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ESPUMLATEX S.A., is a Colombian company founded using national capital, with more than forty-five years of experience in the formulation of polyurethane systems for the automotive industry. At its plants in Bogotá, Medellin and Funza, the Company uses the most advanced technological processes in order to meet the needs of the automotive industry for soundproofing foam in the Andean sector. Since 1969, ESPUMLATEX S.A. has been leading the market of polyurethane foams for the automotive sector, diversifying itself into other markets too, with the provision of products, such as mattresses, pillows, etc.

Since its founding, ESPUMLATEX has been the direct supplier of molded foam, soundproofing materials, self-adhesive parts and automotive accessories in Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador. In the late '80s, it started developing systems of thermal and acoustic insulation for the air conditioning and construction industries. In the '90s, the Company created product development groups related to oil and materials sectors that are designed to control oil spills and pollution.

Over the years, market conditions and other factors have raised the challenge of designing and implementing a strategic plan as a guideline to adequately address the needs of aftermarket products and services within the demanding current environment.

Its strategic business unit and raw materials division are capable of producing 250 tons of polyurethane systems per month with the highest quality standards. In all its processes, the Company uses high quality raw materials and the latest technology available, giving ample satisfaction to its customers.


The Company’s mission is to be a timely, reliable and competitive supplier of differentiated, value-added products and services, exceeding the expectations of its customers in the automotive and related sectors that with polymerized products.


To be a vital, diversified, cost effective and technologically differentiated strategic business unit, with sustainable growth, recognized for its reliability, innovation and commitment to environmental preservation.

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Contact info #1

Carlos Acero
+57 1 415 0700 EXT. 1101
Automotive Manager
+57 1 415 5343
Carrera 96 B No 19 - A - 60, Bogota D.C., Colombia

Assembly Services

Air-conditioning Units: Automotive air conditioning assembly for original equipment manufacturers (OEM), according to the quality standards of the automotive industry.

Chassis Modules: The chassis units are assembled with the highest standards of quality and include the following:

  • Brake systems,
  • Exhaustion systems,
  • Transmission and propulsion systems,
  • Fuel systems,
  • Front and rear suspension systems.

Hydraulic ABS Assembly: The hydraulic ABS assembly ensures the positioning of the different elements for final assembly.

Automotive Industry

ESPUMLATEX S.A. offers soundproof high-performance materials for vehicle interiors and exteriors:

  • Dash panel padding,
  • Heavy mass of EPDM rubber,
  • High density and low resilience (with/without mineral filler) viscoelastic foam,
  • Polyurethane urethane elastomer,
  • Semi-rigid polyurethane foam,
  • Semi-flexible polyurethane foam,
  • Molded foam for seats, headrests.

External sound insulation for vehicle engines and other applications:

  • Memory foam,
  • Phenolic felt,
  • Thermoplastic felt,
  • Combined products for different applications.


  • Polyurethane rim process,
  • Blow extrusion process.


  • Beckets,
  • Bumper extension,
  • Spoilers.

Systems Insulation

ESPUMLATEX S.A. with its experience, knowledge and high level of technology and innovation offers a wide range of polyurethane and polyisocyanurate solutions suitable for thermal and cold insulation on different systems of the construction, air-conditioning, furniture, mining, petrochemical and general industry sectors.

Tanks & Containment Barriers

ESPUMLATEX S.A. manufactures Meco and Baco heavy duty containment barriers suitable for middle and high currents:

  • Made of polyurethane,
  • Reinforced with Kevlar,
  • With high tensile strength.

The Company also manufactures collapsible tanks for water and hydrocarbons, as well as seals for floating roof tanks: Collapsible tanks characteristics:

  • Guarantee easy and fast assembly,
  • No tools required,
  • Are made of PermaFLEX with high resistance to hydrocarbons,
  • With a capacity of 500, 1000, 1500 and 2000 gallons.

Characteristics of seals for floating roof tanks:

  • Are made of flexible polyurethane foam,
  • With excellent resistance to hydrocarbons, temperature and pressure.

Equipment & Technology

ESPUMLATEX has ventured into the development of leading technologies for processing polyurethane material.

Since 1987, the French firm Bertrand Faure (now Faurecia) has made a real transfer of technology to the Company through agreements and effective commercial cooperations. Its select group of partners has had training in plants and laboratories in France, Spain and Germany, as well as in the headquarters of Dow Chemical, BASF AG and Bayer Corporation.

In the production processes, ESPUMLATEX uses quality raw materials, which are subject to rigorous technical evaluations before being delivered to other divisions. The Company is equipped with injection molding machines and robotic machines, among others, that allow it fully satisfy the needs of its customers.

Environmental Awareness

ESPUMLATEX is a certified under ISO 14001 Quality Management System, with each of its activities, products and services aimed at preserving the environment. The company promotes worker and community environmental awareness in compliance with current environmental legislation. Its main environmental objectives are: waste reduction, reuse and/or recycling.


Success Stories: ESPUMLATEX S.A. has many success stories to share with its customers, the most significant of which are:


  • Universidad de los Andes-Espumlatex,
  • UNDP-Espumlatex,
  • Sofasa-Inorca-Espumlatex,
  • Bertrand Faure-Espumlatex,
  • Ecopetrol-Espumlatex,
  • Dow-Espumlatex.


Espumlatex S.A.

  • Autopista Medellín Km 6.8, Vía la Vega Parque Empresarial San Isidro Costado norte – Bodegas 3/4/5, Bogota, Colombia
  • (57 1) 746 2777
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