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Tirosh David Quality Castings Ltd. is a global manufacturer of high-quality aluminum sand castings since 1979, and recently also permanent mold casting and pressure die casting. The company is full-service supplier to the Medical Hi-Tech and Transportation industries. The range of activities includes pattern manufacturing, rapid 3D printing of molds and cores, prototype development, serial casting, machining, and complementary actions production. All services are under one roof with short reponse time, supplied in accordance to customers requirements and international quality standards. Among the company's clients leading enterprises, such as  Alstom, HP, Philips, Tuttnauer, Flextronics, Ge Healthcar, Sanmina-SCI and many more.

TIROSH David Quality Castings Ltd. holds valid certifications of  international companies.

  • ISO 9001:2008 , ISO 14001 :2004, SI OHSAS 18001 :2007 certified quality assurance system. 
  • Chemical analysis and mechanical properties inspections are carried out by our modern, in-house, metallurgical laboratory.
  • In-house non-destructive tests include liquid-penetrant and X-ray inspections.
  • Dimensional inspection department is fully equipped with the most state-of-the-art measuring technology.  3D optical Laser scaning, Coordinate Measuring Machine - XYZ,  Digital Faro Arm.
  • All manufacturing processes, quality and inspection activities are subject to all applicable standards and specifications.
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Ever since Tirosh was founded in 1979, the company has been servicing hundreds of customers from a wide range of industries in the Israeli market and abroad. These industries range from aerospace to electro-optic, from medical to agricultural, from industrial to defense.

• Electro-Optical Housing - A201–T7 - 400X400X510 mm
• Missile Fuselage Section - A356–T6 - 440X350X110 mm
• Electronic Box - A356–T6 - 600X300X250 mm
• Jet Liner Gear Housing - A357–T6 - 140X210X80 mm
• Missile Tail Section - A356–T6 - 600X600X390 mm
• MBT Transmission Turbine - A356–T6 - Ø 460X100 mm
• Electronic Box - A356–T6 - 600X330X130 mm
• Filter Housing - A356–T6 - Ø 540X180 mm
• Missile Optical Bench - A356–T6 - Ø 500X320 mm
• Optical Bench - A357–T6 - Ø 360X270 mm
• Jet Fighter Fuel Tank Grip - A357–T6 - 550X300X170 mm
• Printing Machine Base - Unifont 90 - 1680X580X260 mm
• Missile Tail Section - A356–T6 - 670x670X380 mm
• Jet Liner Gear Housing - A356–T6 - 600X260X300 mm
• Jet Fighter Fuselage Section - A356–T6 - 440X200X350 mm
• Electro-Optical Base - A356–T6 - 250X180X150 mm
• MBT Engine Manifold - C355–T7 - 250X330X120 mm
• Jet Liner Gear Housing - A356–T6 - 200X180X180 mm
• Electro-Optical Housing - A356–T6 - Ø 400X320 mm
• Naval Electronic Box - A356–T6 - Ø 380X130

Design & Engineering

Tirosh's pattern Tooling design team utilizes the most advanced CAD/CAM Equipment.

The company’s engineers are involved in the entire chain: from participation in customer’s initial design to the finished product.
Expert casting engineers ensure the final part design grants maximum manufacturability and meets the required performances. Results are achieved through concurrent engineering and early involvement on new programs.

The design assistance includes:
• Alloy recommendations
• Conversion of machined items to sand Casting technology
• More "producible" casting design
• Cost effective casting applications

Pattern Tooling

Tirosh has developed pattern tooling capabilities to meet the most stringent requirements from customers.

CNC modeling Dep.
Tirosh experienced CNC modeling department can deal with the most complicated geometric cast shapes. The polyurethane patterns are retrieved directly from customer's 3D CAD files, using advanced rapid four-axis machining centers.

Pattern workshop
In addition to the CNC modeling department, the company operates a conventional pattern workshop, manned with an experienced staff of skilled Pattern Makers.
This department provides in-house capabilities for gating and rigging of pattern equipment, repair and maintenance.

The combination between these two departments ensures flexibility, prompt response and efficiency. Tirosh has managed to dramatically reduce lead time to first article: Average yearly output is one new pattern every 2 days.

Precision Dry Sand Casting

Precision Dry Sand casting is a process using chemically bonded sands to produce moulds. It is considered the best choice for applications requiring complex parts, intricate coring, high metallurgic integrity, dimensional accuracy, repeatability and stability.

Maximum Versatility
Due to modern, well equipped dry sand layout, Tirosh can manufacture technologically complex castings of various shapes and size, without any dimensional limitation, ranging from tens of grams up to 1000 Kg and more. The company can handle small series, medium-sized and high volume series.

Automatic Moulding Line

Tirosh new Heinrich Wagner Sinto automatic moulding line, combined with Eirich Gustav Sand Preparation Plant are among the best of their kind in the world.

Speed: 30 moulds/hour
Moulding box size: 800 x 650 x (250 + 300) mm 

Moulding Line main advantages:
• Designed for jobbing: Short setup time and rapid turnaround increases flexibility and efficiency.
• Versatility: Adaptable for small size jobbing series as well as for high volume long series.
• Cost effectiveness: Due to saving on materials and manpower, Tirosh is able to maintain good cost as well as effective, keeping castings costs relatively low.

Supreme quality: the minimization of dependence on human factor ensures:
• Tighter tolerances
• Better dimensional stability and reputability
• Decreases lead-times and scrap.

Dimensional Inspection

The digital dimensional Inspection department is fully equipped with the spear head of Castings and patterns are measured by two layouts of digital Faro Arm Measuring Machines, using CAD to CAD comparison system measuring technology.

Machined parts are inspected using L.K.'s CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine.

Non-Destructive Tests

The in-house non-destructive tests laboratories enable fast response while developing new prototypes. Tirosh NDT laboratories are NADCAP certified.

• Liquid-penetrant (PT) lab

• Radiographic laboratory (RT) (320 Kvp)

• Boroscopic inspection of long and narrow core passages

Metallurgical Laboratory

The in-house, well equipped metallurgical laboratory carries out chemical analysis using modern optical spectrometer, as well as mechanical properties  tests (tensile and hardness).

Post Casting Processes

Heat Treatment
Tirosh department performs Common heat treatments such as: T6, T5, T7.
Dimensions: up to 1300X1300X1800mm.
The H.T process is NADCAP certified.

Machining Capabilities
Machining department is equipped with state of the art HASS machining centers (1270x660x800 mm), operated by professional team, expertise in complementary machining of aluminum castings.
Tirosh also provides surface treatments, painting and finishing operations as required, through approved Sub-contractors.

The company also provides surface treatments, painting and finishing operations as required, through its approved Sub-contractors.

Tirosh David Quality Castings Ltd.

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  • +972 3 902 44 15 
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