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Norsk Titanium, is industrializing an innovative method for the production of advanced titanium components. The company has established a combined technology development and production center outside of Oslo.

NTi Components has developed a process whereby melting and forming of the product occur in a single step via the use of plasma technology and robots. This invention significantly reduces energy and material consumption, while it delivers a near net shape product within hours or days after receipt of a drawing, as opposed to the several months required by traditional methods such as forging or casting.

NTi Components has spent the last three years developing the technology and has recently signed development and sales contracts with key customers within the defense, aerospace, space, and oil & gas industries. Titanium alloys armor plates are among a number of products that are now to be qualified. Shaped products, such as personal armor and armored vehicles, will greatly benefit from Norsk Titanium Component’s near net shape production technology.

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Contact info #1

Petter Gjorvad
+47 917 97 972
+47 22 55 75 20
Sommerrogaten 13-15, NO-0255, Oslo, Norway

Contact info #2

Jostein Skjorberg
+47 932 48 333
+47 22 55 75 20
Sommerrogaten 13-15, NO-0255, Oslo, Norway

Norsk Titanium

  • 21, Flyplassveien 21, 3514, Hønefoss, Norway
  • +47 97 42 22 00
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