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  • Aircraft, Helicopter, UAV, Spacecraft & related equipment
  • Maintenance Repair Overhaul and Logistics Support
  • Services (R&D, training, engineering, consultancy, …)

PRECISION AEREO LTDA., is an aeronautical repair workshop located at the “El Dorado” International Airport, in Bogota, Colombia and dedicated to the provision of maintenance and repair services to the regional market.

PRECISION AEREO LTDA. was established in 1992 as an authorized aeronautical repair workshop certified by the Special Administrative Unit of Civil Aeronautics - UAEAC. The Company has the infrastructure to provide technical support in the field of aeronautics, meeting the demanding needs of the aviation industry, with quality maintenance, repair and engineering services.

The Company has become one of the leading suppliers of aeronautical parts and services nationwide. PRECISION AEREO LTDA. is equipped with advanced laboratories for the repair of all kinds of mechanical, gyroscopic, electrical and electronic components for civil and military aircraft.


PRECISION AEREO LTDA. is an authorized repair station positioned in the region that meets the needs of their customers with high quality products and services through the efficient and innovative use of human and technological resources, in compliance with the national and international standards of the aviation sector.


The Company focuses on the continuous improvement of processes, aircraft maintenance techniques and human resources in order to ensure compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements of the industry.

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Contact info #1

Jose Nelson Cajamarca Rojas
+57 1 410 4907
General Manager
+57 1 753 3768
Calle 25D NO.85 C75, Bogota, Cundinamarca, Colombia

Contact info #2

Natalia Mercedes Noriega Cruz
+57 1 410 4907
Commercial Department Manager
+57 1 753 3768
Calle 25D NO.85 C75, Bogota, Cundinamarca, Colombia

Contact info #3

Xiomara Castro
+57 1 410 4907
Deputy Director
+57 1 410 5268
Calle 25D, No. 85C-75, Bogota, Colombia

Repair Services

PRECISION AEREO LTDA. is an authorised aviation repair workshop specialised in the maintenance of radio communication equipment, accessories and instrumentation. The Company’s modern laboratories meet the requirements of the Colombian Civil Aviation Authority for the provision of technical support, maintenance, repair and installation services.

Radio-navigation Workshop:

  • CLASS I: Communication Equipment,
  • CLASS II: Navigation Equipment,
  • CLASS III: RF Pulse Measurement Equipment.

Electronics Workshop:

  • CLASS I: Mechanical Accessories,
  • CLASS II: Electrical Accessories,
  • CLASS III: Electronic Accessories.

Instrumentation Workshop:

  • CLASS I: Mechanical Equipment,
  • CLASS II: Gyroscopic Equipment,
  • CLASS III: Electrical Equipment,
  • CLASS IV: Electronics Equipment.

Metrology Workshop:

  • Electrical and Electronic Measurement Systems: Multimeters, Voltmeters, Ampere-meters,
  • Frequency Meters and Oscilloscopes,
  • Audio, RF Pulse Measurement Equipment,
  • Torquemetres,
  • Manometers.

GSE Workshop:

  • Power Generators,
  • Hydraulic Systems,
  • Forklifts,
  • Tow Tractors,
  • Compressors and Systems,
  • Workbenches,
  • Tungars.

Special Projects

Among the services PRECISION AEREO LTDA. can undertake are:

  • Design, manufacture and installation of supports for snipers.
  • Design and manufacture of test benches for BELL 212 helicopters and fuel pumps.
  • Design and manufacture of multipurpose platforms for mounting interior weapons, such as GAU 19, GAU 16, MK 19 and MK 44.
  • Engineering Studies and Analysis.

Supply of Parts

PRECISION AEREO LTDA. has experience in the design, manufacture and supply of electrical wiring harnesses, such as:

  • LHM-052-9856,
  • ARM-2W6-1,
  • MCE-122W-T5,
  • ARM-2W2-001.

Qualified Personnel

PRECISION AEREO LTDA. is equipped with highly qualified, trained and licensed professionals by the FAA with an over 20 year experience in the aeronautical maintenance and repair sector.

Main Clients & Projects

Colombian Air Force: Manufacture and installation of the electrical harness system “Syncrophaser” of the set of propellers on 4 C-130 planes (FAC 1001, 1004, 1005, 1015) of the Colombian Air Force.


National Navy: Design, manufacture, installation and configuration of interior platforms for the assembly of the GAU 19, GAU 16, MK 19 and MK 44 armaments used in the BELL 212 and 412 helicopters.


CCE TECHNICAL SERVICES: Electronic, electrical, mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic components services.


Colombian Air Force: Manufacture of hoses and repair of hydraulic system components for the different aircraft of the Colombian Air Force.


Colombian Air Force: Design, manufacture and installation of supports for snipers for the BELL 412 and BELL 412 helicopters of the Colombian Air Force.


Precision Aereo Ltda.

  • Calle 25D, No. 85C 75, Bogota, Colombia
  • +57 1 410 4907
  • +57 1 410 5268
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