and surface area measurements
  • Charge detection
  • Dilution and sample conditioning

Dekati® Instruments are used in the following application areas:

  • Combustion process emissions and research
  • Engine development and emission measurements
  • Environmental ambient aerosol research and monitoring
  • Pharmaceutical drug screening and inhalator R&D
  • Nanotechnology and material processing
  • Particle research

Dekati® Instruments

  • All units original Dekati® design
  • 20 years of experience in aerosol instrumentation
  • All units manufactured and calibrated in Finland
  • All units individually calibrated
  • Provided with two year warranty
  • Robust structure designed for use in field conditions
  • Software and data processing spread sheet always included in the price

Each and every Dekati® Instrument is thoroughly tested with traceably calibrated flow, pressure, temperature, voltage, current and particle measurements. Additionally, all Dekati® Instruments go through rigorous type-approval tests, including instrument response tests for changes in temperature, pressure and humidity. The robustness of our instruments is guaranteed through misuse tests making sure that the instruments are ready for any environment. These procedures ensure that every instrument shipped operates according to their specifications and the measurement data is reliable and reproducible.


Through extensive R&D work and experience Dekati is able to offer solutions with several customer benefits. The most important characteristics of Dekati® technologies include:

  • Real time operation and data handling
  • Sensitivity to low emission concentration and dynamic measurement range
  • User friendly operation
  • Low maintenance need and robustness

Dekati is working very closely in connection with Tampere University of Technology, Aerosol Research Group. In addition, Dekati has several partnerships formed with internationally recognized research institutions and laboratories.

Dekati key areas of expertise within aerosol measurements include:

  • size concentration and distribution
  • mass concentration and distribution
  • charge distribution
  • surface area


Dekati products are assembled and tested at Dekati. Used materials and components are thoroughly examined already in the development phase and naturally along the production. Finally all products are individually and thoroughly tested against Dekati Q/A standards

Dekati Ltd. (Dekati Oy)

  • Tykkitie 1, FI-36240 Kangasala, Tampere, Finland
  • +35 8 335 781 00
  • +35 8 335 781 40
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