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FORJAS BOLIVAR S.A.S., is a metalworking company specialized in the hot forging of stainless steel. The Company focuses on the provision of spare parts to several market sectors including the cement, mining, oil, chemical, milling, bottling and construction sectors:

  • Special Bolts,
  • Hexagonal Bolts,
  • Anchor Bolts for Mill Liners and Coolers,
  • Conveyor Chains,
  • Kiln Chains,
  • Elevator Chains,
  • Refractory Anchors,
  • Reclaimer Chains,
  • Round and Oval Link Chains for Rotary Kilns,
  • Rollers and Liners.

Since 1968, FORJAS BOLIVAR S.A.S. has been manufacturing products and spare parts in forged steel for the heavy industry, as well as tools for the carpentry and construction sectors, exporting its portfolio of products to 18 different countries.



  • Meet the needs of its customers through the supply of high quality products,
  • Contribute to the growth of its employees professionally and personally,
  • Provide return on investment to its shareholders,
  • Assist in building a healthy and dignified environment for the community in general.

FORJAS BOLIVAR’s long experience and its desire to better understand the needs of the industry, has allowed the Company to develop products that answer the highest quality needs of the most demanding customers. A combination of high quality engineering services, cutting edge technology, research & development activities and the knowledge and commitment of a highly qualified and motivated team, together with the utilization of top quality steel and raw materials, allows FORJAS BOLIVAR S.A.S. to offer valuable solutions to its clients, at competitive prices.

All products are 100% forged in carbon, alloy or refractory steel, manufactured under international standards, according to customers’ requirements.

FORJAS BOLIVAR’s processes are ISO 9001:2000 certified. In the American Cement Industry, FORJAS BOLIVAR is known as one of the most important providers of spare parts. The excellence of its products and its competitive prices are acknowledged by important cement groups in the region, such as CEMEX, ESSROC, LAFARGE, and HOLCIM.


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Felipe Arango R.
+57 4 263 5500
Marketing & Sales
+57 4 233 4454
Calle 73 NO.51C 35, Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia

Design Services

FORJAS BOLIVAR S.A.S.’s extensive experience in the manufacture of parts along with the close relationship with its customers has allowed it to build a strong technical knowledge base, addressed by a qualified engineering department that specialises in the design of equipment and products with the aim of achieving the highest standards of quality and durability.

Installation Services

FORJAS BOLIVAR S.A.S., provides installation services for the integrated solutions it offers. Chains and bolts on cement kilns and mill liners are some products that the Company’s highly trained and qualified personnel are able to install on site. FORJAS BOLIVAR is offering preventing maintenance services by monitoring the equipment’s condition and recommending the replacement of parts before a failure occurs. As a result, the client can be able to focus on its business activities allowing the installation process to be executed by experts in the field.

Training Services

FORJAS BOLIVAR S.A.S.’s extensive knowledge in steel, heat treatment and modern manufacturing processes allows the Company to offer training programs tailored to each customer’s needs in order to improve the operation and maintenance of equipment.

Design Optimization & Monitoring

FORJAS BOLIVAR S.A.S. offers analysis and optimization services on the design of the chaining system in wet process cement kilns. The initial analysis and subsequent redesign of the chaining system allows the company to minimize specific problems related to chaining systems in customers’ equipment, such as excessive dust generation, high back end temperatures, ring formations and excessive wear, among others. The service provided consists of an initial assessment of the current chaining system and the kiln’s operating conditions in order to determine if the system can be improved by modifying the chain density and materials in each section of the kiln.

Additionally, FORJAS BOLIVAR compares the performance of the kiln with other similar kilns worldwide so that new performance targets be defined. FORJAS BOLIVAR has qualified engineers and is supported by international experts with vast technical experience in the cement industry.

Kiln Chains

FORJAS BOLIVAR S.A.S. offers kiln chains made of the highest quality carbon steel, stainless steel and alloys, under the DIN, ASTM, ISO and ASME standards for the following equipment:

  • Cement Kilns,
  • Elevators,
  • Cooling Fridge Curtains.

Engineering Chains

FORJAS BOLIVAR S.A.S. manufactures engineering chains made of the highest quality carbon steel, stainless steel and alloys, under the DIN, ASTM, ISO and ASME standards for:

  • Wheels,
  • Drag chains,
  • Sprockets.

Applications: Transportation of bulk materials, crushed or from mines, as well as cane and grain transportation.

Special Bolts

FORJAS BOLIVAR S.A.S. manufactures special bolts of the highest quality, under the DIN, ASTM, ISO and ASME standards:

  • Hex Bolts,
  • Cylindrical Bolts,
  • Fastening Bolts,
  • T Bolts,
  • Hexagon Bolts,
  • Hammer Bolts,
  • Other Bolts and Screws.


  • Precalciners,
  • Kiln Ovens,
  • Milling Machines,
  • Crusher Machines,
  • Elevators,
  • Bulldozers, Blades and Shovels,
  • Jaw Crusher Liners.

Refractory Anchors

FORJAS BOLIVAR S.A.S. manufactures refractory anchors of the highest quality, made of the highest quality carbon steel, stainless steel and alloys under the DIN, ASTM, ISO and ASME standards for the following equipment:

  • Precalciners,
  • Kiln Ovens.

Transportation Rollers

FORJAS BOLIVAR S.A.S. manufactures low noise and friction transportation rollers of the highest quality through the process of surface heat treatment, made of the highest quality carbon steel, stainless steel and alloys.

Other Products

FORJAS BOLIVAR S.A.S. manufactures high quality products for the general industry:

  • Excavator Buckets,
  • Flanges,
  • Round and Oval Link Chains for Rotary Kilns.

Machine Park

FORJAS BOLIVAR S.A.S. is equipped with equipped with an advanced machine park, that includes:

• 4 forming machines for forging steel up to 2½cm wide,
• 6 presses with a capacity of up to 600 tons,
• 2 induction furnaces,
• 1 CNC induction hardening machine,
• 1 CNC electrostatic milling machine,
• 1 CNC flame and plasma cutting machine,
• 1 shot peening machine,
• 3 production lines for link chains,
• 2 CNC lathes,
• 3 CNC vertical mills,
• 2 thread rolls up to 4cm wide.

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CEMEX COLOMBIA: January 2008. USD 250.000. Redesign, manufacture and technical support on the replacement of clinker conveyor chains.




  • Replacement time for the wheels was reduced from 2 hours to 10 minutes.
  • 20% increase in the life of the chain.


CEMEX – HOLCIM; VENEZUELA AND COLOMBIA: USD 1.200.000. Redesign and manufacture of castable refractory anchors seeking to increase mechanical strength and corrosion resistance.


ARGOS: January 2006 - 2008. USD 1.000.000. Everest project; New production line for Cementos del Nare.




  • Improvement of the quality of materials used in the kiln chains.
  • Rearrangement of chains in the kilns taking into account wear and temperature conditions in each zone of the kiln.


Forjas Bolivar S.A.S.

  • Street 73 No 51 c 35, A.A.3442, Medellin, Colombia
  • +57 4 263 5500
  • +57 4 233 4454
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