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Gulf Lighting Fixture Factory, for the last 40 years has been providing general contracting and trading services to a variety of customers. The company was established in 1962 as an electrical trading and contracting company, but through a management reorganization in 1982 the name of the company was changed to the present "Faddan General Trading and Contracting Company WLL". The company is owned by Mr. Barges Hamoud Al Barges. Faddan is a proven leader in the electrical construction works with projects ranging from:

  • Power Stations,
  • Telecommunication Complexes,
  • Industrial areas,
  • Banking headquarters,
  • Highway Electrification,
  • Sporting clubs and,
  • Housing projects.

Faddan's experience includes projects of large volumes and sophisticated systems. 


As a result of the occupation in Kuwait, outstanding major projects were cancelled. Faddan resumed its operations at the beginning of April 1991, after the liberation of Kuwait, and have mobilized manpower in all three main divisions with the aim to consolidate its previous position and expand. Following the liberation of Kuwait, Faddan was awarded a number of government and private contracts. Faddan's strength lies in rapid mobilization of manpower and equipment, thus ensuring completion of projects on time and within budget. Faddan is a diversified construction, manufacturing and trading company.


Since its inception, the organization has experienced a continuous growth. Operations are being carried out through its various departments including the Engineering, Construction, Trading and Manufacturing. Three major divisions are working under the Faddan organization being managed by qualified and experienced personnel.


All of Faddan's key managers and staff have extensive local experience. Their knowledge of local conditions in the Middle East, coupled with their extensive construction expertise is a valuable resource which can be tapped for construction operations in Kuwait.

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Contact info #1

Mohammed Al-Tayeh
+965 9 765 6570
Factory Manager
+965 2 476 8475
Sabhan, Industrial Area Block 8, St 102, Plot 163, Kuwait


NOVALIGHT Luminaires manufactured by the Gulf Lighting Fixtures Factory offers numerous possibilities for adapting outdoor, industrial and indoor illumination to the general architectural design. For this purpose, appropriate luminaires are available, offering the choice between different kinds of style and performance.

Novalight has acquired the reputation for first class quality and products, which are easy to maintain and handle. They operate reliably in the rigorous weather conditions of Kuwait and Middle East and having a dependable working life of many years. Since the foundation of the company, Novalight has been accepted as one of the leaders in the field of lighting technology and has developed to become a specialist in lighting engineering. The development of new light sources is carried on continuously with innovative design in mind. With this foundation, the appreciation and demand for NOVALIGHT light luminaires is ever increasing. Creative and flexible response to the requirements of the local market is asked for by the customer and demanded by the trade. Fully integrated advanced technology and production, as well as the most modern production materials are considered essential to the operation of the factory.

Now more than ever before, the supplier is required to meet the demand for quick and prompt delivery. NOVALIGHT has been mindful of this fact throughout its existence and has responded with a high level of investment in this area. The large warehousing facility is a vital part of the philosophy of the organization. It is not only NOVALIGHT's distribution but also the promotion and marketing of its products which is impressive.

Novalight’s production is versatile. With its capability of  manufacturing any special fitting tailor-made to suit the requirement of any particular job, it has acclaimed the position of the trouble shooter for local contractors for completion of their project obligations promptly and at the same time economically. The Company's own tool-manufacturing facility ensures that NOVALIGHT's reputation for quality production is maintained. All the metal-housed Luminaires are powder coated at the factory’s automatic powder coating plant. Strict quality inspection and testing is done on the powder coating and assembly of components. Only superior quality components are used in manufacturing NOVALIGHT Luminaires, having approvals from several top recognized testing laboratories worldwide and also approved by the Ministry of Electricity and Water, Ministry of Public Works, National Housing Authority… etc.

Different types of Lighting Luminaires are manufactured and marketed under the NOVALIGHT brand name which include:

  • Batten Type Luminaires with and without Reflector,
  • Surface & Recessed Luminaires with Aluminium Louvre,
  • Surface & Recessed Luminaires with White Louvre,
  • Surface & Recessed Luminaires with Opal Diffuser,
  • Surface & Recessed Luminaires with Prismatic Difffuser,
  • Luminaires with Egg Crate Louvres,
  • Exit Luminaires,
  • High bay Luminaires,
  • Low Bay Luminaires,
  • Downlight Luminaires,
  • Black Board Luminaires.

The above luminaires are supplied to various prestigeous government and private projects in Kuwait. Large quantity of Aluminium Louvre fittings were supplied to Al Tahreer Tower when the project was completed. Luminaires from the above are supplied to various Hospitals, Ministry of Defense projects, Housing projects, Schools, Airport, Commercial Complexes, Ministry Offices etc.

Gulf Lighting Fixture Factory - مصنع الخليج لانتاج معلقات الانارة

  • Block 8, St 102, Plot 163, Sabhan Industrial Area, Kuwait
  • +965 2 476 6642
  • +965 2 471 0973
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