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UNIVERSIDAD AUTONOMA DEL CARIBE, is an institution of private higher education located in the city of Barranquilla, Colombia. With over 40 years of experience, UNIVERSIDAD AUTONOMA DEL CARIBE has been the first choice for students in Colombia. The University offers high quality academic programs, certified under the ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management, namely undergraduate programs, masters and specialties, as well as research, technical, artistic and sports activities.


UNIVERSIDAD AUTONOMA DEL CARIBE is a center for culture and science, aiming to generate, spread and apply knowledge in a huge variety of fields within the framework of humanistic, scientific and technological development.


UNIVERSIDAD AUTONOMA DEL CARIBE aims to be consolidated as an institution recognized as a catalyst for change, innovation, academic excellence and social projection, being the best option for those who choose higher education in the Caribbean Region.


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Contact info #1

Shirley Oliveros
+57 5 357 5944
Extension & Social Projection Director
Calle 90 No 46-112 Barranquilla, Colombia

Undergraduate Programs

UNIVERSIDAD AUTONOMA DEL CARIBE offers high quality undergraduate programs in 6 different faculties:

Faculty of economic administrative and accounting sciences:

  • Business administration,
  • Public accounting,
  • Tourism and hotel administration,
  • International business and finance,
  • Maritime operations and management,
  • Technology in port management,
  • Professionals in port operations.

Faculty of Engineering:

  • Systems engineering,
  • Industrial engineering,
  • Mechanical engineering,
  • Mechatronics engineering,
  • Electronics and telecommunications engineering,
  • Materials engineering,
  • Design and analysis of systems and computing.

Faculty of Law:

  • Law.

Faculty of Architecture, Art and Design:

  • Architecture,
  • Fashion design,
  • Innovation and fashion,
  • Space design,
  • Graphic design,
  • Interactive and multimedia production.

Faculty of Social and Human Sciences:

  • Social communication and journalism,
  • Radio and television production and management,
  • Psychology.

Distance Learning Courses:

  • Logistics operation,
  • Logistics management and foreign trade,
  • International business and finance.


UNIVERSIDAD AUTONOMA DEL CARIBE offers specialized programs in different areas of knowledge:

Administrative, Accounting and Financial Field:

  • Senior management,
  • Human resource management,
  • Statutory and external audits,
  • Finance and accounting management,
  • Public financial management,
  • Finance and international business,
  • Marketing,
  • International marketing,
  • Taxation,
  • Tourism management.

Architecture, Art and Design Field:

  • Architectural design,
  • Architectural project management,
  • Urban and regional planning.

Social and Human Sciences Field:

  • Management of organizational communication,
  • Communication for social development.

Field of Law:

  • Criminal law,
  • Conflict mediation,
  • Children’s law.

Engineering Field:

  • Operations production management,
  • Coal engineering.

Engineering Field: (In agreement with the UNIVERSIDAD NATIONAL DE SANTANDER)

  • Maintenance management.

Master’s Degrees

UNIVERSIDAD AUTONOMA DEL CARIBE offers master programs forming highly qualified specialists in a particular area of knowledge:

Administrative, Accounting and Financial Field:

  • Marketing,
  • Quality in health services.

Social and Human Sciences Field:

  • Master of education.

Engineering Field:

  • Mechanics engineering with emphasis on energy management,
  • Management systems.

Engineering Field: (in agreement with the UNIVERSIDAD DEL VALLE)

  • Industrial engineering.

Research Groups & Centers

Research Groups: UNIVERSIDAD AUTONOMA DEL CARIBE offers a variety of research activities in different fields, benefiting education and contributing to society as a whole:

  • Field of Education and Society,
  • Field of Technology Development and Innovation,
  • Field of Development and Management Services,
  • Field of Territorial Development, Public Entities and Environment,
  • Field of Architectural Design, Art and Culture,
  • Field of Social Development and Human Potential.

Research Centers: The University has created research centers based on institutional excellence and focused on the search of alternatives for generating knowledge, benefiting the society’s comprehensive development.

Semilleros De Investigacion

The Semilleros De Investigacion is a group of young people that are actively participating in research and development processes through institutional projects and scientific events, aiming to promote the spirit of research and development.

Extension & Social Projection Department

The Extension and Social Projection Department of UNIVERSIDAD AUTONOMA DEL CARIBE aims to promote the University - Company - State interaction and communication, through integration processes among the social environment, the people and the communities that comprise it.

The extension courses include Continuing Education and Management programs, such as postgraduate courses, seminars and programs for the dissemination of knowledge and the exchange of experiences, designed to ensure the general welfare of the community and meeting the needs of society, especially in the Colombian Caribbean region.

Continuing Education Center

The University provides a set of academic activities to the community in general, with the purpose of updating, supplementing and deepening knowledge and strengthening skills and competencies through flexible programs and seminars.

Internationalization Activities

UNIVERSIDAD AUTONOMA DEL CARIBE has implemented internationalization activities, as a response to the phenomenon of globalization, that aim to strengthen links with academic, public and private national and international institutions, contributing to the dissemination of knowledge.

Internationalization Programs:

  • Academy Without Borders,
  • World Citizens,
  • E-Research Cooperation.

Universidad Autonoma del Caribe

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