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Windward Ltd. is a privately owned global company developing an innovative technology for the maritime domain. The company believes that with the introduction of multiple complex satellite earth observation systems, the maritime domain has entered the information age. Governments and other authorities nowadays have access to an unprecedented amount of data on ship position and behaviour, creating an urgent need for complex analytical technology to accurately analyze the huge quantity of information gathered and to extract from it meaningful and actionable insights.
Windward has designed and created a system that makes this possible.

The company's groundbreaking system, MarInt, is the first satellite-based maritime analytics system, a comprehensive platform for maritime domain awareness, Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ) monitoring, and fishery control. MarInt continuously monitors all maritime activities worldwide and alerts on potential events that occur, thereby providing complete situational awareness for its users.


Windward Ltd.

  • Adgar 360 Tower 2, Hashlosha Street, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • +972-3-6033959
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