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FERIA AERONAUTICA INTERNACIONAL F-AIR COLOMBIA, is a growing aviation business platform, whose goal is to boost the aviation industry development with its services and privileged geographical position. F-AIR COLOMBIA aims to become a leading business and commercial hub worldwide with the exchange of products and services on several fields, such as:

  • Civil sector,
  • Commercial aviation industry,
  • Military technology sector,
  • Sector of defense,
  • Technical maintenance sector,
  • Airport Equipment sector,
  • Ground handling sector.


In order to commemorate the 15th operational anniversary of the Jose M. Córdova airport in 2000, F-AIR COLOMBIA decided to organize an aeronautical fair which turned out to be a major success. Hence, in 2002 the Rionegro’s First Air Show was organized at the same airport, offering the appropriate room availability to exhibitors from the aviation industry, along with several business alternatives on this field.

The F-AIR COLOMBIA 2013 air show led by the Civil Aeronautics and supported by the Colombian Air Force has become a growing scenario in South America and the Caribbean. The fair is aiming at promoting the development of the aviation industry with the participation of 25 countries and more than 200 technology companies through the exchange of goods and services in areas of civil and commercial aviation and defense.


  • To create interaction opportunities between civil and defense aviation companies and public and private customers.
  • To become a platform that generates and strengthens commercial and business relations.
  • To position Colombia as a leader in the aviation market in the region, while encouraging foreign investments at the same time.
  • Create information sharing opportunities through academic sessions focused on topics of interest to the industry. 


  • Establishing of national and international corporate image,
  • Aviation industry development,
  • Aviation and airport security strengthening,
  • Aeronautical equipment renewal,
  • Foreign investment generation,
  • Establishment of strategic partnerships in the public and private sectors,
  • Public and business relations promotion,
  • Government support,
  • Academic upgrading and development,
  • Social management,
  • Business partnerships development.


  • Enabling regional and national tourism,
  • Economic reactivation,
  • Emergency plan implementation,
  • Regional temporary employment,
  • Logistics recruitment,
  • Medical emergency network,
  • Security recruitment,
  • Participation of companies in other sectors (telecommunications, food, manufacturing, etc.),
  • Regional aviation industry reinforcement,
  • Tax and contribution payments,
  • Social development centers.


  • Stability,
  • Incentives for foreign investment,
  • It provides the legal framework needed for the growth of the aviation industry,
  • It is in a privileged geographical location,
  • It has the necessary physical and technological infrastructure, services and telecommunications for the development of competitiveness.
Feria Aeronautica Internacional (F-AIR COLOMBIA) - PicturesFeria Aeronautica Internacional (F-AIR COLOMBIA) - Pictures 2

Contact info #1

Sonia Villabona
+57 1 266 3005 266 3006
Commercial Manager
+57 1 413 9342
Airport "EL DORADO", Bogota, Colombia

International Aeronautical Fair

F-AIR COLOMBIA offers the appropriate platform for national and international exhibitions in the following business categories:

  • Civil aviation,
  • Military aviation technology, airspace and defense (air, land & sea),
  • Aircraft components, equipment and materials,
  • Technical and technology services and repair,
  • Airport infrastructure,
  • Research and development
  • Authorities, organizations and associations,
  • Instruction and training services.

F-AIR COLOMBIA’s target group is mainly composed of official national and international delegates, authorities, Colombian government officials, executives and managers in the defense and security industry and the public in general. Among the benefits that emerge from participating in the International Aeronautical Fairs of F-AIR COLOMBIA are:

  • Creation of direct relationships among national and international exhibitors and decision-makers of the national and international private and military sectors,
  • Strengthening of sales network and existing relationships with current clients,
  • Creation of opportunities among exhibitors and visitors in terms of portfolio of products and services,
  • Understanding of the technological developments and innovations for the aviation industry,
  • Establishing relations with the most representative companies of the global aviation industry.

Τhe last exhibition of F-AIR COLOMBIA in July 2013 that took place in Rionegro in numbers:

  • Total number of companies participating: 208,
  • Aircraft: 109,
  • Air Shows: 27,
  • Visitors: 54,063,
  • Trade visitors: 3000,
  • Participating Countries: Israel, Brazil, UK, USA, Colombia, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Chile, Spain, Rusia, Czech Republic, Canada, France, Venezuela, Germany, Argentina, Korea, Guatemala, Honduras, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Uruguay.

Previous International Aeronautical Fairs

F-AIR COLOMBIA’s previous International Aeronautical Fairs have taken place in 2004, 2006, 2008, 2011 and 2013.


Feria Aeronautica Internacional (F-AIR COLOMBIA)

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