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UNIVERSIDAD DEL VALLE is a public, state-supported university founded in 1945 in Cali, Colombia, as well as the most important public university in the south western region of the country.

UNIVERSIDAD DEL VALLE stands out for its academic excellence in the fields of Health, Humanities, Science, Arts, Economics and Social Studies, Business and Engineering, along with its research and development centers.

As a leader in the regional development, the University offers 180 academic undergraduate and graduate programs in 10 different areas covering almost all academic fields. Furthermore, the UNIVERSIDAD DEL VALLE is offering various services in the areas of health, human development, culture, recreation and sports for employees, professors, retirees and students, such as:

  • 12 libraries and 4 documentation centers,
  • An archeological museum that boasts collections of pre-Hispanic cultures,
  • Medical, psychological and dental services,
  • Student guidance and development services,
  • Restaurants,
  • Financial aids,
  • Student employment,
  • Cultural broadcasting services,
  • University sports center and cinema,
  • Information Technology Services.

The University has received support from several international entities and universities through inter-institutional cooperation agreements and is proud to be among the 18 Colombian universities to have been awarded with the High-Quality Institutional Accreditation granted by the Colombian Ministry of Education.

UNIVERSIDAD DEL VALLE is also well known for its research and development centers as well as its social commitment, providing high quality education to students on several campuses and branches around the Department of Valle del Cauca.


As a public institution, UNIVERSIDAD DEL VALLE’s mission is to educate students at the highest level through the generation and dissemination of knowledge in science, culture and art techniques, technology and humanities. As a state institution, it is committed to the construction of a just and democratic society.


As one of the most important higher education public institutions of Colombia, UNIVERSIDAD DEL VALLE aspires to be known as an innovative, competitive and efficient university to provide high quality services.

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Contact info #1

Federico Sequeda, Ph.D
Office: +57 2 315 2091, Laboratory: +57 2 321 2122
+57 2 339 2450
Ciudad Universitaria Melendez, Calle 13 No 100-00, Sede San Fernando, Calle 4B No 36-140, Cali, Colombia

Undergraduate Studies & Degrees

UNIVERSIDAD DEL VALLE is offering high quality undergraduate studies and degrees in the following faculties:

Faculty of Integrated Arts:

  • Architecture,
  • Social Communication - Journalism,
  • Graphic Design,
  • Industrial Design,
  • Dramatic Arts,
  • Visual Arts,
  • BA in Music,
  • BA in Dance.

Faculty of Natural Sciences:

  • Biology,
  • Physics,
  • Mathematics,
  • Chemistry,
  • Chemical Technology.

Faculty of Management Sciences:

  • Business Administration,
  • Public Accounting,
  • Foreign Trade,
  • Executive Management Technology.

Faculty of Health:

  • Bacteriology and Clinical Laboratory,
  • Nursing,
  • Physiotherapy,
  • Speech Therapy,
  • Medicine and Surgery,
  • Dentistry,
  • Occupational Therapy,
  • Pre-hospital Care Technology.

Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences:

  • Economics,
  • Sociology.

Faculty of Humanities:

  • Geography,
  • History,
  • BA of Social Science,
  • Degree in Elementary Education with Emphasis in Social Sciences,
  • BA in Philosophy,
  • BA in English-French Foreign Languages,
  • Arts,
  • Professional Philosophy,
  • Deaf-blind interpreting,
  • Social Work.

Faculty of Engineering:

  • Statistics,
  • Agricultural Engineering (joint program with the National University),
  • Civil Engineering,
  • Food Engineering,
  • Materials Engineering,
  • Systems Engineering,Electrical Engineering,
  • Electronic Engineering,
  • Industrial Engineering,
  • Mechanical Engineering,
  • Chemical Engineering,
  • Sanitary and Environmental Engineering,
  • Topographic Engineering,
  • Food Technology,
  • Technology in Ecology and Environmental Management,
  • Technology in Electronics,
  • Technology Management and Soil and Water Conservation,
  • Information Systems Technology.

Postgraduate Studies

UNIVERSIDAD DEL VALLE is offering high quality postgraduate studies in the following faculties:

Faculty of Integrated Arts:

  • Specialization in Business Administration Building,
  • Specialization in Music,
  • Specialization in Landscaping,
  • Master of Architecture and Urbanism.

Faculty of Natural Sciences:

  • Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences,
  • Doctorate in Science - Biology,
  • PhD in Marine Sciences,
  • PhD in Physics,
  • Ph.D. in Mathematics,
  • Doctorate in Science - Chemistry,
  • Specialization in Chemical Technology,
  • Specialization in Ethnobiology,
  • Master in Science - Biology,
  • Master in Science - Physics,
  • Master in Science - Mathematics,
  • Master in Chemistry.

