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Mada Communications Co., is a leading wireless service provider that offers wireless broadband, Internet and intranet communication services in line with today’s wireless advanced technologies. A pioneer in wireless broadband data communications within the State of Kuwait since the mid-1980’s, Mada was initially serving the Ministry of Communications of Kuwait as a telecommunications consulting firm. In 1997, Mada aimed to diversify and broaden its business to include wireless technology.

Mada’s success is based on its past and current customers that range from various areas of business such as the government, oil and financial sectors as well as commercial customers.

Mada’s future plan is to include individuals and residential areas to its expanding agenda in order to be the ultimate Internet solutions provider for every user.

The company’s fundamentals are built on its passion for innovation. Mada provides its customers with new technologies to manage the environmental impact. From being a dependable service provider to offering advanced corporate technology, Mada strives to be a leader in environmental sustainability.

Building a base of satisfied and loyal customers is Mada’s prime priority. It is with top quality services, continuous development and quality control that the company plans to build a solid base of loyal customers. Customers’ feedback will always be sought to direct Mada towards any potential failure of service or deviations from the promised level of high quality service. The company’s philosophy in providing service is to exceed customers’ expectations so as to differentiate Mada from its competitors and maintain customers’ loyalty.

Mada is committed to utilizing its resources and influence to create a positive impact on its customers’ daily lives.


Mada aims to connect its customers to the wireless revolution through a quality broadband Internet service. Mada aspires to give the Internet world new dimensions and make it a pillar in Kuwait’s network of communications in order to place mada on the global platform of advanced technologies and communications. With this vision, the company strives to become one of Kuwait’s and the Middle East’s foremost service provider and supplier of communication solutions and system integration.


Mada's goal is to exceed the expectations of its customers, employees and shareholders by offering them a comprehensive and one-of-a-kind communications experience. Through uncompromising honesty, loyalty and a commitment to the highest standards of business development, it aims to supply Kuwait and the Middle East with a leading data communications service.


Mada's steadfast values dictate its daily actions, an element that is behind the very essence of its behavior and performance as professionals and individuals.

Core Values at Mada:

  • Boundless,
  • Joviality,
  • Affinity,
  • Muse,
  • Freedom.
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Contact info #1

Shahad Ibrahim
+965 9 943 8744
Director, Sales & Marketing
+965 2 246 3136
Salhiya, Abdel Aziz AlSaqr St., Alia Center, 5 & 7 Floors, Kuwait

Contact info #2

Lina El Mallah
+965 1 801 888
Marketing - Asst. Manager
+965 2 246 3136
Salhiya, Abdel Aziz AlSaqr St., Alia Center, 5 & 7 Floors, Kuwait

Contact info #3

Ahmed Ibraheem
+965 2 244 4222
General Manager
+965 2 246 3136
Salhiya, Abdel Aziz AlSaqr St., Alia Center, 5 & 7 Floors, Kuwait

Corporate Wireless Intranet

  • Entire MPLS network providing secure, dedicated communications for clients with different class of services facilitating their needs.
  • Bridging organizations across various locations in Kuwait to enable a seamless local-area network (LAN).
  • Customer's choice of high bandwidth that eases the utilization of advanced Internet and intranet applications.
  • Unlimited, wide coverage throughout the State of Kuwait.
  • Installation within 48 hours after a formal approval.
  • Wireless and hassle-free connectivity and communication solutions.

Corporate Wireless Internet

  • Customized Internet services in terms of availability, symmetric and asymmetric bandwidth.
  • Redundant Internet paths ensure that customers do not have to refresh their connection.
  • Customer's choice of high bandwidth that eases the utilization of advanced Internet and intranet applications - High speed connectivity up to 8 Mbps and more.
  • Unlimited, wide coverage throughout the State of Kuwait.
  • Installation within 48 hours after a formal approval.
  • Wireless and hassle-free connectivity and communication solutions.


  • A communication line from the Ministry of Communications to Mada's wireless network.
  • Ability to use the same number if shifting to a new location.
  • FoIP: Sending & receiving faxes through the IP network.
  • Quality of Service (QoS).

Wireless Video Conferencing

  • High quality wireless services allows customers to experience HD video communication.
  • Ultimate tele-presence experience.

ASP Services - Application Service Provider

A. Kuwait Stock Exchange Service

  • Reliable service that monitors the stock status from the Kuwait Stock exchange (KSE) in real-time.
  • Redundant paths over a hybrid media of connectivity.

B. MOSA (CSC) Service

  • Application service that aids in completing an organization's work with the foresaid Ministry.
  • Work accuracy and effectiveness.

Optical Fiber Connectivity

  • Internet service
  • Intranet service
  • Application service provider

Network Support and Development

This department’s role is to support the engineering department in all technical aspects related to the network’s structure, capabilities, growth and development. The department also has the scope to interface with the Technical Department and provide advice on agreed technical issues such as connectivity.

The department is designed to interface on each requirement through an account manager. A technical report will be created, detailing all pertinent facts to allow processing, quality and service level monitoring. Any actions positioned upon the mada support engineers can be scheduled, completed and signed off. Network support teams have complete and direct access to the transmission media, enabling them to detect and solve any problem at any time.

Customer Support Center

Network Monitoring Department

The Customer Support Center monitors the network on a 24-hour basis, seven days a week for all mada wireless network customers.

In this department, network errors are continuously monitored such as hardware failures, protocol violations, access line failures, link failures and software alarms. This is achieved by using a Remote Link Administration Tool. The system is built on a database and SNMP communication stack that administers, configures and monitors fundamental aspects of the wireless network. The system is built with various features including audible and visual alarms in case of network faults either at the client’s site or through the switch. All faults are automatically logged into the system and the supervisor is obligated to notify the Engineering Department that will deploy engineers to rectify the faults at hand.

Call Center

Alongside the Network Monitoring Department is the Call Center Department. The primary role of this branch is to act as the direct interface between non-corporate clients and all other departments within mada.

Service Allocation Department

This department monitors the available bandwidth at each BTS. When potential clients call, the department checks for service availability in the customer’s area. The system used for this process is a plug-in customer installation module that interfaces directly with the network planning tool. This ensures real-time information is viewed.

Client Self-Management

Mada will provide customers the ability of viewing its wireless connections, traffic, nodes status, network utilizations and network map as well as generating network reports with its powerful web-based management system.


The Engineering Department conducts site surveys at customer premises prior to installation. Furthermore, the department also schedules a planned, preventive maintenance and fault rectification. Two engineers are available on call 24-hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year for any problems customers report.

The Engineering Department has direct access to the network planning software and plug-in customer installation module. Therefore, when a new site installation request is passed from the Network Administration Department, the details are entered into the customer installation module, automatically updating the network planning tool. The Engineering Department is assigned the task of site surveying, installing and functional testing the customers’ equipment.

Mada Communications Co. - شركة مدى للاتصالات

  • Hawalli - Block 214, Qassima 13 - Complex 126, Kuwait, Kuwait
  • 1-822888
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