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  • Mechanical, Electro-mechanical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic components
  • Metal Processing, Parts & Components

ICL S.A.S., is a metalworking company founded in 1988, and located in the outskirts of Cali south western Colombia. The Company’s primary business is the production, purchase, sale, export and import of all types of metallic and plastic parts and tools for the production of furniture and metal fittings for different uses, namely multifunctional shelves, rolling files and supermarket racks and tills (checkouts).

Over the years, the legal name of the Company has changed from CAYVA Industries to ICL S.A.S. and the shares of the third partner were bought out. Currently, the owning partners are Mr. Luis Carlos Vallejo A. and Mr. Luis Eduardo Vallejo. In 2000, the Company initiated the production of metal shelves.

ICL S.A.S. stands out for the excellent quality of its products, timely delivery, good customer service and a business strategy that maintains product levels in line with the market requirements.


ICL S.A.S. is a company specializing in the metalworking sector and engaged in the manufacture of metal furniture and fittings, seeking to meet the needs of its customers for functional and durable furniture designs. ICL S.A.S. is committed to providing a fair return on investments to its shareholders.


In a 5 years’ time, the Company see themselves as a leader in Colombia in the manufacture of metal furniture and fittings, having achieved high brand recognition, an important share in the local market and exports of over 50% in production.

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Luis Carlos Vallejo
+57 2 665 0877
General Manager
+57 2 665 0876
Carrera 32A No. 10-352 Yumbo, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Metal Furniture

ICL S.A.S. manufactures and commercializes metal furniture, such as racks and multipurpose shelves for domestic and international clients ensuring the highest levels of quality and maximum customer satisfaction:

  • Tills (with or without conveyor belt),
  • Gondola Shelving,
  • Multifunctional Shelves,
  • Racks for Drugstores and Libraries,
  • Heavy Duty Shelving,
  • Medium Duty Shelving,
  • Rolling Shelves.

Product informational files

Furniture Fittings

ICL S.A.S. manufactures and commercializes furniture fittings for domestic and international clients:

  • Sliding Door Casters,
  • Wardrobe Casters,
  • Window Casters,
  • Swivel Casters,
  • Ball Bearings,
  • Sliding Door Rails and Accessories,
  • Sliders,
  • Hinges,
  • Fittings for Shelves.

Product informational files

Specialized Software

ICL S.A.S. uses CAD software like Solid Edge for the design of its products. The digital models created simulate the dimensions and characteristics of the real model, allowing a preview of the appearance and function of the final product.

This program allows the design of three-dimensional projects and simulates as closely as possible the final product in terms of volume and weight. With the possibility of using module sheets, ICL S.A.S. can determine the appropriate procedures for the manufacture of metal parts.

CNC Punching Machine

In 2007, ICL S.A.S. acquired the latest technology CNC punching machine, positioning itself as an enterprise concerned with the modernization of its machinery and equipment and thus keeping up with the constant changes and technological requirements of the market.


  • Cra. 32A # 10 352, Valle del Cauca, Yumbo, Colombia
  • +57 2 665 0877
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