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Wave Guard Technologies is the expert in converting cellular networks big data into real time valuable insights for various customers and markets.


Cyber & Intelligence
Mobile-Based Geolocation, Detection and Tracking

Point of Entry & Indoor Detection
High Precision Detection of Mobile Devices

Epidemic Outbreak / Coronavirus
Nationwide Geolocation Detection and Analysis of Infected Persons

Track Mobile Users to Accurately and Rapidly Save Lives

Radiation and Environmental Monitoring
Nationwide Spectrum, Radiation and QOS Compliance Monitoring 


Cyber & Intelligence

For national and local law enforcement, homeland security and intelligence organizations, solutions from Wave Guard redefine accuracy, flexibility, and reach in mobile-based geolocation, detection and tracking. Wave Guard enables authorities to monitor the real-time and historical locations, movements and communication activity of individuals and groups of any size with radically-improved accuracy, immediacy and flexibility.

Wave Guard also introduces advanced big data analytics of cellular networks and other sources to identify behavioral patterns and point to insights that can assist in post crime analysis and crime prevention.

Wave Guard Tracer™ delivers an innovative and powerful paradigm for mobile-based geolocation and tracking. Tracer converts raw cellular network data into actionable real-time intelligence, tracking voice calls, Accuracy within six meter.

Wave Guard Tracer™ geolocates specific individuals or groups of interest, tracking their movements and behaviour in real-time. Tracer uses multiple positioning methods to pinpoint exact target location and movements via the cellular network – delivering GIS resolution accurate to within six meters.

Wave Guard Tracer redefines accuracy, flexibility, and distance in mobile-based geolocation detection and tracking. Flexibility Any Device, Any Network, Real-Time and Historical With Tracer, targets can’t hide, even if they swap SIM cards or mobile networks. Subject profiles can also be built retroactively, using cross-network historical data, to reconstruct movements and communications.

Cellular Operators

Wave Guard solutions enables mobile operators to capture and monetize their network value through Big Data collection and advanced analysis tools. Operators can create new and innovative services and leverage the real time, extremely accurate location tracking, together with valuable insights on network activity, to use this information for targeted value added services.

Such services can be location based services (LBS), location based advertisement (LBA), mobile payment validation and fleet management. The operators can also use the information extracted from the RF data to learn about their networks and take definitive measures to improve it. Wave Guard technology does not require any hardware or software installation on the operator’s side.


Tracer Crowd for emergency caller location
Wave Guard Technologies Solutions enable emergency services worldwide to receive extremely accurate location tracking of E112 calls. The system can connect to the nearest public safety answering point (PSAP) upon detection of an emergency call, and immediately track the caller’s location in a resolution of just few meters. In addition, the solution can provide additional information on the caller’s SMS & data sessions during the emergency call and also on recent cellular activities to provide valuable information to the rescue services.

Mass casualty incidents
Tracer Crowd allows emergency and public safety organizations to monitor specific areas and determine the exact distribution of cellular phones in this area. For example, if a disaster occurs in a specific area, the user can easily mark on the map the location, and get real time report on the amount of people in the area, their exact locations and distribution. This enables public safety and rescue teams to use their resources efficiently and quickly in order to save lives.

Continuous Monitoring
One of the main challenges of emergency services during an incidence is the continuous monitoring of the person or group of persons during the event. Today’s systems can locate a person dialing an emergency number, but cannot pro-actively and continuously monitor this person during the entire event. Tracer Crowd allows triggering a continuous tracking of an individual or group of people. Once an emergency number (112, 911 or any other emergency number) is dialed, it triggers a continuous location tracking, communication reporting, and area analysis during the entire time of the event.

Post Event Analysis
Tracer Crowd provides various tools to analyze the emergency event after it occurred, understand exact movements and communication taking place during the event and analyze what could have been done better.

Enterprise Security

Wave Guard technologies introduces a new innovative solution in the world of crime prevention – PointGuard. Based on cutting-edge technology PointGuard can alert and answer very critical questions such as:

–  Where will the next crime take place?
–  When will it occur?
–  How many people might be involved?

Alerts are sent directly to the relevant customers: Banks, Post Offices, Retailer or any organization working to further monitor and prevent crime.
In PointGuard the customer can pre-define specific areas of interest which will be constantly monitored. By constantly analyzing vast amounts of cellular radio information and using sophisticated algorithms the system will identify and alert on any suspicious pattern in the area.

Radiation & Environmental

The Radiation and QMM Monitor and Manager is a software based solution for performing national Cellular Spectrum, Quality of Service Key performance Indicators (KPI) and QoE (Quality of Environment) data collection and Compliance verification. This enables the regulator to ensure that quality of service for cellular telephony customers is maintained in accordance with commitments of operators (in license), identify specific areas of concern and enhance service to consumers.

Software Based System
Wave Guard Technologies’ Quality Monitoring & Management System (QMM) is a comprehensive software based system. This unique patented technology minimizes the need for expensive hardware installation and maintenance.
The Quality Monitoring & Management System (QMM) is the most cost efficient monitoring solution, and as such minimizes the burden and cost of purchasing, operating, and maintaining, numerous hardware monitoring equipment at a national level.

Centralized National Mobile Radiation Monitoring and Management
The QMM monitors a vast number of designated locations while taking into consideration the relevant Radiation level (QoE), Key Quality Indicators (KQIs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from mobile telephone networks in the vicinity. Nationwide or designated locations are set remotely by the system’s user (e.g. nationwide analysis or areas of public concern, hot spots).

The Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection

A detailed case study of the implementation and results have been provided as a formal National Activity Report to the WHO and can be found on:

Wave Guard Technologies Ltd.

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