Faculty of Management Sciences:

  • Doctorate in Business Administration,
  • Master in Business Administration,
  • Master in Accounting,
  • Master in Organizational Science,
  • Master in Public Policy,
  • Specialization in Public Administration,
  • Specialization in Total Quality Management and Productivity,
  • Specialization in Finance,
  • Specialization in Strategic Marketing.

Faculty of Health:

  • Bacteriology and Clinical Laboratory.
    o Specialization in Clinical Laboratory, Hematology and Blood Bank Management.
  • Basic Science.s
    o Doctorate in Biomedical Sciences.
    o Master in Biomedical Sciences.
  • Nursing Studies.
    o Specialization in Nursing Care.
    o Specialization in Critical Care Nursing of Adults.
    o Specialization in Maternal and Perinatal Nursing.
    o Specialization in Nephrology Nursing.
    o Specialization in Neonatal Nursing.
  • Medicine
    o Specialization in Pathology and Clinical Pathology.
    o Specialization in Anesthesiology.
    o Specialization in Cardiology.
    o Specialization in Trauma and Emergency Surgery.
    o Specialization in General Surgery.
    o Specialization in Pediatric Surgery.
    o Specialization in Plastic, Aesthetic and Maxillofacial Surgery.
    o Specialization in Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery.
    o Specialization in Gynecology and Obstetrics.
    o Specialization in Critical and Intensive Care Medicine.
    o Specialization in Family Medicine.
    o Specialization in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.
    o Specialization in Internal Medicine.
    o Specialization in Nephrology.
    o specialization in Neonatology.
    o or Specialization in Neurosurgery.
    o Specialization in Ophthalmology.
    o specialization in Orthopedics and Traumatology.
    o specialization in Otolaryngology.
    o Specialization in Pediatrics.
    o specialization in Psychiatry.
    o Specialization in Radiology.
    o Specialization in Urology.
  • Dentistry
    o Specialization in Endodontics.
    o Specialization in Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics.
    o Specialization in Orthodontics.
    o Specialization in Periodontics.
    o Specialization in Oral Rehabilitation.
  • Human Rehabilitation.
    o Specialization in Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy.
  • Public Health.
    o Specialization in Health Administration.
    o Specialization in Health Auditing.
    o Specialization in Bioethics.
    o Master of Health Administration.
    o Master in Epidemiology.
    o Master in Occupational Health.
    o Master in Public Health.

Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences:

  • Master of Applied Economics,
  • Master in Sociology.

Faculty of Humanities:

  • PhD in Humanities,
  • Philosophy,
  • Geography,
  • Specialization in Community Development,
  • Specialization in Bilingual Education,
  • Specialization in Teaching Social Sciences - History of Colombia,
  • Specialization in Teaching Reading and Writing,
  • Specialization in Family Intervention,
  • Specialization in Translation,
  • Specialization in Theory, Methods and Techniques of Social Research,
  • Master in History,
  • Master in Linguistics and Spanish,
  • Master in Colombian and Latin American Literature.

Faculty of Engineering.

Courses & Workshops

In addition to the undergraduate and postgraduate programs, UNIVERSIDAD DEL VALLE offers high quality extension courses and workshops to qualified students that wish to gain expertise on several campuses and branches around the Department of Valle del Cauca.

Research Groups & Projects

UNIVERSIDAD DEL VALLE supports 220 research groups, benefiting education and contributing to society as a whole. The top ranking regional research groups are:

  • CENM - Center of novel materials,
  • CINARA - Research and development institute in water supply, environmental sanitation and water resources conservation,
  • CISALVA - Research institute focused on preventing violence,
  • CIDSE - focused on labor economy and sociology,
  • FORESIGHT - Research institute focused on foresight, innovation and knowledge management in the Colombian and international scope.

From 2007 to 2009, faculty members completed 520 research programs in different areas:

  • Arts, Architecture and Communication,
  • Physical Sciences,
  • Business Administration,
  • Health Sciences,
  • Humanities,
  • Social and Economic Sciences,
  • Engineering,
  • Psychology,
  • Education and Pedagogy.

Advanced Machinery

UNIVERSIDAD DEL VALLE is equipped with advanced laboratories and high-tech research equipment for student training and research group development, such as:

  • ATC 1500 sputtering systems,
  • CSEM tribometers,
  • XP-2 surface profilometers,
  • Nanovea mechanical testers.

Universidad del Valle

  • Ciudad Universitaria Melendez, Calle 13 No 100 00, Sede San Fernando, Calle 4B No 36 140, Cali, Colombia
  • +57 2 321 2100 
  • +57 2 321 2100 
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