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EPIC INNOVA, is a Colombian company specializing in prototypes and the protection of the intellectual property and rights. EPIC INNOVA designs innovative solutions and transforms them into cost effective, commercially viable new products.

The Company is capable of identifying markets needs and develop cost efficient products with innovative approaches and proprietary technology. In order to develop the foreseen solution, EPIC INNOVA brings into play specialized companies in each field.

EPIC INNOVA, has agreements with universities and research groups to enhance its innovative and developing capacity. The nucleus of EPIC INNOVA is a group of inventors and experts in the areas of Economics, Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Systems, Business and International Relations, Machine Tooling and Intellectual Property. Most of the Company’s experts have developed and patented inventions on their own. EPIC INNOVA has established relations with more than fifteen service provider companies, collaborating with new companies for the development of a new product when needed.

EPIC INNOVA has many products in the R&D pipeline, such as High frequency UV sterilizers, water purifiers, HID ballasts, electronic ballasts and water generators, among others.


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Mario Valderrama
+57 1 624 4447
Calle 127C No. 78 A-32, Bogota, D.C., Colombia


EPIC INNOVA has designed, developed and patented a new geometry "no volute gear" for power transmissions. This design increases the contact surface between the transmission gear and the pinion, distributing to a greater area the forces applied, thereby reducing the diameter of the transmission down to 1/3.

Foreseen applications for these inventions are light (automobiles) and heavy vehicles (trucks, tractors and tanks) and aircraft.


EPIC INNOVA has developed a UV sterilization technique that substantially increases the efficiency of UV rays and therefore germicide protection. This discharge kills more germs with lower power and provides more protection than that of the conventional UV systems as shown in sterilization tests. Its efficiency is higher than that if the current UV sterilization devices. Its lower energy consumption allows for the use of photovoltaic cells.

This efficient UV system can be useful for the medical, industrial food and beverages sector and for those activities where HACCP compliance is mandatory. Other applications include water purification for the general industry, hospitals and dwellings, as well as for sites where electric grid is not available. Several ones can be connected to create small water purification plants. They are the basic component for EPIC INNOVA’s Modular Autonomous Purification Plants-MAPP, which also include EPIC INNOVA’s specially designed filters. The picture on the right is of an Autonomous Electronic UV Sterilizer.


Parting from current technology, the insulating unit is made by bonding two glass panes together using a specially designed frame to create an airtight unit. A valve can control the air in the void area between the two glass panes. The frame can be made using joints.

These traits deliver an airtight panel with higher sound and thermal insulation capacity that can be repaired without removing the window from the site or vehicle. This new assembling technology increases thermal and acoustic insulation capacity, reduces glass thickness and cost. It is technically advanced and easy to manufacture. The frame can be reinforced for security purposes, is strongly anchored to a building or vehicle and two security glass panes are installed in the reinforced frame. The picture on the right, is of a window without reinforcing elements.


EPIC INNOVA uses advanced composite techniques, as well as a variety of fibers, fabric designs and liners for filament wound structure and a variety of resins to make industrial hoses for stringent applications. The Company combines fibers, fabrics and resins depending on the product.

EPIC INNOVA’s hoses are made of composite materials for industrial applications that are suitable for fuels, lubricants and chemical products where high standards are required. They can withstand pressure up to 5.000 - 10.000 PSI always in compliance with industrial standards and norms.

Other applications include submarine and floating hoses (ship loading and unloading). EPIC INNOVA’s raw materials providers are first class international companies.


EPIC INNOVA manufactures precision lids that are suitable for sealing metal cans air tightly. Aluminum cans and tins are widely present in the food and beverages packaging industry and PROTAP is the appropriate solution to preserve their content.

SCANNING MATRIX - Financial and Operational Simulation of Complex Systems

SCANNING MATRIX is a quantitative simulator applied to the complex systems or the production, business and organizational activities of the company. It is a predictive numerical model that simulates the effects of strategic decisions on the finances and the sustainability of enterprises.

SCANNING MATRIX integrates the operational and financial information of a company, simulating scenarios and their cumulative effect over time. This program streamlines decisions, allows for the optimization of operations, management of risks and planning and forecasting. It is also a means of monitoring and controlling the performance of the company.

Epic Innova

  • Calle 127C No. 78 A 32, Bogota, Colombia
  • +57 1 624 4447
  • +57 1 624 4447
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