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Resolus Consulting - Your Strategic Partner in creating Through Life Value and Support

About the business
With a successful global track record dating back to 2004, we have extensive experience from a wide spectrum of prestigious programmes and companies, both nationally and internationally.  Our unique depth and breadth of Supportability, Supply Chain and Programme expertise that spans sectors and disciplines bring strategic advantage to clients and programmes.  With offices in the UK, and an associate office in India, Resolus Consulting B.V. is well placed for regional, international and remote needs

What we Provide
We provide an Advisory, Leadership and Optimisation consulting service that shapes and enables Support Solutions and Through Life Engineering services that deliver:

  • Business & Supply Chain Strategy
  • Programme & Project Performance
  • Transformation & Optimisation
  • Whole of Life Concepts & Life-Cycle Management

We add value and create commercial advantage through the integration of Supportability and Supply Chain knowledge and experience, making change and transformation real for the end user and the business.

Our Mission
To provide the tailored creation of enduring and effective commercial solutions across the entire value chain through the merger of Through Life Engineering Support and Supply Chain Management to optimise and transform capability for in-service support solutions and complex programme and equipment environments.  We work with clients to re-value end to end solutions through knowledge, experience and leadership and support the Defence sector and their associated supply chains to create advantage and opportunity nationally, and internationally.

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Mr. Timothy Dyer
CEO & Founder
Prinses Margietplantsoen 33, 2595 AM Den Haag, The Netherlands


The Strategy and Journey
We provide independent expert advice to help define, develop and optimise your business and support solution strategy across the end-to-end enterprise and Value Chain.  Our service is structured to bring industry expertise to your challenge and develop the success your business needs and deserves.


Ownership and Results
Implementing strategy and change never happens through routine operational management - our credible independent leadership will support, own and drive the change through a clear and consistent vision that inspires people to create momentum and achieve great things.


Indigenous Capability
For domestic growth there needs to be an indigenous capability and resilience - our unique service develops strategies for capability insertion, recurring and enduring through the design, development and implementation of industrial supply chains, breaking the reliance on overseas sources of supply.

Business Resilience

Survive and Thrive
We provide industry expertise to support Business Resilience, merging Crisis Management, Business Continuity and future horizon scanning strategies that prepare the organisation and its supply chains to mitigate the potential impact of an uncertain world.


Measures and Tools
Through our Mumbai team we are able to create bespoke Supply and Value Chain analytics and tools.  Based on the unique demands of the user we work, define and develop a solution that meets the need of end users and their teams.

Strategy & Solutions

Assessment, Development and Delivery - Our independence allows us to provide advice and guidance – an Advocacy – that gives a full 360-degree end to end assessment and perspective to ensure the proposed strategy is fit for purpose and anticipate the future need through:

  • Strategy – Its development, feasibility, and outcome review – new, revision, transformation and integration of LCM
  • Structure – the right resources, in the right place with the right tools and processes
  • Supply & Value Chain – its structure, ownership, simplification, and development
  • Make-Buy – sourcing analysis, in-out source, manufacturing evaluation, new product introduction
  • Solutions – development of end to end supply chain solutions based on whole of life (Supportability), Availability, Value Chain planning and development

(R)evolution and re-engineering of the Value Chain is paramount to business success and financial performance - the merger of Supply and Value Chain strategy with that of Through Life Engineering drive strategic differentiation and commercial advantage.

Programme Leadership

Direction and Ownership - Our Leadership experience enables us to align the business to outcomes - working with the senior leadership we define and develop the compelling case for change and inspire the business to own and make the change real – to Act

  • Interim Leadership – Create the momentum and direction, the journey
  • Programme – ownership, making things real and accountable to the strategy
  • Implementation – driving the strategy and concept, leaving a legacy that’s enduring
  • Performance – drive out the non-value add and create an ambition for change, recognition and results that matter to the business
  • Programme & Supplier Recovery, Intervention – determine the cause, own the recovery and create performance and decision making
  • Optimisation – build on the strengths, define and engineer optimum end-to end improvement and efficiency

We own our programmes and deliver the expected output.

Supply Chain Design and Optimisation

Indigenous Capability - Our international experience and insight help define and support the creation of meaningful strategies that deliver change and optimise regional and global supply chains.  We provide:

  • Supply Chain Audit - defining the base case - the As-Is
  • Strategy & Construct - optimised design - the To-Be
  • Implementation - leadership of change
  • Capability Development - knowledge transfer programmes to ensure enduring capability development

We guide organisations and programmes through critical capability insertion, recurring and enduring phases to ensure the optimum solution and design.

Resilience Planning

Knowing the Unknown - now more than ever the ability to be prepared for the unknown is critical for business success, at the heart of this is having a resilient and capable supply chain that can support your critical systems and equipment wherever they are deployed and whatever condition they may be in.  We provide;

  • Resilience - evaluation of current strengths and weaknesses gauged against scenarios across the supply chain
  • Crisis Management - understanding how to respond and react
  • Continuity - developing options and commercial models that ensure life goes on
  • Horizon Scanning - determining the potential risks and strategies to mitigate those potential disruptive events

It’s an uncertain world where knowing what you know is not enough - revealing the unknown unknowns is the real value generator that will ensure business success and the ability survive and thrive.

Resolus Consulting B.V.

  • Prinses Margrietplantsoen 33, 2595 AM, Den Haag, The Netherlands
  • +44(0)7789995190
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