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The company Larsen has been founded in the year 1953 by Mr. G.G.Larsen in Bussum, The Netherlands. The company Buhl has been founded in the year 1935 by Mr. C.Buhl, a German engineer. Both companies are family businesses and high tech main suppliers. In January 2017 both companies have merged into Larsen & Buhl. Together they have guaranteed quality for almost 150 years and have a high involvement with their customers in the field of innovation and state-of-the-art production technology.

Production, assembling and (cleanroom) packaging and labelling are a solid concept for Larsen & Buhl. Not to mention the right professionals to determine the optimal production process for each product. This unique combination ensures that the company can quickly anticipate the continuously changing wishes and requirements with regard to customers’industry. Larsen & Buhl works for a large variety of distinctive customers in the medical industry, biotechnology, semiconductor industry and aerospace.

Larsen & Buhl manufactures according to customer specifications high quality precision components and subassemblies in small to medium series. On request they provide measuring reports and material certificates accompanied with the necessary Certificates of Conformance.

For the aerospace industry, Larsen & Buhl manufactures products of special materials such as Inconel, A286 and L605 in addition to aluminium products. Naturally, these comply with the strict regulations and comply with customer specifications and regulations from aerospace, (quality certificate in accordance with AS9100).

For the medical industry the company manufactures products, for example, to an industrial innovation leader in the field of materials and software to improve and extend lives of people with cancer and brain disorders. This involves advanced, effective solutions in collaboration with partners and customers. Larsen & Buhl is very experienced in solving specific issues. The company can advise customers on, for example, the choice of materials, more efficient manufacturing or alternatives. The logistic and production system guarantees the tracking & tracing of the product from raw materials up to and including the end product. They deliver according to customer specification and certification (ISO 13485).

For the biotechnology industry Larsen & Buhl manufactures bioreactors that are produced, assembled and fully delivered with all necessary quality certificates. These bioreactor systems are needed to improve laboratory conditions.

For the maritime industry Larsen & Buhl supplies components and assemblies that are used to regulate energy consumption. Savings in fuel and therefore a strong cost reduction & sustainability of the environment are part of the result.

For the Agricultural industry the company manufactures High Tech parts for the purpose of water purification by Ozon treatments. These companies contribute to the development of residue-free disinfection techniques to reduce the use of chemicals, pesticides and medicines in society.

For the semiconductor industry Larsen & Buhl supplies high quality precision parts for the machine park, with which, among other things, chips / solar panels are produced.

Medical Industry

Larsen manufactures several high quality products and components for medical applications. The following products, materials and material workings provide a brief overview of the possibilities.

Applicators, components, etc. for medical equipment.

Special synthetics and titanium .

Machining of synthetics, extremely deep, small holes of 50xd in round 2mm, surface coarseness up to Ra 0.4 when milling synthetics.


High quality components plus flexible and dependable delivery. Larsen understands the needs of the semiconductor industry: both the front office and the machine park are equipped in such a way that they can respond adequately.

Various components.

Various, including stainless steel and Hastelloy C2000.

Production according to class 10000 clean room specifications.

Energy Sector

Qualified process production that makes high demands on tolerances. Suppliers in the energy sector have to meet very specific requirements. Larsen serves its clients on a premium service level.

Various parts.


Qualified process production and cleaning where Cpk values determine approval.

Sport Cars

Sports cars are all about engineering and appearance. Larsen helps sports car manufacturers – for example, Spyker – to think about production options for technical parts and uses its machining knowledge to embellish visible parts.

Visible parts of interiors, specific technical parts in small series.


Detailed surface finishing of visible parts, collaboration in deciding upon the feasibility of technical parts.


Larsen's customers list include Nucletron, ASMI and Spyker Cars.

Larsen & Buhl

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