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Diyar United Company (DUC), was founded in 1980 in Kuwait. With almost three decades of presence in the Middle-East, Diyar United Company has established itself as a leading Information and Communication Technology company with vast experience that spans across numerous and diverse segments. Diyar is known for providing the most innovative information and communication technology solutions and services, thus branding itself as a regional company with a global perspective.

Diyar believes that market leadership is earned through strong customer partnership built on trust and respect, thus Diyar adopts a client focused strategy to build long term “value-based” relationships with clients and alliance partners.

Chairman’s Message

Diyar United Company (DUC) is a leading regional Information and Communication Technology company that is very well renowned for providing excellence in IT services and solutions. At DUC we consider our customers as our partners, therefore both management and staff work diligently to enable our customers to reach their strategic goals through applying the latest information and communication technology solutions.

We are driven by the passion and commitment in establishing value and maintaining that value through innovative quality services. Coupled with our industry expertise, we are focused on adapting and tailoring the best in class solutions to give our customers the competitive advantage they seek.

We strive to be your partners in technology and success.


“Adding value to our clients’ businesses”

Diyar offers solutions and services to companies enabling them to make better and faster decisions that drive growth and profitability. With the company's best in class technology it can help clients view their business from a perspective never seen before and thus drive them closer to success. 


“Being the preferred technology and service partner to our clients”

Company's vision is the continuous development of its employees and also to continue seeking newer and more innovative technologies and solutions  in order to always exceed its clients’ requirements and aspirations.


The company's culture and work ethics are built on the fundamental values of openness, transparency, and team work, thus guiding the way in which DUC conducts its business dealings. 

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Hazem EL Azem
+965 2 437 8000
Marketing Executive
+965 2 431 5107
Dajej Area, South Farwaniya, Al-Waha complex 1st floor, Office 6, Kuwait


Being the forefront information and communications service providers in the Middle East, Diyar offers the best services coupled with the latest technology to ensure the business continuity of our clients in the most efficient and full-proof way possible. Our wide arena of services includes:

System Integration Services: Organizations are challenged with finding numerous solutions and technologies, to address the requirements of their projects. Diyar, having established itself as a leading system integrator company in the region, provides customers with solutions that are catered to meet the requirements of various projects.

Our adoption to open standards, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), strategic relationships with various technology providers, and in-depth experience in Middleware technology, have enabled us to effectively implement solutions that have led our clients to take advantage of the advancement in ICT technology and to effectively implement these solutions thus greatly adding value to their businesses.


ITIL is the international best practice framework for IT Service Management that organizations worldwide try to acquire. Diyar facilitates this acquisition, primarily because of its ITIL certification,  as well as being an ITIL services provider thus offering a wide breadth of ITIL education, training and consultancy to give organizations the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in IT Service Management sector.


With long term investment in building diversified technical and management talent within our company, we have proven to be a valuable outsourcing partner capable of offering cost effective services to our clients. Our services simplify IT management, and facilitate the ongoing alignment of IT with the overall business strategies of any organization. We assist our clients in improving their service levels thereby increasing customer satisfaction, while staying focused on core-competencies, reducing costs, and freeing up of internal resources to focus on strategy as opposed to being overwhelmed with various operational issues.


DUC Managed Services has successfully emerged as the ideal solution to several organizations through its remote management services. Diyar has modeled its service offerings according to the international ISO 20,000 accredited service model. DUC Managed Services has also attained the ISO/IEC 27001 certificate, which is critical for ensuring security of the information assets. With this accreditation, we ensure to relieve the clients of a host of technological problems, which threaten the normal functioning and profitability of the organization.


At Diyar we implement maintenance services through a fully functional support framework. The provision of the support services are pre-defined with configurations and processes that cover every aspect of IT support including hardware, software, network security and others. This approach allows our customers to leverage our extensive experience in this area, while gaining assurance that the support services are aligned with our clients’ support and maintenance requirements. Diyar has partnered with world-class technology providers to provide the best solutions and services to our esteemed clients.


With a world-class technology portfolio and in-depth experience in markets around the Middle East, we have emerged to provide as well as deliver solutions according to processes, and procedures that have been matched up to the most demanding information and communication technology standards.

We integrate the latest technology into business solutions, which enables organizations to achieve optimum results that drive them closer to their business goals.

We at Diyar provide industry specific solutions for the following industry verticals:

Government Solutions: The advancement in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is changing the way governments conduct their businesses. On the Homeland Security front, security agencies are adopting ICT to help them in protecting lives and assets. ICT is also playing a major role with regards to automating government internal processes and government services provided for citizens and businesses.

Diyar solutions for Homeland Security enables security forces to plan, prepare, implement and monitor security related tasks, thus protecting lives, critical assets, convoys and others. Our National Emergency Centre solution (E911), Homeland Security Automatic Vehicle Location Solution and Central Command and Control solutions provide governments with an integrated and advanced suite of applications that utilizes the latest advancement in Information and Communication Technology to help security agencies protect the country and secure the Homeland.

DUC National Identity solution helps the countries in the region build a centralized and secure National Identity System that facilitates the production of identity documents such as driving licenses, vehicle registration, voting cards and Civil IDs in a more effective and time-saving manner.

