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IMAPAN, is a Colombian company established in 1977, in Medellin and dedicated to the design and manufacture of bakery equipment. The Company has an extensive experience in the manufacture of machine prototypes and is a renowned manufacturer of:

  • Bakery Equipment,
  • Biscuit Machines,
  • Automatic Dough Sheeters,
  • Spiral Mixers,
  • Cheese Grinders,
  • Cheese Shredders,
  • Bread Forming Machines,
  • Tortilla Machines,
  • Dough Dividers,
  • Cheese bun Machines,
  • Puffed Rice Machines.

In today's competitive environment, IMAPAN provides its customers with high quality machinery, designed to reduce production time and cost.

"We also provide custom design services according to customers’ specifications".

 Currently, the Company distributes its products to Colombia, United States (Philadelphia, Chicago, Florida and New Jersey), Venezuela (Caracas), Peru and Ecuador.

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Contact info #1

Jorge Aurelio Caro Alzate
+57 4 265 8107
Production Manager
+57 4 265 8107
Carrera 65 F calle 23-55, Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia

Research & Development Services

Research and development of new machinery and equipment for the bakery and food industry.

Automatic Dough Sheeters

IMAPAN manufactures automatic dough refiners made of stainless steel with smart turn off timers. An automatic dough refiner machine performs the refined process with the use of a continuous system of laminating, turning and folding of the dough to obtain a refined dough according to the costumers’ requirements.

Spiral Mixer

The main function of the spiral mixer is to mix bread dough and make it homogeneous. IMAPAN’s 5-speed mixers are more durable than any other mixers available on the market and do not heat the dough thanks to their stainless steel spiral hook.

Automatic Biscuit Making Machinery

IMAPAN manufactures automatic biscuit making machines made of stainless steel.

Bread Forming Machine

The bread forming machine doses the dough and forms the bread. It consists of two modules, the forming module and the cutter which can work independently. The bread forming machine is ideal for dough weighting up to 550gr.

Cheese Shredder

Equipment designed to shred different kinds of cheese weighting up to 35 kg with the ability to shred up to 900gr per second. Made entirely of stainless steel.

Panzerottis Cutter

IMAPAN manufactures 1-3 lane panzerottis cutting machines, with two mills and stainless steel moulds. Up to 8000 units/hour.

Cereal Puffing Machine

Gas and electric powered cereal puffing machine for up to 4 kg/12 minutes.

Cheese Grinder

IMAPAN manufactures cheese grinders, with geared motor and interchangeable discs up to 2mm in diameter. Can grind up to 150 kg of cheese/hour.

Tortilla Dough Machine

IMAPAN manufactures machines that deliver tortilla dough up to 37cm in diameter.

Custom Design

In today's competitive environment, IMAPAN provides its customers with high quality machinery, designed to reduce production time and cost.

Other Capabilities

Among IMAPAN’s capabilities are:

  • Assembly - Equipment and prototypes,
  • Electrical Services - Checks and control of related components,
  • Engineering Services - AutoCAD Design,
  • Machining Services - 3-Axis CNC drilling and milling,
  • Rapid Prototyping - Design and construction of rapid prototypes.


  • Carrera 65 F Calle 23 55, Antioquia, Medellin, Colombia
  • +57 4 265 8107
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