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  • Maintenance Repair Overhaul and Logistics Support
  • Mechanical, Electro-mechanical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic components
  • Metal Processing, Parts & Components

FABRITORNILLOS, is a Colombian company that manufactures products for fluid transportation for the metalworking industry, such as couplings, hoses, welding equipment, fittings, fasteners, as well as hardware products.

FABRITORNILLOS is situated in Bogota and during the last 20 years it has been established as a manufacturing and marketing company offering metalworking products and engineering services, such as industrial maintenance and integrated industrial services.


FABRITORNILLOS has become an acknowledged company based on its continuous quality improvement principles and innovative products supply. The Company’s main goal is to provide its customers with high quality durable products, guaranteeing their satisfaction for many years.


FABRITORNILLOS believes that:

  • Its products and services are linked to the capabilities and talent of its engineering team.
  • Its clients and providers are thankful for it being a company with a capable engineering team able to provide high quality products.
  • The continuous improvement of processes and materials will benefit the quality and price of the final products.
  • The customers need to be provided with creative and innovative solutions.
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Contact info #1

Carlos Cortes
+57 1 201 1927 Cel: +57 315 336 5823
General Manager
+57 1 201 1909
6th Ave. No 37A-30, Bogota, Colombia

Contact info #2

Olga Lucia Vaquero
+57 1 201 1927 Cel: +57 315 336 5823
Sub Manager
+57 1 201 1909
6th Ave. No 37A-30, Bogota, Colombia

Design & Maintenance Services

FABRITORNILLOS can manufacture everything related to the machining of special steel, stainless steel, copper, bronze, brass, etc. The Company also offers design and maintenance services on gears, machinery parts, electrical switches and tubes.


FABRITORNILLOS offers different types of metallic hoses for fluid conduction (food, water, compressed air, hydrocarbons etc.) mostly made of high pressure and temperature resistant stainless steel.


FABRITORNILLOS offers lock quick couplings for compressed air, gas, water, lubricants, etc. These couplings offer a variety of connection options and have a compact design.


FABRITORNILLOS can manufacture galvanized or chrome plated fittings made of stainless steel, aluminum, bronze or Teflon, such as nuts and connectors.

Hardware Supplies

FABRITORNILLOS can manufacture hardware items for the household and the engineering industry, especially construction supplies (finishing, electricity, carpentry and plumbing supplies), as well as mechanic, agricultural and livestock supplies.


FABRITORNILLOS manufactures screws in different sizes and materials, namely luxury nuts (for artillery and automotive parts), socket set screws, square head screws and hex screws.

Specialized Equipment

FABRITORNILLOS is equipped with specialized machinery, such as:

  • Stamping Presses,
  • Bending Machines,
  • Polishing Machines.

Welding Equipment

FABRITORNILLOS has the technology to manufacture all types of welding tools (aluminum, stainless steel, bronze and copper). The Company is equipped with electronic welding, submerged arc welding (TIG - Tungsten Inert Gas, MIG - Metal Inert Gas, MAG - Gas - Metal Arc), oxyacetylene welding and other special welding machinery.

Specialized Engineering Team

FABRITORNILLOS is qualified with a specialized engineering team including twelve employees in the management and engineering departments who are professionally educated and have a technical or engineering degree.

Production Mode

FABRITORNILLOS’ products are mostly produced in series, but the Company also uses a form of production on demand, in accordance with the needs of every particular client, providing personalized services that create a bond of trust and loyalty.

Fabritornillos S.A.S.

  • 6th Ave. No 37A 30, Bogota, Colombia
  • +57 1 201 1927
  • +57 1 201 1927
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