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Shkila, is considered a leading manufacturer of electronic & computerized scales and weighing systems for agricultural, industrial and medical applications. As these are the target customers, their need for both massive and friendly systems is the basis for Shkilas’ products. The products may work in tough environments such as dirt, noise, humidity, fat, over loading, vibrations, etc.

Shkila develops, designs and manufactures its products, which range from standard scales to entire tailor-made projects.


Bench scales, platfrom scales, truck scales, silo weighing, dosing systems, scales connected to computers or controllers, semi automatic packaging systems, scales for fluids, hospital\medical scales, livestock scales (sheep, cattle, pigs), including a special livestock software which enables a weighing period of 2-7 seconds. Weighing times are reduced by 50% due to the rapid response of the readout.

Alongside the weighing-systems-manufacturing, shkila invested in “tailor made” softwares. Those softwares either accompanied the scales, or were sold as such.

A very good and successful example is the manufacturing management  dosing system. The innovation about this system is that it works on PC only - and on any PC (!!!).


  • When it comes to hardware maintenance any local PC supplier/supporter will do
  •  The customers are not dependent upon the software supplier or upon one single supplier

The software is already working in many plants for several years, and has proven to be the best of its kind, for very many reasons:

  • Reduces costs
  • User friendly
  • Accurate information
  • Perfect repetability
  • Quick in response
  • Avoids material waste/loss
  • Uptodate information
  • A variety of plants applications
  • Hardware maintenance not dependant on software supplier
  • Software maintenance through modem (in any part of the world)
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Stores and elaborates the entire plant data
  • Flexible
  • Easily adapted in any plant
  • Maybe translated/written in any language
  • Perfectly working under Dos and Windows 

Hand Pallet Truck Scales

LOGIWEIGH - HWT – Weighing hand pallet truck

Shkila manufactures this popular mobile system which enables lifting and weighing at the same time.  This is a professional hand pallet truck uniquely integrating our quality weighing system

The HWT makes it possible to work with the hand pallet truck as usual. The difference is, that at the same time, performance is upgraded by the system's weighing feature. In other words: 2 systems in one product - a hand pallet truck and and a weighing system.

The fantastic outcome is: mobile weighing while lifting!

Scales on Warehouse Trucks

Weighing Electric Pallet Truck - EPT

EPT – weighing electric pallet truck

Most electric pallet trucks may easily go through weighing adaptation process. The weighing system is destined to be robust an work in hard conditions. Such an option exists also with stackers.

Scales for Forklift Trucks: LOGIWEIGH FLT-IWF- Independent Weighing Forks

LOGIWEIGH FLT-IWF- independent weighing forks – turns each fork lift truck into a mobile weighing system!

A great advantage is its flexibility as the FLT-IWF may be easily removed and reinstalled in another fork lift truck. No need for new fork lift truck – the existing one will do.

Scales for Forklift Trucks: LOGIWEIGH FLT-SWF Structured Weighing Forks


The FLT-SWF is a specially structured weighing forks system.

The weighing system is built into the forks and the indicator is installed in driver's cabin.

The FLT-SWF becomes an integral part of the fork lift truck , working on its battery.

Industrial Software: Weighing Bridge Sotware - Amethyst

The AMETHYST is the ultimate, user friendly software for truck scales.
It is specially designed by “SHKILA MFG LTD” , to operate and register the vehicles movement on the weighing system.


Amethyst enables the user to easily insert information and accordingly recieve the needed reports.


This screen shows how easily the user may find the requested  weighing  invoice by choosing date/driver etc.


This screen shows the way the user can choose the parameters he wants in the log file The log file can be created as a TXT file or an XML file.


This screen shows the way the user can choose the data to be shown on the report. Different reports may be created by demand.

Industrial Software: Industrial Automation Software - TOPAZ

No more guessing, no more incorrections: one system is doing everything - batching, processing, managment!!!!
Shkila is proud to present its TOP A to Z computerized production managment system , especially designed for your plant.

TOPAZ -  complete industrial automation user friendly program.

PC based workstations = no PLC involved,  any PC will do!
PC based workstations = off-the-shelf components .
PC based workstations =  on line , real time remote service for both batching and data processing.
PC based workstations = easily customized to your specific needs.
PC based workstations = no limits on the amount of orders, materials or mix designs stored in the system.
PC based workstations =  user/customer's independance.

TOPAZ may be integrated in any plant (no matter how old).
TOPAZ  is the most clever production program, built on windows xp.
TOPAZ  takes care of  the batching process as well as of data processing.

The program is working on-line, while controlling the entire system resources.
This way the system is achieving the highest possible speed and the best possible  production efficiency in the industrial batching field.

The program includes several layers of information especially designed for the different users, all having entrance codes and passwords.

Industrial Software: SCALE TO PC COM - BASALT

The BASALT is the optimal communication software, between scales and computers, which saves both  typing (key-in) mistakes and time.
*The BASALT  actually transfers the weighing data from the weight indicator to the computer/terminal.
*This transfer is done by a simple click on any key of the computer/terminal keyboard.
*The weighing data would place itself at the curser spot on the computer display – at the moment of transfer, as if it was keyed-in.
*Afterwards,  the BASALT  enables the transfer of weighing info to the next field by virtually clicking on any key (ENTER/TAB….).

Industrial Software: WI/FI ETHERNET SERVER

The optimal communication software which enables connection of weighing systems to external software systems such as VOICE, or other WMS or ERP.

*The server "speaks"/communicates with several mobile systems in the warehouse/production hall.

*According to external WMS/ERP system demand, the system transfers the weighing data to  the WMS/ERP through  ETHERNET communication.

Industrial Software: WIFI FILES SERVER

The optimal communication software which enables connection of weighing systems to external software systems such as VOICE, or other WMS or ERP.

*The server "speaks"/communicates with several mobile systems in the warehouse/production hall.

*According to external WMS/ERP system demand, the system transfers the weighing data  to  the WMS/ERP through  FILES replacement.

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