Our proven e-Government solution helps governments implement citizen and business centric e-services as part of an overall e-Government portal project. Our solution extends to provide business process automation within a ministry, within a government agency and across government agencies in government to government business process automation projects.

DUC Government solutions have gained respect in the region and can be easily adapted, extended and configured to meet individual specific requirements for each entity.


Oil & Gas Solutions: Operating in a region whose main business is based largely on the oil & gas sector, has enabled DUC to gather extensive experience, and proficiency in making itself unique in providing oil and gas industries with effective solutions that dramatically simplify and streamline the entire business lifecycle in the upstream and downstream areas.

DUC has successfully provided specialized solution to major oil companies that have reaped the benefits of improved productivity, efficient workflow, better decision making and lower operational costs through integrating various upstream applications and data stores. Moreover, DUC has also been active in the oil and gas retail sector through providing comprehensive downstream services that aim at improving efficiency, reducing operational costs and ensuring high customer loyalty for our clients.

The increase in demand on oil production had a major impact on the technologies and solutions used in the upstream segment of the Oil Industry. Due to this increase in demand the technology is now faced with the challenge of producing more oil from declining oil reserves. In order to achieve that target, traditional solutions have been continuously improved and many new solutions have emerged to address the new challenges faced in areas of exploration, development and production of oil.

Today, national oil companies are compelled to deal with many specialized solution providers in order to optimize their existing reservoirs, make discoveries in new and previously exploited fields, and enhance oil recovery to produce oil from pockets that were previously unfeasible among other tasks.

Diyar United Company as a system integrator and as a service provider has forged strategic alliances with leading integration technology providers to address these challenges. DUC has made major investments to ensure that these best of breed solutions can be properly implemented and supported at our client sites. Moreover, DUC has also fostered an excellent working framework with various upstream solution providers in order to provide national oil companies with a single point of contact for their application integration needs.

We have also invested in providing national oil companies with consulting services in areas such as seismic interpretation, geological modeling, reservoir simulation, E&P application integration, and digital oil fields along with general IT services through our local specialists and through our strategic relationship with regional and international petroleum services firms.

Diyar has equally invested in downstream solutions and has successfully implemented many projects in fuel distribution, asset management and maintenance solutions, petrol station automation, and tank level gauging and RFID based fuel management and control system.


Telecommunication Solutions: Telecommunication nowadays is playing a major role in bridging the gaps between customers and organizations in so many different ways.  Diyar is actively working with clients in order to provide them with state-of-the-art technology solutions in order to overcome the challenges they are facing and to keep them abreast with the latest in technology advancements.


Transportation Solutions: The transportation sector which encompasses both public and private transport is faced with numerous challenges, which prevent them from improving the efficiency of their operations. DUC Transportation Solutions combine strong business knowledge with deep technical expertise to deliver successful complex projects that ensure proper management and smooth operations in the field of private and public transportation. DUC has taken into consideration the various challenges faced by transportation organizations and offers numerous solutions that will aid them to ensure their optimal performance, such as Smart Fare Collection, Fleet Management, and Mobile Computing systems.

DUC Smart Fare Collection System is a robust system for public transportation that helps in planning and operating routes and services, and ensuring flexible passenger transportation and streamlined operations. Our Solution manages the full cycle of issuing, collecting, managing, and administering of public transportation tickets/cards.

DUC Fleet Management/Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) enables organizations to keep a closer look at their fleets, and thus better plan and operate routes to ensure better services for their customers. Our Solution that includes schedule, monitoring and adherence system provides a platform that enables public and private transportation organizations to monitor their vehicles and ensure their adherence to predefined routes. The solution comprises an Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) system along with a control room monitoring system to better manage fixed-route operations.


Health Solutions: The most integral factor determining the effectiveness of a health institution includes sound management of patient care and utmost patient satisfaction. All healthcare institutes that aim to establish as well as enhance their credibility in the market need to add value to their services. We at Diyar facilitate the accomplishment of this objective by providing healthcare institutions with a comprehensive and integrated information system designed to manage the administrative and clinical aspects of a hospital. Furthermore, DUC Hospital Information System provides fast, accurate and timely information to the hospital’s staff, which help hospitals deliver better healthcare services to its patients.


Cross Industry Solutions: DUC’s main focus is to work with customers and help them achieve high performance by effectively leveraging technologies and advancing overall business value. There are many solutions that are used across many industries that solve general business issues and are not tied to any particular industry or method of doing business; these kinds of solutions come under the spectrum of cross industry solutions.

Businesses are faced with providing better customer service (externally and internally), while minimizing costs in order to achieve a competitive advantage. The key is to add value to areas of the business supply chain where automating processes make the most sense, from both the financial and support services standpoints.

DUC takes pride in its deep industry knowledge and business acumen that help clients to streamline business processes and become high-performance businesses and governments. DUC Cross Industry Solutions aim to cut across segments in any organization in order to increase the quality of services and improve the efficiency, productivity and information sharing among all users.


Infrastructure Solutions:  Diyar offers value-added infrastructure solutions that are put together with products and services from leading networking, hardware, software, storage and security vendors in the IT industry. We provide the latest technology infrastructure solutions customized per client need in the most cost-effective and secure way. DUC is uniquely positioned to help customers deploy cost effective infrastructure solutions, which are tailored to meet their business needs and allow them to access their data and applications anytime and anywhere in a highly secure manner.

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