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UNIVERSIDAD DE SAN BUENAVENTURA, was established in Cali, thirty eight years ago, on August 24, 1970. Today, the institution has six faculties:

  • Architecture, Art and Design;
  • Economics and Administrative Sciences;
  • Law and Political Sciences;
  • Education;
  • Engineering, and
  • Psychology, which offer a total of 16 undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

UNIVERSIDAD DE SAN BUENAVENTURA, is the first university in Colombia to have been equipped with a state-of-the-art educational campus that contains, among others, tennis, soccer, basketball and volleyball courts, an Olympic-size swimming pool, and over 85,000 square meters of infrastructure that includes a library, laboratories, high-tech engineering and design workshops, multimedia rooms, a video laboratory, research laboratories, creativity laboratories, microcomputer rooms and comfortable classrooms. The campus’ general objective is to promote the academic advances of the University and the social and economic development of the region and the country through research and technological adaptation, as well as processes that support entrepreneurship and the implementation of special projects that promote competition.

UNIVERSIDAD DE SAN BUENAVENTURA is proud to count among its past alumni, ministers, magistrates, governors, mayors and chief executive officers. They are distinguished for their humanity work, professional ethics, great sense of social responsibility, and commitment to their profession and to the country as well.


UNIVERSIDAD DE SAN BUENAVENTURA is an institution of higher education that provides solid, ethical, humanistic and scientific education that allows the educational community to develop responsible citizens who act in benefit of the society.


The University, from Catholic and Franciscan, as well as a scientific point of view, is a leading institution in knowledge management focused on human development.

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Contact info #1

Claudio Camilo Gonzalez
+57 2 488 2222, +57 2 318 2200
Dean of Engineering
+57 2 488 2231
Avenida 10 de Mayo, La Umbria, Via a Pance, Cali, Colombia

Undergraduate Programs

UNIVERSIDAD DE SAN BUENAVENTURA, offers undergraduate programs forming highly qualified professionals in different areas of knowledge:

Faculty of Architecture, Art and Design:

• Costume Design
• Architecture

Faculty of Economics:

• Business Administration
• Public Accounting
• Economics

Faculty of Law and Political Sciences:

• Government and International Relations
• Law

Education Faculty:

• Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish Language
• Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education

Faculty of Engineering:

• Agroindustrial Engineering
• Electronic Engineering
• Industrial Engineering
• Multimedia Engineering
• Systems Engineering

Faculty of Psychology:

• Psychology

Postgraduate Programs

UNIVERSIDAD DE SAN BUENAVENTURA offers postgraduate studies, such as:

Faculty of Architecture, Art and Design:

• Master in Architecture

Faculty of Economics:

• Master in Financial Management
• Specialization in Marketing
• Specialization in Strategic Management of Costs
• Specialization in Finance
• Specialization in Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development
• Specialization in Security Management
• Specialization in Business Administration
• Specialization in Maritime and Port Management

Faculty of Law and Political Sciences:

• Specialization in Penal and Criminal Procedure Law
• Specialization in Labour and Social Security Law

Faculty of Education:

• Doctorate in Education
• Master in Education: Human Development
• Master in Managing Educational Services

Faculty of Engineering:

• Master in Software Engineering
• Master in Engineering: Biotechnology
• Specialization in Networks and Telematics
• Specialization in Management of Industrial Plants
• Specialization in Project Management
• Specialization in Software Development Processes

Faculty of Psychology:

• Master in Psychology
• Specialization in Occupational Health Psychology
• Specialization in Clinical Psychology with Psychoanalytic Orientation

Continuing Education Programs

Among UNIVERSIDAD DE SAN BUENAVENTURA’s continuing education programs are the following:

Faculty of Architecture, Art and Design:

• Diploma in Architecture Design Regulations
• Diploma in Fashion Communication
• Diploma in Graphic Representation Tools (AutoCAD, Sketchup, Revit, Rhino, Adobe)

Faculty of Economics:

• Customer Service course
• Assertive Communication course for Organizations
• Diploma in Strategic Communication and Negotiation
• Diploma in Business Economic Environment
• Diploma in International Financial Reporting Standards for the Public Sector (IPSAS / NICSP)
• Diploma in Design, Implementation and Policies related to International Financial Reporting Standards for SMEs

Faculty of Law and Political Sciences:

• Diploma in Contemporary Societies and Commercial Contracts
• Diploma in International Relations
• Diploma in Environmental Management and Sustainable Development
• Diploma in Management of Foreign Investments
• Diploma in Reconciliation Law
• Diploma in Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law
• Update in Law (Virtual Courses)
• Diploma in Insurance

Faculty of Education:

• Diploma in University Education (Virtual Courses)
• Diploma in Computer Tools Applied to Education (Virtual Courses)
• Training Program: Children and Creativity
• ICTs in Teaching and the Development of Learning Skills
• Focus on Children’s Rights and Responsibilities in Early Childhood
• Training Program: Management of Educational Services
• Special Program in Pedagogical Studies

Faculty of Engineering:

• Seminar in Management and Inventory Control
• Diploma in Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
• Diploma in Logistics Operations Management
• Diploma in IT Projects Management
• Diploma in Design and Development of Multimedia Projects
• Diploma in Corporate Applications Development
• Diploma in Business Process Management
• Diploma in Video Game Art
• Diploma Intelligent and Sustainable Buildings
• Diploma in Internal Auditing Standards - GMP, HACCP and ISO 22000

Faculty of Psychology:

• Seminar Intervention in Contexts of Conflict
• Update in Psychometric Testing and its Relation to Psychological Assessment
• Diploma in Psychosocial Approach Towards Juvenile Offenders

Virtual Courses:

• Customer Service Course
• Assertive Communication course for Organizations
• Diploma Expert in Virtual Learning Environments
• ICTs in Teaching and the Development of Learning Skills

Research & Development Groups

UNIVERSIDAD DE SAN BUENAVENTURA’s research groups have as a goal to promote the generation of scientific and technological knowledge that contributes to the development of the Institution and society as well.

Research & Development Groups:

• Architecture, Urban Planning and Aesthetics
• Economics, Management, Territory and Sustainable Development
• Law and Contemporary Problems
• Senior Management, Humanities and Education
• Education and Human Development
• New Technologies, Work and Management
• Applied Electronics Laboratory
• Biotechnology
• Research Laboratory for Software Engineering Development
• Urban Aesthetics
• Evaluation and Quality of Education

Universidad de San Buenaventura

  • Carrera 122 # 6-65, Cali, Colombia
  • +57 2 488 2222, +57 2 318 2200
  • +57 2 488 2231
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