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UNIVERSIDAD DEL ATLANTICO, is a public higher educational institution that offers high quality undergraduate and postgraduate programs in different fields. The institution is considered a cultural asset in Colombia, El Atlántico and the Caribbean region. The University forms sound professionals with a very positive attitude towards research in diverse scientific and humanistic fields. Also, it makes possible for the students’ community to fully develop its intellectual capacity.

The University produces and disseminates real knowledge for the development of professionals with high ethical, political and professional qualities, as well as a culture based on the active participation of society. This is achieved through research, educational activities and social projection.

UNIVERSIDAD DE ATLANTICO offers a variety of bachelors and masters degrees in Economics, Social Sciences, Chemistry, Mathematics, I.T., Engineering, Tourism, Education and Performing Arts.


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  • Efficiency,
  • Equity,
  • Leadership,
  • Participation,
  • Sense of ownership.
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Contact info #1

Rafael Angel Castillo Pacheco
+57 5 319 7245
Km 7 Via a Puerto, Barranquilla, Atlantico, Colombia

Contact info #2

Ivan Martin Leon Luna
+57 5 319 7245
Vice Rector
Km 7 Via a Puerto, Barranquilla, Atlantico, Colombia

Undergraduate Programs

UNIVERSIDAD DEL ATLANTICO offers undergraduate programs, such as:

Faculty of Architecture:

• Architecture

Faculty of Fine Arts:

• Music Literature
• Drama
• Fine Arts
• Dance
• Music

Faculty of Basic Sciences:

• Biology
• Mathematics
• Physics
• Chemistry

Faculty of Education:

• Biology and Chemistry
• Social Sciences
• Arts Education
• Physical Cultural, Recreation and Sports Studies
• Spanish and Literature
• Foreign Languages
• Mathematics
• Education for People with Disabilities
• Primary Education

Faculty of Nutrition and Dietetics:

• Nutrition and Dietetics

Faculty οf Chemistry and Pharmacy:

• Pharmaceutical Sciences

Faculty οf Economics:

• Business Administration
• Public Accounting
• Finance
• Tourism Operations
• Tourism Management

Faculty οf Humanities:

• History
• Philosophy
• Sociology

Faculty οf Law:

• Law

Faculty of Engineering:

• Chemical Engineering
• Industrial Engineer
• Mechanical Engineering
• Agro-industrial Engineering

Postgraduate Programs

UNIVERSIDAD DEL ATLANTICO offers postgraduate programs, such as:

Masters Degrees:

• Education
• Physics
• Environmental Sciences
• Mathematics
• Linguistics
• Biology
• Latin American and Caribbean literature
• Food and Nutrition Security
• Gender and Domestic Violence Studies


• Natural Sciences with an Emphasis on Environmental Education
• Clinical Pharmacy
• Territorial Finance
• General Physics
• Efficient Energy Management
• Quality Management
• Organic Chemistry
• Applied Statistics
• Didactics
• Mathematics
• Labour and Social Security Law
• Sustainable Building Management


• Tropical Medicine
• Physical Sciences
• Educational Sciences

Research & Development Groups

Within UNIVERSIDAD DEL ATLANTICO, there are nowadays 95 Research and Development groups dedicated to the promotion and coordination of research and technology development within the faculties, formulating problems of interest, drawing strategic plans and producing results on a subject.

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UNIVERSIDAD DEL ATLANTICO is equipped with advanced laboratories and equipment for the development of research & development activities, namely:

Material Physics Laboratory equipped with specialized tooling, such as:

  • Modulated Differential Scanning Calorimeter (MDSC)
  • Modulated Thermogravimetric Analysis (MTG) Equipment
  • Simultaneous TGA/DSC Equipment
  • Mass Spectrometry
  • Controlled atmosphere system for the automatic measurement of electric resistance vs temperature
  • Arc furnace for preparing intermetallic compounds in an argon environment.

Optical Spectroscopy Laboratory for laser emission:

• Determination of solid, liquid, or gaseous materials through DES
• Quality control and categorization of lighting (fluorescent, sodium, mercury, LED lighting, etc.)

Food Laboratory:

• Analysis of food, raw material and chemical substances
• Technical assistance related to quality control for the food industry

Phytochemistry Laboratory:

• Photochemical management
• Extractions: oils-vegetables
• Chromatography testing
• Computational chemistry

Immunology & Molecular Biology Laboratory:

• Immunology and molecular biology testing

Medical Analytical Control Laboratory:

• Physicochemical analysis of medicines and raw materials

Electronics & Metrology Laboratory:

• Metrology measurement equipment
• Measurement systems implementation




• Application of L-aminoacids as quilarity inductors and soluble hetero Diels Alder reactions on solid ground, along with a corresponding study on antifungus and antitumor activity
• Genetic structure of decapoda palinuridae




• Automatic engine rebuilding
• Development of a milk drink with high nutritional content from buttermilk and cheese
• Establishment and strengthening of applied research units and technological development for the implementation of a new processing line in Peter Mills
• Development of a computerized numerical controller as a low cost solution for automated milling
• Monitoring of the power of an excimer laser used in surgery




• GRID Colombia: Computer services
• Operational space control
• Implementation of a virtual robotics laboratory


ECOPETROL: Strategic program for the generation of new technologies regarding energetic issues and the implementation of an integrated system related to the use of energy of several companies in five regions of the country.


Universidad del Atlantico

  • Carrera 43 Number 50 - 53, Barranquilla, Colombia
  • (57) (5) 3852266
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