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  • IT, Computing and Software

BEDRIFTSSYSTEMER A.S., is a supplier of systems for information security, high-technology niche products within the field of computer security and standard commercial products from leading manufacturers and partners.

The company was established in 1990, prior to which it had been the data division of Alcatel Norway AS. Head office is in Oslo with a sales office in Stockholm.

Bedriftssystemer AS offers information security solutions to military, governmental and civil organizations based on high-technology quality products from Norwegian and international defence and security manufacturers in IT. The company has a long-term contract with the Norwegian Armed Forces (logistics/ICT), which includes serving the public administration and diplomatic services as well.


Bedriftssystemer AS’s customers come from the following sectors:

  • Government administration
  • The foreign service
  • Defence
  • The finance industry
  • Data processing centres
  • Industry
  • Business


Bedriftssystemer AS’s customers come from the following sectors:


Bedriftssytemer AS’s solutions within secure computer products include:

  • Protection of sensitive and business-critical information
  • Secure data communication
  • Control over and editing of high-volume printed material
  • Remote control and surveillance of PCs and networks

Services Offered 

Bedriftssystemer AS offers the following services within each product area:

  • Installation
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Support
  • Maintenance
  • Operational and emergency agreements with agreed-upon response times
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Contact info #1

Henning Linnebjerg
+47 23 40 0310
Product Manager Defence Systems
+47 22 97 0040
Postboks 184, Okern, 0510 Oslo, Norway


Tough and advanced rugged mobile computer terminals for use in the field.


BOBm is the first fully rugged PDA in the world with true VGA resolution (480 x 640) and Windows CE.NET 4.2.

It is based on the Intel XScale PXA255 – 400 MHZ CPU with 128 MB RAM and 64 MB Flash ROM. The display is a 4” VGA sunlight readable transflective TFT LCD.

BOBm has built-in speakers and optional microphone.

MIL-STD-461E, MIL-STD-810F and IP67 are standard;

Bedriftssystemer A.S.

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